Over the next 10 days, the Earth is moving through the two Piscean gates in the Solar Plexus Centre that meet the Throat Centre , and this brings us a monumental opportunity to shift out of old emotional patterns.

Today, Mercury will join the Sun in the Ajna Centre gate of Oppression and Exhaustion (47).

Gate 47 asks us to pull back from the world and confront our own shadow self.  When we’ve exhausted the possibilities for what we can gain by projecting our shadow self onto the external events and people in our lives, we are ready to face them within our own mind and heart.

This is a place within our genetic makeup that we have never ventured before in the history of humanity.  A place where we are able to stand consciously and own our own archetypal energies.

The places within your own field that have been designated over centuries as taboo, as shameful, as properly the place where only priests, magicians and powerful leaders may operate – all of these treasures are coming to light within you over the next two weeks.  This is truly a veil being lifted from the consciousness of humanity.

Ceres is acting like a guardian angel through this process.  In the Gate of Standstill (12) at the Throat Centre, creating a channel with the Earth (22), Ceres is helping us find where we been giving up something of ourselves to the social matrix – that something is true nourishment, an ability to listen to our own emotions as if they really mattered, as if they have something to tell us.

How improper is it to express our true emotional responses when we’re in public?  Watch the sharing this week, as we dig deeper to find our authentic connections with each other.

The archetypal energy of the daughter, Persephone, is currently conjunct the Sun in the Gate of Oppression (47.5).  Hilary Barrett says of this gate and line:


Officials in crimson come to announce a punishment.  You can no longer move independently.  You lose your own sense of self and your value. 

At least, you do if you accept the judgement.  But what is the extent of their true power over you?  Who is the ruler who invested these officials with such power?  

It will take you time and thought to get free from this.  Moving on slowly and gently will ensure you do not escalate the problem or get more heavily involved in things that will not change.  If you cannot act directly on the source of oppression, you can still act on your inner state and smooth over friction by making modest offerings. There are circumstances here you cannot change, but if you are choosing your own response, how can you be trapped?


Persephone is one of the few archetypal energies with access to the underworld.  Mercury is another.  Although Persephone began as the unquestioning innocent daughter, her adventures with Pluto saw her ‘go over to the other side’ in more ways than one.  She left her mother’s side (feminine) and took a walk on the wild side by experiencing the masculine.

Jupiter and Pluto chose her because they saw she had what it would take to become Queen of the Underworld and this was indeed the title she took after her initiation.  All of Demeter/Ceres’ wailing and protests could not prevent her daughter leaving her side to grow into a mature and powerful woman with a potent working relationship with the masculine.

This relationship is accentuated just now by Juno’s current conjunct with the North Node in the Gate of Power (14).

On 15th September, the Earth moves into the Gate of Injured Brilliance (36), the second Piscean Solar Plexus gate that connects with the Throat.

Gate 36 represents a place where we have hidden our emotional responses very deeply, waiting for a time when the world is ready to receive them.   Unfortunately we’ve waited so long that these parts of ourselves have gone a bit mad, hidden away there all alone.  Another guardian angel will be there to support the gentle unfolding of next week’s global emotional healing.  Jupiter in the Gate of Progress (35) will ensure that we experience our unexpressed emotions as hidden treasure being revealed, rather than worthless junk emotion that we should keep stashed away.

Emotional energy is data.  It’s exceptionally important input into who you are, have been and are becoming.  We tend to suppress or release it.  We are beginning to listen and learn from it.

One thing that will become extraordinarily clear over the next 10 days – we are not the ones who are crazy!  I’ve been talking with my partner about the effect CSG mining is having on the land and how insane it is to pump chemicals into our underground aquifers.   These types of activities, done in the name of economic growth and progress, will be generally seen as more obviously wrong by the end of September.

I have been spending much time recently asking one question over and over (of myself and others) …   okay, so it’s not working for you …  let’s stop complaining endlessly and look at this from a different perspective .. what do you really want to achieve here?  

This is  a time to step out of an unconscious alignment with someone else’s rules, a time to begin to own our own power of choice, direction and manifestation.   This is the grounding of fractal reality.

Love and Money

Donald Trump Human Design chart

Since 10th August, when Ceres first moved into the Gate of Gathering (45), our relationship to money has been getting a makeover.

