My Flourishing Business PlayGroup

imagesBusiness is changing. The monolithic corporation is disintegrating into a network of global connections. And one of those bright points of light is you!

Your business has possibilities that would have seemed a fantasy just a decade ago. The internet has changed the business landscape forever, and now, as Paul Hawkens, author of Ecological Commerce, says business has become the best way to change the world. We are no longer satisfied being cogs in the machine. You, and other people just like you, want to make a unique and authentic offering to the world. One of the most powerful ways to do that is through your own business.

Your business has the potential to change everything.

There is a whole new generation of research that shows exactly what we need to do to flourish. Uncovering your motivation is crucial in successful business planning. And we can throw out the old methods of goalsetting. These days we know how to create goals that really matter, and most importantly, that you can actually attain!

The Flourishing Business PlayGroup brings you the latest cutting edge research in the cross over between personal development, spiritual growth and business.

Plus you get access to the astonishing precision of your Human Design to align you with your unique strengths and gifts. We’ll be exploring your standard chart, plus the subtle layers, important activations not included in the standard Human Design chart (such as Vesta – a minor planet that indicates your true vocation), and your progressions for understanding your current evolutionary edge.  Subscribe to the pre-registration list to get first chance to book your place in this powerful new PlayGroup.   Pre-registration is free, it’s no obligation, and simply means you’ll be first to receive two important Flourishing Business White Papers, some powerful articles and further information about the PlayGroup in your inbox as it’s available.  You’ll also get first access to registration 24 hours before it goes public.


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[sws_blockquote_endquote align=”” cite=”” quotestyle=”style02″] Learning the placements of my progressed planets has been a weekly experience of “ah ha!” moments! I’ve been able to gain a much better idea of why certain themes in certain areas of life are coming up so loudly and touching so many areas…and I get to see what is coming up in the future as well, which is super cool. [/sws_blockquote_endquote]

Testimonial from anonymous PlayGroup participant, used with permission.

This PlayGroup is for people with some familiarity with Human Design, but you don’t need to be an expert! It’s not for those who aren’t ready to take action on their ideas and dreams. But if you do have a dream and want to bring it to life, or you have an existing business that isn’t meeting your needs – financially or personally – this PlayGroup is for you. We will craft your business DNA, and find your authentic business mojo. We’ll weave Human Design through the entire story, exploring a different aspect of this essential business tool each week.

If you are looking to get clarity on your business direction and build practical skills for real success, you will find what you need in the Flourishing Business PlayGroup.

[sws_blockquote_endquote align=”” cite=”” quotestyle=”style02″] I look forward to each class. I have taken courses with other Human Design teachers, but was frustrated that they stayed on the surface of things. Kim is not afraid to teach from the deep end of the pool! Though she explains concepts in a simple understandable way, there is a LOT of information in each class that I will be able to keep working with (“playing!”) for a long time to come. Kim takes her students very personally into the depths of HD and invites exploration into their own design. [/sws_blockquote_endquote]

Testimonial from anonymous PlayGroup participant, used with permission.


holding_heartOver 12 weeks, we will cover:

  1. An overview of emergent business – what’s changed and how you can take advantage of it.
  2. Defining your strengths and vulnerabilities – the power of reframing for success, and how to succeed even if you feel like an imposter, or if you are sensitive or an introvert.
  3. Exploring motivation – the seed of your business DNA.
  4. How to create authority and leadership – what happens when you lead from personal passion and meaning.
  5. Your natural decision making process – how timing and awareness make the difference between success and .. .well, everything else.
  6. How working with your perfect client clarifies your purpose and products.
  7. Refining your message – how your story is the key to selling.
  8. Finding your personal marketing style – how to do market research, build a campaign, and develop long term strategy.
  9. Networking and relationships – who do you need to connect with to succeed in business?
  10. Money, Money, Money – what’s your personal money dna?
  11. Business Plans – they’re not as boring as you think!
  12. How did you go? A wrap up of everything we’ve covered, and let’s check out how our manifesting experiments went!

