Today  the Sun moves to the Root Centre and sparks a cascade of events that will change our world between now and March.

As the Sun shifts down to the nether regions of the Root Centre, it will join Jupiter in a channel that has the capacity to shift everything.

Sun and Jupiter

Human Design Transit Chart for 17th January 2012For 5 days from 17th January at 2.43am UT the Sun and Jupiter will shine their expansive light upon your potential to become, to manifest, to come into form.  This is a profound chance to seize opportunity and pounce upon potential for the future.

This is a complex channel, connecting our earth based selves to the greater patterns of human life and beyond. In the Tree of Life, the Root Centre corresponds to Malkuth, which represents the world of form and physical creation.

The Sacral Centre corresponds to Yesod, which represents our ability to perceive the invisible world and communicate it to Malkuth.  The importance of Yesod is shown in regard to the merkabah, the light body, which requires that we be able to pass knowledge through the sphere of Yesod to create our own personal wisdom.

In that sense it could be said that Yesod, or the Sacral Chakra/Centre is the centre for self knowledge, or gnosis.   Malkuth, or the Root Centre/Chakra, is the centre for bringing our personal wisdom or gnosis into physical form.

As I said, the two planets  supporting this process over the next 5 days are the Sun and Jupiter.  Both bright, expansive energies, there’s the chance here to ground something amazing or burn out.   That’s a lot of energy sitting low in our bodies, in a place where we are traditionally (or perhaps it’s more correct to say, culturally) quite blocked.

The Sacral Gate (3 – Beginnings) is about the chaotic profusion of potential at the beginning of something new, before things have come into form.   This gate holds an unstoppable power of life and Jupiter has been here since November 2011, bringing wonderful new possibilities.  The next 2 weeks is their culmination.

The Root Gate (60 –  is about how we deal with that energy, bit by bit, sorting through, working out what we need, what action we need to take.  We need to be watching to figure out where we are moving freely and where we are being blocked. In this way we can read our correct direction.

LiSe Heyboer says this:

A very rigid hexagram, but giving value to the most free means of expression. Living moment after moment makes that possible. Restrictions need expiring dates, so every new cycle will have its own new energy.

When the Sun and Jupiter get together we can feel that we are invincible, and yet whats called for here is that we keep our eye on the substance, and make good use of the expansive good fortune that’s coming our way this week.  Expect exciting new ideas to surface, both personally and collectively.

Sun and Neptune

Human Design transit chart for 23rd January 2012On 22nd January, (15.19pm  UT)  the Sun moves into Gate 41.  It’s the Rave New Year, because Gate 41 is the only START codon in the human design bodygraph.  It says Go!  It translates the code into physical reality – a bit of a recurring theme over the next few weeks!

We get a New Moon in Gate 41 line 1, (on 23rd January at 18.40pm UT) and a channel made up of the Sun and Neptune.   This channel supports us to clear away what’s unnecessary and to bring our attention to what’s luminous in our lives, what shines brightly in each one of our moments.  This combination will have us seeking a higher vision for what’s possible in our lives, embodying and grounding our blissful selves.  Beware of a tendency to want to fritter this energy away.

Potentially sensitive, caring and sharing, we might do well to take our time and not rush into anything.  We’ll need space between the moments to raise our awareness and avoid fuzzy confusion.

Emotional awareness is evolving and this channel is a key part of that process.   It’s also a crucial part of our own personal journey in understanding the intensely personal data contained within our Solar Plexus centres, and how we can manifest it into the physical via the Root Centre.

 More mutation

Human Design Transit chart for 26th January 2012On 25th January at 12.32pm UT, Mercury moves into the Gate of Limitation (60) in the Root Centre, the one that the Sun has just vacated.

I find this gate is one people often have difficulty with.  It’s like a guide, showing us how to bring our visions through to reality in their perfection.  It requires humility to allow ourselves to receive this guidance, which can often feel as if we are being blocked, limited or prevented from moving forward.

Mercury is likely to bring to our attention all the places where we are too harsh, where we have taken on ideas about what’s not possible.   Expect false limitations to fall away and a new appreciation for what’s required to succeed to rise in their place.

Mars will be retrograde at this time, giving us the impetus to find a new sense of order in our need to be of service.

 Jupiter shifts

Human Design transit chart for 27th January 2012And then, on 26th January at 15:30pm UT, Jupiter shifts into a channel with Saturn.  The two planets will remain together here till 12th March.  When Jupiter meets Saturn we get a sort of push-me-pull-you energy.   To stay with what we know or to take a risk and expand?  The key is to move slowly and steadily in the direction of your vision.

This channel, connecting the Sacral Centre with the Spleen Centre, is about how we care for ourselves and each other.  Saturn has been in Gate 50 – The Ting –  a sacrificial cooking pot, not one for everyday use.

What do you prepare in offering to the sacred in your life?  What sort of relationship do you have to the unseen influences in your life?  The ancestors, the spirits, angels, however you perceive them.  Do you care for them, and they for you?  Are you nourished by your connections with them?

Jupiter is in Gate 27 – Nourishment – a very important gate that speaks to us of the difference between real nourishment and something that keeps our mouths moving and fills our bellies.  What I’ve heard called food v’s edible foodlike substances.  This gate goes way beyond food, and includes all kinds of nourishment.  What are you able to draw from your life that sustains and nurtures you?

I expect this Jupiter/Saturn combination will create a swell of movement at the grassroots level that will further shake  the foundations of the global financial system.  It’s likely to be another step in our creation of a new relationship to money and the ways in which we trade with (nourish) each other at all levels.  It is also likely to have a profound effect on the way in which we organise our own personal lives.  We deserve that which nourishes us.

Movement of Outer Planets in February and March

Did you know, Neptune moves to Gate 55 on 7th February at 16pm UT, Uranus moves to Gate 17 on 13th March at 13:40pm UT, Pluto moves to Gate 38 on 26th March at 2:04am UT, and Chiron to Gate 37 on 4th March at 7:50am UT.   These outer planets create the backdrop for our lives. That’s a whole new ballgame by the end of March!

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Kim Gould is founder of and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the blog.