In Jovian Human Design, this gate has been related to the ideas of Dominance, Money and Ownership.   Donald Trump has Uranus conjunct North Node in this gate.   No surprises there!

Humanity still operates largely on a feudal type system.  Most of us own very little and spend our lives working to pay the people who do own the ‘stuff’ – paying mortgages, utility and phone bills,  paying off car loans, student loans, paying taxes for infastructure used to create corporate wealth.

In effect we are working to keep afloat a system that is unsustainable and the harder we work the more “money” goes down the drain, poured into keeping alive corporations that are effectively destroying our home.

Saturn in the Gate of New Beginnings (50) is bringing this issue right before our eyes.  What truly sustains us?  Is it genetically modified soybeans purchased in a supermarket?  Or the carrots we got from our neighbour at the local farmers market?  How can we live sustainably without losing our lifestyles?  These are the burning questions of our times.

Over the past month, Ceres in the Gate of Gathering has initiated an inner shift to our unconscious feudal mentality.  With the North Node in the Gate of Power (14), Ceres has been transforming the aspects of our DNA that are seeped in the concept of slavery.

We are shifting our sacred geometry from imposed linear hierarchies (I’m better than you/ I own this so I have more freedom, more control) and moving towards fractal geometries where each one of us is free and in control of our own lives.  In this way we connect authentically and create in alignment with universal energies.  As humans we are indivisible from nature.  After all, without the Earth would you be a human being?

In the I Ching, Gate 45 is about gathering together around a central shared cause.  When we add in the other elements of Human Design, we get the gathering point of community, where all resources are jointly shared and available.  There is no ownership, no dominance and no slavery here.  The concept of money shifts dramatically.

When we come together with the purpose of serving our own inner authenticity, we create for the good of all.  We are gathering that power back to ourselves now, pulling back our vitality from it’s servitude to a force that sucked the very life out of us, leaving us little time or energy for what sustains us, what brings us joy.


In the beginning was the void

Two Trans Neptunian Objects are playing a big role in shifting us from the old outworn mechanistic ways of being and into the new chaos/fractal reality.   Chaos is in Gate 35 – the Gate of Progress – with Jupiter.  Transiting in this gate since mid 2009, Chaos has been showing us the creative power of our emotions when they are allowed into the mix.   Chaos tends to trigger a fear of destruction, as if the world as we know it is falling apart.  And it is, that’s true.  In the Gate of Progress, Chaos also shows us that the bridge to our new reality is hidden in our emotional field.   Mythologically, Chaos was the voidless state that existed before creation.  This seems to me to be a perfect description of waiting for emotional clarity.

Logos is in Gate 6 – the Gate of Conflict, a powerful gate of emotional integration.  We go to war with our own projections and fight for our survival.  But, in the beginning was the word and the way we think about and describe our world is a powerful aspect of our creativity.  The concept of Logos itself could be considered a drive towards rationality (as the Greeks used it), or a connection with the sacred nature of things.  When the Sun and Mercury land in Gate 6 on 15th September, we’ll all get to see how our habitual “rational” thinking about the world is at odds with it’s sacred reality.  Expect powerful new insights at all levels from personal to collective.


Getting Virginal

Just now Vesta is in Gate 45 – the Gate of Gathering.  When Vesta turns up we are called to reclaim our own sacred and sovereign nature, to rekindle the flame at our heart centre.  She’s in the domination/money gate, working with the North Node in the Gate of Power (14), helping us find the will to let go of our shame and sense of undeserving and claim our rightful place in the world.    The Vestal Virgins threw themselves over a cliff to avoid becoming the property of the church and state.   We are being called to stop sacrificing our wealth, to claim it as our own and to gather with others who share our sacred purpose.

As we reclaim this wealth, expect massive shifts to the financial system.  The key to walking this path just now is to put your attention on the relationships that feel creative and joyful to you.  And to listen to what your emotions are telling you – about what’s authentically nourishing for you.  This is how we will move through the unravelling of the old systems and supports.  We will be able to build new ways and better ways to live, at the same time as the old exhausted ways of being fall away.






Kim Gould is founder of LoveYourDesign.com and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the LoveYourDesign.com blog.