What a lovely transit chart!  I’m seeing a bit of crankiness, with that Moon joining Saturn in the Channel of Struggle, but that will shift in the next hour or so when the Moon moves on.

The lovely thing is the Sun and Venus connecting the Sacral to the Ji.  (more about the centres here)  What makes it even better is that Ceres is there as well.  The tension here is in choosing to nurture ourselves and explore our own potential ahead of choosing to care for others.  Ceres can bring a profound relief from the cycles of life, but only when we make a clear choice to commit our vital energies to ourselves first.  How might that feel?

Wherever Venus turns up in a transit chart she invariably brings harmony and healing.  She soothes and regenerates.  In the Gate of Pushing Upwards (46) in the Ji Centre she is revitalising our capacity to take steps on our own unique pathway.  She brings the patient power of the earth to grow something new and vulnerable within us.

There is a powerful realignment of our energy happening at the moment.  We are releasing so much past trauma from our cells, and gradually, very gradually, learning that we have the capacity to keep ourselves safe as we open out to new experiences, as we discover new capacities within us.  We are shifting from a state of frozen hypervigilance – a state induced by our culture – looking the fear in the face and seeing that the threat it has held over our head for centuries is not real.  We have begun to put our energy to better uses than keeping ourselves safe from an illusory danger.

As someone said to me this week – your fears are not real, but you are.  It’s a wonderful thing to begin to believe more in ourselves than our demons!

We have new worlds to create, warm intimate relationships to form, creative adventures to undertake!  There is no doubt that there will be new dangers ahead, but they will be real ones, dangers that we can deal with because obstacles and difficulties are a natural part of the creative process.

dudadazePower is shifting on this planet, and you are the happy recipient!  You have an ever  increasing capacity for maturity, for wielding your own sceptre making your own choices, creating your own reality.  To do this well, even to do it good enough, you and I need to have an effective container.  It’s important that we are gentle, loving, kind and nurturing towards ourselves.  That we learn the very difficult lesson of self compassion.  That we develop the power to open out to others in joyful anticipation.   That we meet obstacles with a sense of adventure rather than a fear of further struggle.

Be kind if you are experiencing one of Ceres’ more powerful emotional responses – rage at transgressions against you, and grief over a loss of love and connection.  Don’t block these feelings, gently drop into them and feel them moving through your body. As you fully experience them, you’ll experience them shifting from one minute to the next.  Just allow the flow of emotion to keep moving, and observe how it shifts.  This is the road to emotional maturity, the key to emotional clarity.


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Kristen Neff’s book on Self Compassion is always by my bed. It is such a nurturing experience to read it.

There’s some wonderful practical stuff here on self care.  I thought you might enjoy reading it.


It’s important to find the delicate balance between self soothing that keeps us locked in a negative emotional cycle, and self compassion that finally gives us the recognition for our pain and suffering that we’ve been longing for. The first one comes with the baggage of learned helplessness, the second with hope and trust in our very real capacity to create a better future.

Today, as the Sun conjuncts Ceres in the Gate of The Abyss, we are on a pathway to a more nourishing sense of self.  If we choose to make a commitment to the journey, our lives will never be the same again.



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Image:  Diana Duda ~ http://dudadaze.blogspot.com.au/

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