Each week:

  • We’ll take one theme and learn the latest cutting edge techniques.
  • We will learn how to use Human Design as an essential business tool.
  • You’ll have experiments and activities to make the learning practical.
  • We will be examining the role social media can play in your business success.
  • We’ll be exploring cutting edge ideas and techniques for emergent business.
  • You’ll receive a suggested reading and resources list that will float your boat – all the best information at your fingertips when you need to know more.

[sws_blockquote_endquote align=”” cite=”” quotestyle=”style02″] I have overcome some major issues that I have struggled with for a long time and that were limiting my ability to move forward. I am now taking the practical steps necessary to get my business back on track. I feel completely inspired and in love with my business again. I’m so grateful. Many blessings and thanks to you. Shekanah www.thejoyportal.com [/sws_blockquote_endquote]

What’s a PlayGroup?

PlayGroups consist of a weekly live class which is held online in the Learning Hub. It’s a video class, like a group Skype session, so we can see each other and chat. You’ll get a video recording of each class to keep. Then there’s the forum, where you get to continue discussing the material with other participants between classes, go into more detail and get feedback.

[sws_blockquote_endquote align=”” cite=”” quotestyle=”style02″] …. the flexible space you hold that allows for open feedback, even mid-session. It makes things more approachable and strips away the fear of “is this worth saying/maybe I shouldn’t say it, I might get something wrong” that I find is a big barrier to learning, especially in this format. So thank you for that! [/sws_blockquote_endquote]


About Kim Gould

In 2004 I built a business coaching program called Dreams to Life. In 2013 I’ve completely rebuilt this program for you. If you saw my bookshelf (and my Kindle) you’d know that this is an area that I am absolutely passionate about! I’m engaged daily with the latest science and ideas on the fertile crossroads of personal development, spiritual growth and business.

My dad was an entrepreneur, so I’m very at home here. I worked with him after school while I went to University, and then spent 7 years as a litigation lawyer. In the early 90’s I left Sydney to set up my own legal practice in Wollongong. It was a big challenge and one I really enjoyed. In 2004 I made another big shift and founded Love Your Design. I’ve been doing business on the web since then, so the world of online connections is one I know inside out. When I started it was all boring static webpages and the modern marvel of email! These days business IS social, and social media relationships are fundamental to any business.

I’m passionate about supporting your business because I believe that your business will change the world. You have something unique and wonderful to offer and this PlayGroup will craft your message, your delivery and your outcomes. I also believe that making the choice to act on your desire to share your gifts with the world in a professional, skilled and effective way sets you on the path to a huge personal adventure. Recent research has shown that a sense of satisfaction in achieving something worthwhile in life is the most important factor in our experience of wellbeing. There’s a certain satisfaction in creating your own success, and I’m all about finding the opportunity for enjoying the journey.

This PlayGroup introduces you to the latest cutting edge information in business, personal development and spiritual growth. It semlessly integrating a range of approaches to put you ahead of the game. Not only will you be preparing your business for now, you’ll be positioning it on the cutting edge of consciousness. I’m looking forward to working and playing with you in the Flourishing Business PlayGroup.

[sws_blockquote_endquote align=”” cite=”” quotestyle=”style02″] Kim has a brilliant mind, fierce determination, and great skills of implementation – apart from this, she can see amazing connections, can listen deeply, and is highly intuitive. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough” Dr Bronwen Rees, UK. www.eastwestsanctuary.com ~ Emergent Business Client [/sws_blockquote_endquote]



This is a 12 week online class. Each live class goes for 2 hours, the first class is on:

  • US: Tuesday 11th September at PDT 5pm, EDT 8pm.
  • Australia: Wednesday 12th September at AEST 10am.
  • India: Wednesday 12th September at IST 5.30am.

for other locations click here

The classes operate like a group skype session, and have integrated audio. You can find simple instructions for logging in and using the virtual classroom here:



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Homing In ~ A Very Special PlayGroup



I’m so excited to invite you to join in this very special Love Your Design playgroup.

Based on the work of Carolyn Jayne in visual journaling, we’ll be exploring the links between your Human Design and tales from the life changing book Women Who Run With The Wolves.  

The first PlayGroup will be based on the tale Soulskin, Sealskin, Homing in:  Returning to OneSelf.

