As I’m watching the transits and exploring new pathways opening up for my Emergent Business clients, it’s so clear that something immense and wonderful is being birthed.  Doorways between the past and present are opening, and the raw materials that have been locked away are now available to us.  Soul food!

Pallas and Magdalena are sitting between the Aries Point and Uranus.  Each of these hold an immense energy for changing our perspective.  Pallas was part of the archetype we know as Pallas Athene.  Co-opted to the emerging patriarchy to lend an air of legitmacy as it found it’s tentative way in creating a new world order, Pallas was seen as a warrior, a city maker, a good luck charm to all that men sought to achieve.  Of course, there’s more to Pallas than meets the eye, and especially her mother Metis, Goddess of Oceanic Wisdom, lost in the back story as Zeus claimed the wonderous Pallas/Athene sprung fully formed from his own head!

Athene and the AcropolisPallas is so significant just now. in Gate 17.5.  It’s all very well to have ideas spring forth from you head, but if you don’t allow your wisdom/body time to consider them they’ll never grow into anything sustainable and of true value.  Pallas in the transits indicates a need to look for where we have suppressed (made invisible) our own intuition.

Another very interesting fact about Pallas.  In the month she was discovered – the planet Pallas that is, situated between Mars and Jupiter – Lord Elgin stripped a large proportion of the treasures from her temple (the Acropolis) in Athens.  His reason?  To take them to the British Museum to keep them safe.   The Greek Government of the time had no say in the matter, Britain ruled the empire and they were afraid of upsetting them.

There’s layers and layers and layers in that story, not least the current stripping of Greece’s economy by the Eurozone, as Pallas approaches a conjunction with Uranus (freedom from the collective rule).

On a personal note we need to look for what treasures have been stripped away from us under the guise of our own wellbeing. Where have we put ourselves to the task of creating wars/cities, and left behind the more important soul tasks of weaving a meaningful life from our own creative intelligence.  Pallas rules all these things.  She represents the return of the daughters of patriarchy to ‘mother’, where all her inherent gifts can once more be allowed to flourish.

What gift’s are emerging within you now? This is the basis of a new inclusive civilization being created through and for you.

Magdalena’s story is not dissimilar.  If you’ve read Margaret Starbird’s book The Woman with the Alabaster Jar, you’ll have some understanding of how difficult it is to sift through the existing rules and religious systems to find the buried aspects of the feminine that we are recovering just now.   We’ve been taught that we must believe these stories – the very ones that make us wrong, that cloak us in invisibility.  The asteroid Magdalena, currently in Gate 17.4, asks that we step beyond the ideal version of ourselves and find the truth.  Not who we should be, but who we chose to come onto this planet at this time to truly be.  Perhaps we believe what we have to offer the world is not enough, but Magdalena says that old story no longer works for any of us.  You and I are real.  And we’re here now.

Uranus represents the place where we need to break free from the old rules of the collective consciousness and create something for ourselves, something so new and special that you are the only person in the world who can do it.  It doesn’t need to be anything the rest of us can see or touch.  It’s your breath, your thoughts, your feelings, your unique way of being.  When you go to the very source of energy flowing through your life and make an offering there, no matter how small and insignificant that offering might seem to be, this is your creation.

Opening New Time Dimensions

This week we have taken huge steps to opening two new dimensions of time.  Scientists have puzzled for ages over why we have three dimensions of space, and only one dimension of time.  It doesn’t make sense!

Dr Katya Walters has written about the existence of two additional dimensions of time sitting under the Planck level.  I will come back to this topic soon.  But for now I just wanted to point out that the channel from the Sacral to the Ji Centre containing Gates 5 and 15 – some of you call it the Channel of Rhythm – is all about opening those additional time dimensions.

Gate 15 is the wide galactic sweep of time and Gate 5 is earth time.  Rather magically, in Gate 5 line 3 is the Great Attractor, which is a weird time warping super massive black hole like thing! “Thing” isn’t a technical term,but no one really knows what type of ‘thing’ the Great Attractor is, so it will do for now.

This week the Sun has been in Gate 15, and sure, it’s there every year about this time.  The difference this year is that the Nodes have been in 34/20 and this is another time warping channel.  When you’re allowing the whole bandwidth of your creative energy, aka your Sacral Centre, to be available for life in the moment then time simultaneously expands and contracts.  You’ve probably noticed this happening lately.  Time goes on forever, a day can seem like a lifetime because it’s so filled with wonder and magic. And yet, paradoxically, it also seems to go quickly.  The drag factor we all know from long days spent starring out the window of classrooms on a beautiful summers day is gone from our lives!

Expect more time warps as Jupiter conjuncts the South Node in Gate 20 (time warp central) on 2nd July.   This conjunction frees soul aspects locked in the past by our old belief in religious, cultural and philosophical dogma, and we are already well along that pathway as Jupiter and the South Node have been edging closer and closer to each other.

The second reason this year’s Sun transit through Gate 15 is more significant is that the transit chart for 21st December 2012 has only one channel defined – the 5/15.   It’s a time warp event!   Mercury (bringing to consciousness) in Gate 5 and the Earth (grounding, slowing down, sustainability and making connections at the global level) in Gate 15.   It’s good to be aware that we are opening dimensional doorways and bringing additional realms of time consciousness to the planet.

Transit Chart for 21st December 2012

Transit Chart for 21st December 2012


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