New Moon on 27th September 2011 at 11.08am UT ~ 4 Libra 0 ~ Gate 18.1


There is some big news held within this New Moon in Libra.  The first and most obvious thing is that is creating a channel with Pluto.  Traditionally Pluto and the Moon represent issues of power struggles with the mother. This theme is accentuated for a whole lot of reasons.

Firstly, the Sun and Moon will be in the Gate of Correcting Family Patterns (18.1).  This gate has a powerful effect on DNA healing, releasing old outworn material from the data held within your RNA.  It supports the DNA to return to ‘factory settings’, and to be more able to respond in the moment rather than from ancient family survival patterning.  It’s in the Spleen Centre, which operates at the physical level, our cellular response to life.

The first step in engaging with corruption is to choose and own it as your own inheritance.  The child steps forward to take responsibility, and the ancestors are without fault.  You no longer blame your parents or your past for whatever has gone wrong.  It is dangerous engaging with angry old ghosts, but this is the way to empower yourself. Begin this work and there will be good fortune in the end.

Hilary Barrett, Hexagram 18 line 1.

It’s not just about blaming your parents.  It’s time to let go of blaming anyone else, after all we were only ever projecting our inner parent onto them in the first place!  Release them from playing out this thankless task and joyfully embrace your whole self.

Secondly,  the asteroid Child is conjunct Pluto in the Gate of Joy (58).  Child represents a place where we got stuck, where we were so effectively blocked from our own power that we just stopped right there.  That part of us never got to mature, it’s been defensive and shut down, narcissistic in it’s trauma, able to hear no voice but it’s own, projecting it’s trauma out into the world again and again in a vain attempt for compassionate action on it’s behalf.  And now finally ……

This is the promising beginning of a conversation, not mere self expression but capacity to listen and respond.  You foster trust, make mutual enrichment possible by opening up your inner space to exchange.

Hilary Barrett, Hexagram 58 line 1

The child is supported by its new relationship with Pluto.  I suspect there is something here that runs along the lines of …  anything is better than this, even Pluto’s death/transformation.  Add in Pluto in line 2 ~ You move fully into the present moment, sensing and communicating with it’s flowing currents. 

This New Moon holds the potential for a deep shift in the pattern of our perceived reality, and a renewed ability to be present in a much greater arc of each moment without the confusion of past trauma.  It’s in the Gate of Correction, a place where each one of us holds the wounds of critisism from our parents, so don’t underestimate its effect!


The second significant aspect of this New Moon is it’s activation of Venus, Saturn and Haumea, all in the Spleen Centre Gate of Intuitive Clarity (57).  The underlying energy in this gate is to proceed gently in alignment with our inner body knowing – submissive, humble and yielding to what is.  When we live in this way we penetrate our own lives deeply, and influence others profoundly.  Proceeding in this way is never a violation of life, and is always easily acceptable.

There is a sense of instability here, of now knowing what to do or when to do it.  This creates a lack of trust in ourselves that is remedied by tuning into our inner body wisdom and waiting patiently for understanding of when to act and how to act.  The Spleen Centre consists mostly of Libran gates, and holds a key for connecting with others on the earth (physical body) plane.

The Moon/Pluto/Child link up restores our relationship to our own inner parent, thus releasing us from projecting traumatic events out onto the word as if they were current ‘reality’.  The Venus-Saturn-Haumea link up brings that to the foreground by allowing us to value and tune into each part of us, even the shamed body.

Uranus in the Gate of Innocence mirrors the Sun – Moon – Iris conjunction by declaring that we must accept the truth within us, and let go of the hypocrisy of trying to fix ourselves through blaming others.  There is a need to release the padding, the toxic overload of connecting to each other in this way, and to trust to our own gentleness and purity.  Then we release others to do the same.  This is the true power of connection to the earth and all her inhabitants.


Kim Gould is founder of and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the blog.