Carolyn and I will guide you in connecting the profound truths of the Soulskin tale with your own personal Human Design.   You will receive a copy of your Human Design chart when you enrol in the PlayGroup, along with a list of the ten most significant asteroids in your design.  During the PlayGroup both Kim and Carolyn will be helping you explore the mythologies of the asteroids, the meanings of the Human Design gates and the archetypes of the Soulskin tale.

We’ll be using the visual journalling process to tease out the silver threads of meaning that run through your life.

Visual Journaling is a technique that opens the door for multi-dimensional healing, growth and transformation.  By using a very ordinary blank journal, you will INVITE your inner child/artist/creative genius to PLAY with (and indeed make “real”) that which was once reserved just for your “imagination”.  The essence and application of our own unique CREATIVITY is the very same energy that fuels our most precious passions and has the POWER to make our “make -believes”…come true!!


Believe it or not- all you need to begin with is some markers, crayons, glue and scissors..and a little bit of courage.  Exploring yourself through YOUR visual journal -through myth and images- through color, shape, and form- is but another avenue to discovering who you really are and how to live “home” in your own perfect unique DESIGN.

Some of the motifs we’ll be journalling on are  the spirit child, breathing underwater and hearing the call of the old one.   You don’t need any artistic talent to do this class!  And you need only minimal knowledge about the Human Design System. 


Suggested Art Supplies


  • Crayola markers , crayons , an 9×12 blank journal ( need not be expensive )
  • Elmer’s glue , scissors
  • All materials can be found at any pharmacy – dollar store-

Watercolor paints , oil pastels , sharpies, stickers and glitter glue !!! 🙂


Suggested Books

If you don’t have one, we recommend you beg, buy or borrow a copy of Clarrisa Pinkola Estes book Women Who Run With the Wolves.

It would also be very useful to have these books:

  • Richard Rudd’s Genekeys
  • Hilary Barretts I Ching
  • Julia Cameron’s Vein of Gold

When you enrol, you will be provided with a copy of your Human Design chart and a list of the main asteroids influencing your design.

Carolyn Jayne, M.A.

Carolyn is a Holistic Counselor , Artist, Guide and accidental Elementary School Integrated- Art Teacher.  She has been facilitating visual journaling seminars and workshops for the past 15 years.

Employing  inner archetypal motifs, Carolyn assists others in understanding their unique Self.  Over the past year, she has woven the rich resources of the Human Design Chart into her visual journalling program.

As an emotional projector with a defined Root Center, she guides others in SEEING their unique Design through their OWN creative expressions.  Carolyn guides, encourages and inspires CREATIVE expressions of inner processes- thereby ACTIVATING core design principles.


This is a four week online course.  It  will be held in an online community space with video conferencing, filesharing, chat and messaging facilities.  It starts on Tuesday 27th November  6pm US Eastern Time, 4pm US Pacific Time.  In Australia, its Wednesday 28th November at 11am.

Check the date and time at your place. The cost is $120AUD.

To enrol and secure your place for this special event, click the paypal button.

2012: Creating Magic



I’ve created a special webinar event just for you.  It’s on 10th October at 11am (date and time at your place).

Human Design transit chartAs we approach the momentous date of 21st December 2012, many of us are feeling the effects of the shift.  This shift will continue to intensify over the next few months.  There is so much creative magic available, when we know where to look!

Join me to learn what you need to release, and what you can truly embrace and create during this amazing time.

I’ll be sharing the major Human Design transits between now and the end of 2012.  In particular I’ll be explaining the effects of the 11:11:12 chart and the 21:12:12 chart (for those of you in the US, it reads 12:21:12).

We’ll be looking at the standard planets and some very significant minor planets as well.  And perhaps a supermassive black hole or two!

I’m offering the webinar by donation.

Register for the webinar





An Introduction to Asteroids – May Webinar


This webinar is over, but you can find out about the Asteroid PlayGroup here. 

Registration is now open for the May Webinar – An Introduction to Using Asteroids In Human Design.

It’s on Friday 4th May at 11am AEST – here’s your local time.

One of the reasons my Human Design work is so accurate is because I use Asteroids, both in personal sessions and when interpreting the transits.

We know how precise Human Design can be.  Asteroids add even more precision.  They are an astonishing tool for understanding the underlying stories of our lives. People are often amazed at how closely their lives have followed the mythical versions of the main asteroids in their design.

