amandacass1If there is one planet that could be called chaotic, it’s Uranus. An inner hunger for something new and novel, partnered with external events that precipitate change – Uranus has a recipe for unexpected shift.  While we are caught up in the midst of that shift, everything feels different, even if somehow it’s also just the same old same old.

Uranus is very busy just now, accompanied by his very able sidekick Mars!

Chaos is an interesting idea. In the old Cartesian way of thinking chaos was a BAAADDD thing. To be avoided at all costs. These days, as we slide into a new quantum consciousness, chaos is a creative space where all kinds of wonderful things can emerge. Ironically, chaos was once considered a natural part of life and age old traditions were passed down from generation to generation in folk tales, myths and religion. In our so called modern world, chaos is something to be feared because it interferes with the orderly workings of the economic way of life. This creates a pretence of order and an illusion of harmony where we survive by clinging desperately to order and feel helpless and panic in the face of apparent disorder. Rather than see that this is life’s way of re-arranging itself and moving with it, we can tend to cling to our ideas of how it must be.

This week we are being reintroduced to chaos as a creative life force.

On 25th July at 9.42 UT, Mars will square Uranus. That’s astrology. In Human Design it looks like this:


HD Transit chart #loveyourdesign

It’s a big deal because it goes way beyond just two planets – Uranus and Mars.

Firstly there’s the two channels created with the Nodes. You can read more about that here. Uranus in Gate 51 is making a channel with the South Node in Gate 25. This is the Channel of Initiation, which gives us the capacity to hold fast to our purity and innocence, to disengage from what’s holding us back and to make a quantum leap into the void. Although it may shock our system, we can breakthrough and transcend our previous creative limits.

But how?  The key to this shift is in our relationships with others.

Mars is down in the Root Centre, in Gate 53. There are a host of minor planets in the channel with Mars, most notably Persephone and Eris in Gate 42. This is so interesting, because the astrologer who originally discovered Eris wanted to call her Persephone. Another point of interest – Eris was discovered in Gate 51 line 6, which is the position of Uranus at the moment.

Gate 51 is about how we deal with shock.  It’s about sorting out what will change, and what is stable through the shock and will therefore continue.  It’s about working out what’s important.  It’s about learning to understand the greater forces of change in our lives.

Heaven speaks through thunder, and this is an omen that the human world is to be brought back into harmony.  Abruptly your world is not working as you expect.  The solid ground shifts under your feet, security slips away and mental constructs shatter.  Living reality has spoken.

Hilary Barrett on the Gate of Shock

Etti Noy Shimonie

Eris has her own brand of chaos, her own way of bringing order from discord. She represents our choice to choose creation or destruction when it comes to relationships and  teamwork. Do we destroy the other in order to preserve our own brand of individuality? Or do we hold to our essence and find a way to collaborate, to leverage our creative energy by joining with others? The relationship fractal is shifting for all just now. Apart from chaos and sudden shifts, Uranus is also the planet of networking, and in particular he shows us the place where we have something important within our own area of individual genius to offer to the collective.

Mars is creating pressure to start a new cycle. Be very conscious and careful about what you are commiting your energy to. Most particularly, be aware of who you are commiting to move forward with. You may feel pressure to leave some people behind (or they you). You may feel a desire to connect with new groups, to align with new ideas, to make new friends and create new business collaborations.  When it happens, it happens quick because that’s how Mars and Uranus roll.

This shift is all about leveraging our creative genius through interacting with the right people. You know those years and years of frustration about how you couldn’t move forward because you didn’t have the right support? Your anger at being blocked by people who didn’t understand how capable you are? Your bitterness at not having your obvious brilliance recognised and called out? That’s about to change. Don’t go looking for people, they’ll turn up.

Uranus is quick mental energy, and Mars adds speed and vigour. Be aware though (this is a square and they are inherently difficult) that you must take care not to jump into new arrangements too quickly, take risks but take care as well. We are beginning an important new relationship cycle. It has the capacity for a quantum release of genius into the world, yours included.

Just moments after this Mars Uranus transit event (well, 25 hours later actually) Uranus goes retrograde. This fits perfectly with the current Node activations – avoiding the herd instinct, taking on the challenge of going it alone, doing it your way, trusting your own inner authority over external rules or even well meant advice. There is a tenderness to the Uranian shadow, the small child who has a message for humanity that gets eked away by a gradual pressure to conform.  Trust your innocent self, steer a path that aligns with your heart. We are creating a new pathway and although each one of us may set out alone, we are walking together and we find each other as we go along.


Images:  Amanda Cass and Etti Noy Shimonie

Kim Gould is founder of and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the blog.