Even if you haven’t been following the fine detail of our journey towards 2012, you’ll know that we are approaching something significant and that the Mayan Calendar holds important clues.  Carl Johan Calleman has a different take to many, seeing the ‘end time’ of the calendar falling on 28th October 2011, rather than the more commonly accepted date of 21st December 2012.

According to Calleman, since the Big Bang, we have been working our way through nine levels of evolution of consciousness. We are now well and truly into the last level – the Ninth Wave, which Calleman believes will complete on 28th October 2011. Within each wave of consciousness there are thirteen heavens, broken up into 6 nights and 7 days.




On 31st July we will enter the fifth day, which continues till 18th August when we enter the fifth night.  As you can see, the fifth day is ruled by the Lord of Light and the fifth night by the Lord of Darkness, leading to the sixth day and night of birth, new dawn and the dual creator god.  Calleman sees these next few weeks as a time of economic collapse that will open us up to more pure relating, removing the financial domination that is the basis for much of our culture, and open the way for us to achieve oneness.

And really who could argue with him, given the tumultuous events in Africa (Somalia specifically), the US and Europe.  Who would have imagined that the US would be at the mercy of the credit rating agencies Moody’s and Standard & Poors?  And who would have expected the apparently affluent European Union to spend so long perched on the brink of bankruptcy?  And yet, here we are.  The irony is that the credit rating agencies were instrumental in creating the Global Financial Crisis and now it seems that they will be henchman as well.

So, what do the Human Design transits say about this momentous time?  How can we best navigate these waters, both on a personal level and at the global and cosmic level?

Revealing hidden corruption is a big theme, and as the real ‘players’ come to light, it’s important to look for their reflection in us.  Any attempt to separate ourselves out from the darkness will only prevent our way forward.  If you are drawn to anything corrupt, even if it is just watching the News Limited drama or the US Debt Crisis on television, feel where you might be playing out similar types of corruption on a lesser scale –  where are there subtle layers of greed, manipulation, untruth still embedded in your ego self?  Without clearing out the last of this toxicity, we are likely to go around the same circle of deception again, rather than moving freely to a more embodied bliss.

What we are moving towards

On 31st July the nodes shift.  Since March they have been in Gates 11 and 12, activating not just the Galactic Centre (in Gate 11 in the Ajna Centre).  They’ve also been holding a potent square with dwarf planet Makemake (6) and various planets moving through the Gate of Bringing the Hidden Darkness to the Light (36).

One of the most significant aspects of Makemake is the rewriting of history by the victors and the obliteration of what was and continues to be experienced by the losers of the battle.  We can see this playing out in the US situation, where attempts continue to increase taxes on the lower income levels by maintaining the fiction of the trickle down effect – if we keep giving loads of cash to the rich they will create wealth for all.

On a personal level Makemake tries to hold a wilder, less civilized aspect of self in poverty and slavery in order to pursue the agenda of your more civilized self.  That wilder self holds keys to abundance that we can barely remember, and yet our more civilized selves are still holding tightly to the belief that a new car and a big ass television will solve our problems. Or that tax havens for large corporations will provide more economic security (if not health care, etc).

If you don’t feel that this applies to you, look again.  Because the centaur Thereus has been very active over the past few months, triggering our desire to attain status from our relationships and our work.  And so has Niobe, another asteroid tending to the prideful.  It may not be a new car and a big television, but if you look you will certainly find the place where you sacrifice your joyfulness in oder to secure your status and security

The nodes have now left Makemake behind and entered the realm of another dwarf planet Quaoar, with the North Node in Gate 26 and the South Node in Gate 45.  The North Node indicates what we are moving towards, and there’s two really important things going on here.

Firstly, Quaoar is all about bringing our perfect creations down to the physical level.  Quaoar is a place where we discover practical ways to connect with the immense power of our bodies to heal and regenerate, find new ways to access free energy, discover undreamed of environmental and economic solutions, and to discover within us the universal source code of creation and the new/old skills of bringing those codes through by being fully present in each moment.