There’s another reason why I love to use Asteroids in Human Design.  Unlike the standard planets we find in our chart, the asteroids carry strong feminine archetypal energies.

Pandora, Isis, Psyche, Juno, Kassandra, Ophelia, Vesta … the list goes on and on! Here is a rich vein of understanding of the feminine self that just isn’t present in the standard chart.

In the past week I’ve also been working with two asteroids from the masculine side of consciousness – Hephaistos and Rumpelstiltskin (which is currently transiting in Gate 63 in the Head Centre), and I’ll be sharing some information about these and Eros and Hidalgo as well.

I offer the monthly webinars by donation.  You can pay any amount that makes you happy, from as little as $1 to as much as you want.  It’s your choice!


Register Here


Why Ceres Is More Important In Your Human Design Than Chiron

Did you know there is another planet between Mars and Jupiter?

Its’ true!  Since 2006, Ceres has been classified as a planet.  Sitting between the inner personal planets – Mercury, Mars and Venus – and the outer planets, Ceres tells us how we bridge the gap between our personal lives and the world we live in.

Ceres is also the planet that tells us most about how you relate to others.  It’s a key to what nurtures us, and what feels good  for us in relationships.

While Chiron has a highly spiritual purpose, Ceres affects our lives each and every day.

Join me for the April Monthly Human Design Webinar, and learn all about the planet you didn’t know was in your design!


Thursday 5th April at 11am AEST (Sydney).

Wednesday 4th April at  6pm PST, 9pm EST.

Here’s the day and time at your place.

Don’t miss out on your virtual seat.

Register here. 



Getting Grounded in the New Millenium

How to Understand your Earth Activation in your Human Design Chart

Have you noticed that the way you used to do things doesn’t work anymore?  It’s unsettling!

We’re being challenged to get more grounded, to fully embody our sacred purpose in ways that make a difference.

That’s where knowing about your Earth activation in Human Design can help.  In Astrology the Earth is always at the centre of the wheel, in your Human Design chart you can find where it’s placed within your body and your energy field.

This is your unique connection to our beautiful planet and it gives crucial information about your co-creative journey of bringing things into true form.

Join me for a free webinar to discover what your Earth activations can tell you about your purpose, direction and co-creative powers.  It’s on 1st March at 7am AEST    You can find out what time that is at your place by clicking here.   You can make a donation when you register – just add an amount from $0 up to whatever you like.

Register now! 


Dialogue with Elisabet Sahtouris

As part of my process of creating Emergent Human Design I am connecting with some extraordinary people.  Today I talked with a very special guest on my radio show, Dr Elisabet Sahtouris, an evolution biologist, futurist, author, speaker and consultant on Living Systems Design.  Her work shows the relevance of biological systems to organizational design in businesses, government and global trade.

We are facing many challenges right now – both personally and globally.  What can learn by looking at the long sweep of evolution?  Some microbes got it right, others are now extinct.  Elisabet has a message for us –  the successful microbes can teach us how to move through this intense period of evolution.

It’s time for us to create new cultural stories that embrace our diversity and our shared planetary home, to create community, to love and care for each other.  I enjoyed our dialogue so much, I’m sure you’ll love the show.

You can listen to the recorded show here:

Learn more about Dr Sahtouris at www.Sahtouris.com,  and you can find her latest book EarthDance at Amazon.com.  We’d love to have your comments on the show!


Free Telecall ~ Evolving Human Design

I thought it would be fun and informative to get some people together and share our ideas about the evolution of the Human Design System. So myself, Hal Bahr, Karen Curry, Dee Dee Knoche and Zeno Dickson are going to do just that, and you are invited to join us.

The call will be on 1st or 2nd February, depending on where you live. Get the exact date and time for your place here.  The call will go for 90 minutes and you’ll have a chance to join the discussion and ask questions.

The call in number is:

Conference Dial-in Number: (605) 475-3200
Participant Access Code: 361122#

Looking forward to meeting you there!



Small Group Human Design Readings

A Human Design Win/Win Experiment

I’ve been hearing from some people about how much they’d love to have a human design reading but can’t afford one.  So I’ve thinking about possible creative solutions.  Here’s my idea.

