Human Design Transit ChartToday the Sun begins a five day connection with Pluto.  During this five days the Full Moon occurs conjunct Uranus.  Expect change.  Expect it to be an alchemical process that changes you and  your world!

This activation brings up experiences of critisism or rejection of the core self.  Be gentle, and recognise that it’s your ego that’s smarting from the blow, and not your soul.  Your core self is perfectly intact and leading you through the process of change.

Pluto is a powerful evolutionary impulse.  There really is no escaping him. This is the planet that invites us to our own underworld for a play date to explore our unconscious motivations, intentions, desires and soul needs.  The amount of openness we bring to the table will have a profound effect on how we experience the next few days.

But Pluto is master of the art of slow.  And the Uranus Pluto square continues till 2015.  These next 5 days are just one chapter in the story.

According to Jeff Green, when Pluto connects with the Sun there is an increased need to find our special purpose in life, to take control of our destiny and shape it through the power of our own will.      Part of this process is learning about our own limits, coming face to face with our own fantasies of ominpotence.  One of those limits is that, even though we may grasp something luminous this week, we have to accept Pluto’s slow and steady progress.  We can’t have it all now.

Pluto often raises the spectre of domination by our parents and other authority figures. This is a theme writ large this week, as:

  • The asteroid Child is conjunct Uranus in Gate 17.6 – the wound of having our unique individual nature suppressed.  Try making a small offering to the flow of life rather than allow yourself to be tightly bound by other’s opinions.
  • The Moon passes over Chiron in the Gate of Family (37) on 27th September at 16.30pm UT – creating new healthier internal boundaries to protect us from what is harmful.
  • Makemake plays into this theme as well, with Venus moving into Gate 29 on 28th September, creating a channel with Makemake in Gate 46.1 – move towards life and flow and your initiative will be well rewarded.   The stories of others don’t need to define how you understand your own life.

Don’t Get Framed!

The Makemake connection is very important this week.  Uranus in the Gate of Leading and Following can trigger an unconscious desire to control (Pluto) the opinions of others (Uranus) so as to prevent a breakdown in one’s worldview.  This is a fear based response that arises from the shadow aspect, the Gate of Correction – Gate 18.  If I can suppress your dangerous ideas I will not have to change.  People may talk the talk of revolution, but if you feel they are obstructing your flow it’s probably all hot air with no substance.

Pluto won’t stand for that!  We have to get down and dirty with letting go of our old stories and the way we frame our reality.

Makemake likes to use story as a way to dis-integrate, to cut us off from our own instinctual or feeling nature, and to set up conflict to prevent us seeing what’s really going on.  Watch for anytime you feel uncomfortable with a particular ‘view’ of reality and see if you can follow the thread of story that tries to lead you away from yourself.  When we are told to believe things as children it can be hard to refocus on the truth, even as adults.

Venus in the Gate of the Abyss (29) teaches us something profound over the next 10 days about the immense hidden creativity sitting unused in our Sacral Chakra.  Removing the old stories of reality from our DNA opens us to radical shifts.

Your way of being and doing is as unique as you are.  This is an incredibly important truth, sit with what it means to you.

This is all about how reality is being FRAMED.  Watch the news or any ad on television and think about the underlying assumptions.  The War on Drugs, The War on Terror, teen pregnancy, men in hoodies, taxes.  We’ve become accustomed to our reality coming at us pre-packaged.  This week should shake that up.

Watch for the tendency to talk the talk that avoids walking the talk.  Or as Morpheus says:

Correcting For Joy

Okay, so let’s have a look at this channel.  The Sun is in the Gate of Correction – this is a DNA busting gate that clears out old worn out instructions laid down in your coding over many lifetimes. Because there are instructions that say – this code keeps you alive, don’t change it!! – letting go of these unconscious survival mechanisms takes some courage.  These are outmoded responses to a new world and they require our conscious attention.

Pluto is in the Gate of Joy, a delightful energy of calm collected peacefulness.  It’s about moving – dancing, swaying, flowing.  When we flow we move joyfully.  The shadow energy of this gate is being stuck and stagnant. The natural way is to move calmly, peacefully and gently through the changes that life is continuously bringing to us.

What is not natural is to rush and push and try to force progress (Pluto), and then, when we reach crisis point … seize up (shadow of Pluto), or externalise our problem, get fixated on a small minded remedy, rebelling against fate and trying to force unnatural change (shadow Uranus).

This is a channel that asks us to look within for the way through obstructions caused.  Watch carefully for any tendency to rebel against authority.  This means you’re externalising your power.  Move gently, dance, walk, flow. Feel the blockages moving through your body, out through your arms and legs.  Release them and reconnect with life.  This channel brings a pressure and desire to challenge anything that tries to limit our personal power.

We’ve believed for so long that our power is limited, but we haven’t understood that there are natural limits and unnatural limits.  This week will see us flowing past unnatural limits and developing a more mature understanding of our natural limits.





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