There’s a whole lot of limitations in your life that just don’t make sense anymore.  It’s as if you’ve worn them out through using them to often to keep yourself small and it’s kind of hard to even remember why you believed in them in the first place!  Comfort zones are collapsing around us and a bright shiny new world is presenting itself.

Most of the transformation is happening in the Spleen Centre, with Jupiter acting as a healing bridge to the emotions.   Pluto in 38 and Jupiter in 39 – twin gates that work in polarity as they gain each other’s measure – is clearing deep ancestral distrust of the unknown.  Strange ideas, strange faces, strange accents, strange situations …  the whole concept of ‘stranger danger’ is built into our DNA since the days when we spent a lifetime surrounded by only a handful of familiar and familial faces doing the same things we’d been doing every day for thousands of years.   Back then our comfort zone was small and beyond it were dragons. These days we are at a tipping point and our comfort zone is simply the taking off point for our next adventure.

That comfy place contains all the devils we know and love – fear in particular.  Often we’ve become so accustomed to our own pain and struggle that we believe it is all the world has to offer and don’t see it as something we wrap around us to stay safe.  Moving beyond suffering and struggle takes the courage to face who we might be on the other side and that’s not always comfortable!

Another big deal is finding techniques to let go of the past.  We’re so accustomed to emotional processing, trying to find the reason for things, to understand our pain, to unlock our karma and free ourselves from repeating cycles.  This profound activation to the Spleen Centre is bringing us closer to the source, relieving us from the need to process mentally or emotionally.  As we feel discomfort in our body we can make a clear choice to step beyond the limiting belief and into a greater sense of self.  Try it yourself.  Whenever something bugs you in the next few days, watch how you try to understand it, how you create a story to hold it.  This is not how our mind and emotions are designed to operate, and this binding up of our precious and powerful resources in looping around the pain again and again simply keeps us oblivious of what we could be doing instead!

So, back to the thing that’s bugging you.  Can you feel it in your body?  Or in the space around your body?  Try saying something like .. Thank you.  I’m done.  I release you.  It works best if you expand into a big sense of self.  You can do this by saying something like “I am the powerful centre of the Universe, the pure personification of Love and Light”  (okay, that’s my personal favourite!).   And then do the releasing again – Thank you. I’m done.  I release you.  And then get on and do something that makes you feel really amazing.

The main thing I want to share with you here is this – you don’t deserve to suffer, you are not being punished, you do not have to learn anything.  It’s time to be free and get big!

Because ….

I want to do the teenage girl thing here ……  OMG!  I LOVE what Ceres and Vesta are doing in the Spleen Centre!  Today Ceres is in Gate 50.1 asking what nourishes you.  Really, is it the things you were taught to take into your life?  Is it the food pyramid?  Hours at the gym?  Eating all your broccoli?  You are the only person on this planet who knows what’s best for you.

You have an inbuilt intuitive knowing of what to take into your life – whether it be food, people, situations.  You experience the knowing in your body and emotions and you are the worlds foremost authority.  In fact the worlds only authority!   One interesting experience I had during 2013 was watching my ongoing anxiety – something I struggled with for years – dissolve into a simple separation from my own conscious knowing of what I wanted in my life.  Which created a separation from my body and spirit.  It was, quite literally, separation anxiety!

And it’s not just about health.  To quote Hilary Barrett (as I have been known to do on occasion!):

It means not only what you eat, but all the processes and structures that sustain nourishment, physical, social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual .. all creating and re-creating your individual ecosystem to sustain and shape you.   Call on your constancy and steady clear persistence in honouring what truly sustains you. (South Node in Gate 27, which is creating a channel with Ceres). 

This marks a new beginning.  The sacred vessel is cast and used in great ceremonies that inaugurate a new dynasty.  This is a stable robust foundation for a new life and also the vessel or crucible where you can expect to be transformed and remade.

There is so much old material coming up now to be released.  Please stay attentive to releasing it rather than trying to work through it.  Keep your gaze firmly on the promise of a new life and your own long term goals.  There is something fresh and new, something profoundly nourishing coming into your life and that is what requires your attention – it is this new ‘era’ that needs to be nourished.  The negative material is simply in the process of  Exiting Stage Left, don’t be confused into trying to get it to hang around for one last encore!   And don’t buy into the old idea of limitations.  Trust is the bridge, and it’s time to get really good at it!

Vesta, oh how I love her!  Vesta is in Gate 32.3 right now, joined by the radiant Venus in Gate 54.  Right there is the Goddess A Team!  If you’ve been filled with an uplifting sense of abundance and financial change in the past month or two it’s partly because of Neptune and Jupiter activating the Gate of Abundance.  And Ceres passing through Gate 32.  And now, this Vesta and Venus combo is adding the icing to the cake.

Vesta has a lot to do with money. Firstly, she represents your Path of Service or Life Calling in your personal chart.  So when she turns up with Venus in a transit we can expect a radical shift as we feel more deeply into our own personal values and discover a renewed sense of career purpose.  Secondly, Vesta has a strong connection to the Goddess Temples which were custodians of the communal wealth.  It was held in trust for the entire community and the idea of inequality, trickle down or not receiving succour (or health care) was unimaginable.  This is not a return to socialism but rather a dynamic shift in our own attitude to money that will, over time, shift the entire global financial system.

The channel in which we find Vesta and Venus this week has a couple of important clues for us. It shifts us beyond a fear of failure because we are so strongly attracted to our calling.  It slows us down so we can stay in our body for the journey. Yes … slows us down .. please don’t rush just now!  We can do this one step at a time and you won’t miss out on one juicy morsel along the way!  And it has an instinctive understanding of what we can transform.  Fuelled by Jupiter, there’s a lot of people feeling the call to make a lot more money right now.  That’s part of the transformation of the economy that is shifting from the pyramid economy, where all the money is held by a few people, to a fractal economy, where money moves along relationship lines being attracted to the greatest areas of transformation.  We don’t need to go fast so much as boldly in line with our most amazing dreams.

Can you feel your dreams taking on more substance?

There’s one last thing I want to share with you.  The Spleen Centre is all about the Libran quality of balance.  That’s because every gate but two in the Spleen Centre are in Libra.  (The exceptions –  Gates 28 and 44 are in Scorpio).  Over the past few weeks I’ve been experiencing the imbalance of giving and receiving in my life.  I can feel in my body if I’m giving or receiving when it’s not right to do so.  As much as my mind tries to override me, my body is attuning me to a greater sense of honesty.  Can you feel the imbalances more easily just now?

This magical time of unfurling is very precious.  Enjoy!




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