The Subtle Layers of Your Design



We are all accustomed to the look of our Human Design chart – we know our type, our profile and our strategy.  (If you don’t have your free Human Design chart, you can get it here).

But what if this was only part of the story?  What if there was more, much more, to your Human Design than that single layer?

The standard Human Design chart, the one we all know and love, represents only a small part of our functioning.  Most of who we are comes from other layers, other dimensions.  The standard chart is our solar layer – our personality in waking consciousness.  It’s our most recognisable self.  Within our multidimensional matrix of being, your standard Human Design chart is where you integrate your other multidimensional layers.  And where you lean how to bring them into your waking consciousness and live them.



Working  just from your standard chart is a bit like wearing a mask and not knowing what’s behind it.

The Subtle Layers represent your connection with the archetypal consciousness of humanity which shapes your spirituality and how you share it with the world.

The show how you connect to the archetypal world of the collective unconscious each day, what you give and receive and how you integrate it into your day to day life.

They show how your emotions and physical body respond to life, highlighting crucial gates that point to major health and emotional issues.  They also show how you adapt to certain circumstances, whether you switch Centers on and off or change Awareness fields.

Much of the ‘not self’ can be explained by learning more about the subtle layers.

Your Type, Strategy, Authority and Profile can shift and change through your various layers.  You may be a Projector in your standard Human Design chart and an Ego Manifestor in your spiritual layer. Which would explain why it’s sooo difficult for you to wait for an invitation!  Or perhaps you’re a strongly defined Generator who gets overwhelmed easily?  Again, the subtle layers will show you why that’s happening and exactly what you can do about it.

Your Spiritual Layer chart will give you a more profound sense of what you are here to live in this life, and your Spiritual Expression chart shows how you are designed to share your spiritual self with others.

The subtle layers of the multidimensional Human Design System help us to recognise how we interact with these more subtle worlds and layers of self so that we can become more consciousness of them.  We can actually recognise them in our lives, claim them and live them.


The Post Natal Activation

The standard Human Design chart has two sets of activations – the Design and Personality layers.

In the multidimensional Human Design System we have another set of activations called the PostNatal or Interactive layer.  It mirrors the Design layer, in that it is taken from the planetary positions 88 days after birth.

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Fulfilling your birth potential is the fundamental reason for you to be here on this planet.  The PostNatal or Interactive activations show how you do that.  They show how we adapt to interacting with the world.  Do we switch off our Heart Centre and become less willful?  Do we switch on our Spleen and tune into our intuition more strongly?  Do we shift from being a Generator to a Reflector?  A Manifestor to a Projector?

This Interactive layer tells us more about our conditioning and our ‘not self’ than any other tool in Human Design.


Earth Plane Layers




In the Kabbalah, one of the underpinnings for the Human Design System, each Centre has four layers of consciousness.  This layering is reflected in the multidimensional Human Design system through four Worlds, or Planes.

The Earth Plane charts are one of four layers in the full multidimensional system. It’s our most conscious Plane or World, showing how our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual selves integrate into our day to day life.

This set of charts is the main integrative matrix for the charts in the other Worlds – the Archetypal, Collective Unconscious and Biological Form layers beyond.

Working with the multidimensional Human Design charts is both more complex and more simple than accessing the one single chart.  Obviously, there are more charts and this makes it more complex.

But at the same time, the flow of information makes more sense because there is a deeper recognition of self.  These charts create a more holistic picture of who you are, and unlock a much deeper understanding of purpose.

You can book a personal consultation to explore your Subtle Layer Human Design here.