Small Group Human Design Readings

I set up some times when I’m available to do 2 hour long Human Design sessions for up to 4 people, via webconference so we’ll be able to see each other at the beginning, and then we’ll switch to looking at all the charts.

It will only cost $60 per person, and it will be more interactive than a one-on-one session because you’ll receive different perspectives through discussion.  You can ask about anything you like, and you’ll all get a copy of the video and the mp3 recording at the end of the session.

You don’t have to find 3 other people, just book your place.  If you do have four people who’d like to have a group reading, please contact me for a special time that suits you.

Upcoming Session Times

Here’s the times for the first two sessions. The link will show you what time the session is at your place.  Remember the sessions go for 2 hours.

Thursday 19th January, at 8am Sydney Time – check what time it is at your place here – it’ll probably be Wednesday afternoon or evening.


Wednesday 25th January, at 1pm Sydney time – check what time it is at your place here – it’ll probably be Tuesday evening at your place.


Any feedback on the experiment is most welcome.  If it goes well, I’ll schedule regular sessions.


Love Your Design News

For those of you who aren’t following me  on Facebook, here’s a Love Your Design news update.

Many of you know that I have been working as Director of a local gestalt psychotherapy college since the middle of the year.  Why?  I don’t know, life sometimes throws me off in weird directions.  Like the time I was offered a job in real estate in 2007 and within 10 days I had moved house to a new town and started work in a new job.  Sometimes I just have to go with the flow because .. well, you know how hard life is when we resist those forces!


Anyway, that job is over.  I just loved doing it and learnt so much, met some great people.   I’m back here now, and just so excited to be creating a new site with some new content.  And even more exciting for me is that I will be offering a full range of Human Design training in 2012, from beginners to advanced.  I am also adding an online booking service for you to easily book sessions with me.   There’s more …   all the research I’ve been doing on quantum realities, chaos theory and other new sciences and how they relate to HD is coming together and I expect to gradually post some articles and to launch it fully in about 12 months time.  I also have a new radio show, which I’ll also be letting you know about.  I already have some really exciting guests lined up, and will be doing talk back and short readings.


Some of you will know that I’m particularly interested in supporting you in your own businesses.  From January 2012 I will be offering business coaching, using Human Design (of course) and some really powerful new cutting edge coaching tools based on quantum concepts.  I’ll be posting more about this in about 10 days.


Tomorrow’s Full Moon is all about massive change, with a focus on the fear/courage polarity and stepping out of victimhood.   Where have you been convinced that you should suppress your natural courage and succumb to the mass fear?  I’ll be posting a blog about the Full Moon (yes!!) sometime today.


I am so happy to be back here, sharing and co-creating with you, I can hardly express it!


All love

Kim Gould

Some of my favourite books

It’s a great day for experimentation and I’m just taking my new Amazon carousel out for a run.  Feel free to browse!


The Hilary Barrett I Ching is my favourite, and one I use every day. Tina Fey I just threw into the mix because … well, because she’s really, really funny!

Yin and Yang by Marielle Loconte on flick.com

Your Time to Shine

6th February 2011

It’s going to be hot again today, really hot.  And when it’s this hot my brain melts into something incomprehensible and I can’t think clearly enough to write.  It’s funny that the temperatures have only been in the low 30’s (celcius) but it has been unbearably hot, something to do with the added heat of Sun conjunct Mars I suspect.

Today I wanted to use the relative cool of the morning to write about the very significant Aquarius activations happening at the moment, plus Venus conjunct Pluto in the Gate of Joy on the 8th February.

Right now we have the Sun, Mercury, Mars, Neptune in Aquarius.  We also have dwarf planet Ceres (19.6), the Centaurs Chiron (30.6) and Nessus (49.2) plus a collection of significant asteroids including Eros (in 41.1) conjunct Mercury,  Urania (in 13.4) conjunct Sun  and Circe (in 30.4) conjunct Neptune and Chiron – all in Aquarius.

For 8 hours on 18th/19th February (commencing at 18.40pm on 18th UT), all four planets – Sun, Mercury, Mars and Neptune will be in Gate 30 in the Solar Plexus Centre!  Chiron is less than one degree away from the Sun, having slipped over into Gate 55.

