Emergent Human Design Classes

Here is the first module of classes in the advanced level series for 2012.  These classes are based on material from my exciting new project – Emergent Human Design.

Advanced classes are for those of you who feel comfortable applying basic Human Design concepts to your own lives, and can explain the main points of a chart to others.   You are looking for a deeper connection with your own design, and perhaps moving towards becoming a professional Human Design practitioner, or already working  in the field and looking to expand your repertoire beyond the standard chart.


Module 1 – Using Minor Planets and Astrology in Human Design

What happens when we look beyond Pluto?  There’s a whole new universe out there and it has a profound effect on our consciousness.  The first series in our Emergent Human Design Online Classes for 2012 explores:

  • minor planets,
  • asteroids,
  • centaurs, and
  • galactic anomolies.

Learn about the key minor planets you can use when looking at a Human Design chart, and how to interpret them for yourself and others.  Discover the co-creative energy inherent in dwarf planets, and the generational influences they have created.  Do you have Eris in the Ajna Centre or the Heart Centre?  It makes a difference to who you are in the world!

Do you know where to find the Galactic Centre and the Super Galactic Centre in your Human Design chart? Would you like to understand what effect they have?
We’ll also look at how to make use of the incredible information we can get from

When -Beginning on 8th March 2012,  see here for the date and time at your place.

Where – Online by webinar

What – 6 weekly classes of 90 minutes

Cost – $680AUD *


You receive a video recording of the entire course to keep, plus an ebook – Beyond Pluto:  A new view of the Human Design System  –  explaining how to work with dwarf planets and other planetary and galactic bodies in Human Design.


Further modules in this series will be announced during the year.


* You are welcome to pay by instalments in order to secure your place in the class.  The full cost of the course must be paid prior to the commencement of the first class unless we make other arrangements.   If you’d like to pay by instalments, please contact me and we can work out something to suit you.