Mars can have a cleansing effect.  When something has come to the end of it’s usefulness, Mars can help us wrap it up and send it on it’s way.  We don’t have to take it personally and get all steamed up, although that’s what many are doing just now.

We can simply see what we’ve had enough of, and let it go.  To know when things begin and end is a great power that we can master.

In the Ajna Centre, in the Gate of Insight and Breakthrough (43), Mars is allowing us to speak the unspeakable, to name the un-nameable and to say no to anything that offends our survival, that restricts our desire to flourish.  On Facebook there is a huge flurry of ‘insight’ into all kinds of nefarious practices over the past few days.  Printing money and handing it over to banks, violence triggered by youtube videos, big pharma, inequality of income.  People are talking about alternatives – they’re available, why are we still doing things this old way?  We have technology, we have community, we have what we need right now to live well.

This is a wordy energy.  If you are on Facebook, notice there are few images, and lots of posters with slogans just now!

Insight and breakthrough can create uncertainty.  Can we make the shift?  Will we be resolute enough to get all the way across?  This gate shows us where we have habitually come back again and again to rigid ideas that have kept us stuck through their compulsive appeal.  As Mercury and the Moon move over the patterning gates (18 and 48) just now, we are able to break out of deeply embedded unhelpful thought patterns.

The courage and passion to walk across that bridge between old and new ways of thinking comes from Mars in Gate 43.  These central channels represent an integration of yin and yang – allowing and action.  When do we need to speak?  When can we be silent and wait for further insight?  When can we let matters take their own course and when should we get involved?  Good questions for the next few days!

Mars is meeting up with Sedna in Gate 23, creating a channel that mutates by speaking out the unspeakable.  Oh, and there is a tendency to malicious gossip, but it should pass now that Mercury has moved away from Pluto today.  Sedna asks us to release our grip on something that we had always thought would keep us safe, to venture into the deep unknown.  Old ways of thinking are being removed from our field.  We can safely let them go.  It will take some practice, but we’ll get there.

In the process of thinking new thoughts we are deconstructing old realities and creating amazing new possibilities on this planet.

Mars will be in Gate 43 till 29th September 7.30am UT, after which it will move to Gate 14, heading towards a conjunct with the North Node in the Gate of Personal Power/Slavery.

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Kim Gould is founder of and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the blog.