Perhaps this month is the elusive entry to the Age of Aquarius we’ve all been waiting for since the 5th Dimension had it’s hit song – although we have the Sun rather than Jupiter aligning with Mars … sigh.

Aquarius the Water Bearer


Aquarius is a quirky energy, not least because it’s an air sign with a water symbol.  Aquarius never likes to play it straight, likes to keep everyone guessing.  In Egypt this sign was associated with the time of the flooding of the Nile – when the Moon was in Aquarius and Sun in Leo.

It’s electromagnetic energy reminds me of the Tower Card in the tarot, but according to Aleister Crowley the Tower Card is Mars, but it is followed by the Aquarian major arcana card Star, which he describes as the goddess in manifestation in her human material form.  In the Tower card Crowley describes the will to live and the will to die – a classic Mars type hero dichotomy – and the need for periodic destruction of the structure of our lives in order to free us from the prison of outdated organisation.

This idea has been very strong lately, as I watched Cyclone Yasi decimate houses in Queensland, the crowds surging against the army in Cairo and forcing tanks back by dint of their pure passion for something new, earthquakes in Alaska and Chile, and massive storms in the US.   All have had the effect of shifting us suddenly and unexpectedly out of our normal routines and often out of our homes.  In the process we have been thrown back upon our community, unable to use the walls of normalcy to keep ourselves separate, our neighbours have become a lifeline to survival in many cases.  I’ve even noticed it in a small way in my own life, disaster free zone that it is.  I’ve had to call on my neighbours a few times recently in ways that felt unfamiliar and a bit uncomfortable.

Aquarius is about ‘brotherhood’, universality and the collective heart.  It’s about coming together without losing the Leo polarity of our own unique and special place of the heart.  We don’t want to be fodder to the machine (another Aquarian posibility), but valued and loved for the true quirky creative geniuses we are.  Stepping beyond the need to rebel, we grow into a new spiritual maturity and self acceptance.

Transit chart for 19th February 2011

Transit chart for 19th February 2011

Gate 30 – Illumination

I ask myself, why Gate 30?  What is it about Gate 30 that would warrant such a powerful line up at this time?

Firstly, it’s one of eight double hexagrams – in this case double fire.  It’s the  hexagram of Illumination, a spiritual energy that seeks to burn brightly rather than flare up and then die away.  Our light needs something enduring and reliable within it, a nourishing fuel.  This gate also represents the radiance of nature, released into our lives as we learn to surrender to the rhythm of the dance of earth and heaven.  Without that dance, we are simply burning the limited fuel of ego based desire, constantly in fear of ‘burn out’.

Yin and Yang by Marielle Loconte on flick.com

Once we have surrendered to the flow (Gate 29, double water hexagram known as The Abyss), we then arrive at Gate 30 to find our own enduring flame burning bright and true.

There is an integrative quality to Gate 30.  Master Huang talks about it’s correlation to Heaven and Earth and the Sun and Moon.  Yin within yang and yang within yin.  He sees it as associated with the Sun in it’s brightness, full of yang energy, strengthening all that falls within it’s influence.  The concept of brightness in this hexagram means the yang that is full of yin.

Hilary Barrett describes it as a flash of intuitive insight that we are able to take hold of and understand, creating lasting awareness.  With Saturn conjunct Haumea in Gate 57 – intuitive clarity – this indicates a partnership between our bodily intuitive knowing (gate 57) and the emotional wisdom of Gate 30 to turn it into something lasting.

Neptune and Chiron have been in Gate 30 since early 2009.  Chiron is about to shift finally into the next gate (55) but Neptune won’t be finished there till early 2012.  I believe they have been creating two profound shifts in consciousness.  Firstly, healing the wound to our ability to be here in our full blissful selves.  Secondly, a repairing of our ownership over our own desires.

Our emotional responses, so long regarded as little more than a nuisance, are being renewed as a natural and profound wisdom.  The old Saturnian structure is breaking down as we become more attuned to what we truly want, what makes our flame burn long and true.  In it’s place is a way of life that doesn’t feel like a prison, but more like an obvious extension of the truth of who we are in each moment.

