Emergent Human Design Mentoring


 Are you done with learning about yourself, and want to get on with BEING yourself?

The most divine and powerful version of yourself that you can be?  

Are you ready to experience what happens when your external world truly reflects your internal reality?  


dragonflyorangeThis is the program for those of you who want to explore Human Design more deeply.  My approach to Human Design goes way beyond the standard chart.

Emergent Human Design Mentoring is for those who want a deeper understanding of how to use HD with clients, and for those who want to go deeper into their own self knowledge.  Not just knowledge for it’s own sake, but a profoundly practical look at your multidimensional being and how to express it powerfully.

This is Human Design for the real world. 




Emergent Human Design


The Human Design System is a synthesis of four ancient wisdoms – the Planets, the Kaballistic Tree of Life, the I Ching and the Chakras.  The astonishing thing is that we can look for any system within the design and find it there – tarot, the human genome, quantum physics, the electromagnetic energy of your heart.  Your design is your personal blueprint for emergence into an expanded multidimensional reality beyond what you can imagine.

It’s happening in your life right now!

There is no room left to grow within our existing level of consciousness.  And so, we need to leap.  As we do, we liberate energy that opens us up to entirely new ways of living, doing, being.  I am here to support you as you leap.  This is a personal program for your newly emerging self.  It brings your internal self into alignment with your external reality in ways you’ve never even considered possible.


Molly1I worked with Kim for six sessions and it has been a great experience. She is patient, compassionate, understanding and supportive of the inner and external processes. She gives great suggestions and tools that helped me see a different perspective and brought to light aspects and beliefs of myself that I wasn’t aware of and how to work with them.  Her  positivity and enthusiasm is infectious and makes the process of going forward fun and exciting.

Each session built on the last. Listening to the recorded sessions even after the sessions were finished, gave me other wonderful intuitive and insightfulness that I didn’t catch while we had our sessions. I am in a place of crossroads and I found Kim very helpful in the tools given to help me create the internal changes that are now manifesting into external changes. I would highly recommend working with Kim :)



What You Get:


  1. Six one hour personal sessions – online, so you can join me from anywhere in the world.  During the sessions we will be looking at:
    • your standard chart
    • minor planets and asteroids
    • spiritual layer chart
    • interactive chart
    • spiritual purpose chart
    • progressed chart
  2. Six additional short check in phone calls.
  3. A list of your most significant asteroids and minor planets plus keywords.
  4. Your Subtle Layer charts.
  5. The World of Earth and Asteroids Ebooks.
  6. Access to The Emergent Human Design Vault – all the videos I’ve recorded so far on Emergent Human Design
  7. Your Progressed Human Design chart, and a new understanding of your current life cycles and how to align with them.



Each session is recorded.  This is information that will change your life NOW and continue to resonate over many years.  You will receive both a video and audio recording, so you can go back and watch and listen as many times as you like.  THERE IS A LOT OF INFORMATION in these sessions, and you will be able to go over the material many times to get full benefit from it.

This Emergent Human Design Mentoring program is the culmination of over a decade of my research and experience in looking beyond the standard Human Design chart.

This package is suitable for those who have done some experimenting with their design, and those experienced with Human Design. It’s not suitable for beginners, as there is insufficient time to really ground you in your standard chart. However, so long as you have some understanding of your design, I pitch the material at your level, so you understand, can experiment with and get full value from all our work together.


I find Kim’s Emergent Human Design Coaching a unique tool to see -and understand- yourself from different perspectives. Kim brings an amazing insight -and magic!- to your Human Design chart by connecting the dots among its parts in an unorthodox way, as well as by providing new dimensions of analysis and study (subtle layers, small planets and asteroids, progressive charts…). Her coaching style asks you to play with what you may already know, but from different angles, and encourages you to explore the possibilities that open up. She stretches your thinking, open your emotions and helps you to unleash the power and potential in your design, while supporting you all along the way.
I got a deeper self-knowledge, coupled with clarity and focus, as well as a sense of direction. I learnt what make me ‘tick’ energetically (both in positive and negative ways), where I come from in life and -most importantly- where I am going towards. It gave me access to ‘dimensions of being’ I wasn’t aware of and an understanding of how to engage with them. Last, but not least, I have fun exploring myself in a truly unique and unusual way.
If you want to go deep into yourself and venture into a new direction and focus for your life, I would recommend to work with Kim and her Emergent HD approach.         Nieves, Toronto, Canada


Are You Ready?

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