The Moon

During those few hours on 18th / 19th February, when these four planets unite in Illumination, the Moon is in Gate 40 in the Heart Centre.  This gates brings us a recuperation of our ego selves.  It allows us to know our true value to our community, and in this place we realise it’s safe to rest whenever we need to, and to act from our unique selves knowing we’ll always be lovingly received.  Our actions – yin infused yang – become a sensitive fluidity rather than an ego based rigidity.  We release the concept of ‘no choice’ and see our options more clearly as the overbearing authority figure, the monster of Aquarius rebelliousness, melts away.

Venus conjunct Pluto

There’s a few important transits between now and the 19th February.  Venus joining Pluto in the Gate of Joy on 10th February  is one of them.  This is a significant step towards acceptance of our own joy as a tool for connection and relationship.

How do we release our attachment to suffering, struggle, ugliness and pain?  Is it possible to release ourselves from attachment to people and situations we have been told we are responsible for?   In this new reality we are simple, pure, free and filled with natural beauty and love.  There is no punishment, judgement or isolation here.

Coming open means looking expectantly for what you want to come to you, easily and on your own terms.   You try to dictate how things will be.  This doesn’t work.  The joy you seek can’t simply come to you from outside, but only arises from authentic exchange.  Joyful and outgoing expression that opens up communication brings people together and begins a lively creative process of sharing and exchange.

Hilary Barrett

This is your time to shine!


Webinar ~ Releasing Conditioning


Here’s the date for the European Webinar.


n. A process of behavior modification by which we come to associate a desired behavior with a previously unrelated stimulus.


v. how you got stuffed up and ways to fix it!

Do you ever wonder why you do the things you do?

In this 90 minute webinar we explore what makes you behave in ways that aren’t authentic and natural for you.

Human Design gives us some amazing tools to see our self sabotage, where we try too hard and where we withdraw too often. Why we make the same mistakes and where we feel stuck. We’ll look at the way defined and undefined centres operate, the activations we lack and are always seeking, and the effect of family patterning.

And we’ll learn about one of the most powerful tools in Human Design for unravelling our conditioning – the Interactive Chart. This is a PostNatal layer chart from the multi-dimensional system. It shows what unconscious choices you made to best to meet your potential in this life. Not all those unconscious decisions are serving you well!

Getting Ready For The New You!

This is a time when we are all wanting to let go of anything that’s holding us back so that we can embrace the new world we are co-creating.  This class will give you important insights into how you personally can do just that!

This is a class that will suit both beginners and those who know something about Human Design but would like a new take on it.


London/GMT ~ Thursday 7th October at 8am till 9.30am.

Paris/CET ~ Thursday 7th October at 9am till 10.30am.

Sydney ~ Thursday 7th October at 6pm till 7.30pm (daylight saving time)

You can check your local time here.

All For $12.00 AUD


Your Personal Pathway to 2012


join me for a webinar series
exploring your role in the current evolutionary shifts

where are you heading?

the past can’t see you, but the future is listening

~Terri Guillemets

Pathways to 2012 is a 4 week webinar that takes you step by step through your incarnation potential, how you are being affected by long term transits and what influences are affecting you for 2010 through to 2012. It’s jargon free and hands on.

Week 1 ~ Your Incarnation Matrix ~ 8th September

Focusing on the Cardinal Points, Moons Nodes and Sun/Earth Cross, this week we look at the potential you came into this life to fulfill.

Week 2 ~ The Transits ~ 15th September

How do the current transits affect you personally? What effect do the slower moving dwarf planets have on your personal design? What do important dates like 10:10:2010, 11:11:2011 and 21:12:2012 mean for you?

Week 3 ~ Your Solar Return ~ 22nd September

Each year you have a different Solar energy to work with in fulfilling your birth potential. We’ll look at your Solar Return for this year, for 2011 and for 2012.

Week 4 ~ Deciphering Your Progressions ~ 29th September

How to use Progressions in Human Design, how to create a Progression Design Chart for yourself and how to follow the unfolding story of your own personal evolution.

predictive human design at it’s best

powerful and practical

small groups for maximum effect

cutting edge online learning

choose from two classes:

~ Wednesday mornings at 9am GMT

~ and Wednesday evenings at 8pm ET

~ limited places

~ classes run for 90 minutes

All For $125.00 AUD

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