The Tvongan people of Los Angeles, for whom Quaoar was the Creator God, danced and sang in their creation rituals.  But they didn’t just re-enact age old rituals.  Each time they did the ritual it was different, they danced and sang the energy of the moment.  They were both the circle surrounding and containing the creation process, and the flow of energy through the process.  This is the creative energy becoming becoming available to us from 31st July 2011.

Because Mercury is continuing to activate Makemake until 8th August, I expect these days will be largely about our ability to drop down deeply through our ego defences, face our inner and outer relationship conflicts, clean up our inner corruption, let go of our prideful protective ways.  This is likely to bring amazing new solutions to age old problems, whether they be personal or globally significant.  Remember, Makemake is allowing us to clearly see the stories told by the victors to control reality, and Quaoar is helping us connect with the deep source codes of true reality.  This is not about struggling for truth, but allowing the truth to be present within us.

What we are leaving behind

The South Node is in Gate 45, which is the gate that represents the old feudal economy.  You may think feudalism has been consigned to medieval history, but really, have a look around and see if we’ve moved very far beyond it.  Feudalism was based on an economic and social hierarchy.  The upper echelons had control of the land/money and the lower echelons worked for them and went to war when required.  The upper echelons were considered to be much more important, the lower echelons were expendable at the individual level.  Money was raised through taxes to pay for the wars of the feudal lords, often at the expense of the wellbeing of the ‘peasants’.

In fact Gate 45 is not about a feudal arrangement, as the ways in which we come together to get our material needs met as a community – local or global.  It’s just that, right now, we are still stuck in the old feudal ways.  The South Node in Gate 45 indicates that we are leaving our traditional arrangements, both social and economic, to find new ways to get what we need and want.

The North Node in Gate 26 – Great Accumulation – says the way is open for heaven’s power to travel through the earth.  All the energy of the Great Accumulation is released, and the currents of change flow faster, deeper and more powerfully.  It’s beyond our capacity to understand where this is going, much less control it.  All we can know is that it is strong and true and we can have confidence in it.  There is no security to be had in trying to stop this, only those who move with it will flourish.

The ‘security’ that we need to find within us comes directly from letting go of our belief that some feudal lord, President, Prime Minister, government department, employer, landlord or any other parental type figure has any responsibility to create something on our behalf.  We are the primary creators, we are the source of abundance in our own lives. There is no intermediary.   This is a team event, we are now shifting our hierarchical basis from linear to fractal and the coding is very different.

Expect to see a multitude of ideas about alternatives to money, articles that expose the corruption of our monetary systems, and more shock horror revelations of patronage and nepotism.

Shifts in Genetic Coding

You will have noticed the major emotional shift happening.  So many people are feeling overwhelmed by their emotional responses to life.  This is partly because of the underlying shifts in our genetic coding.  And that in turn is happening in tandem with shifts to the architecture and energetic structure of our brains.

Pluto, Saturn and Uranus are the major players here.  When Pluto shifted into the Gate of Joy (58) it triggered a rebalancing in the way we live.  Pluto has asked us to look at what many call the work-life balance.  Have a look at that term – work – life. As if our work is outside our life.  As if our lives are something we might catch a few moments for outside our working hours.

There is a get out of gaol free card on offer here, a chance to connect with the unlimited nature of universal creation and abundance and to walk away from the old ideas of having to work/slave to survive.  This is terrifying at the subconscious emotional and cellular levels of our being, because we’ve believed for millenium that our very survival depended on us pleasing the person who appears to have the power of our life and death in their hands.  It’s coded into your DNA and ripe for mutation.

Pluto is in the Root Centre, and this represents the potential for a deeply transformative relationship with your own survival issues, with our addiction as a culture to adrenalin. How many of us are too afraid to stop running, to slow down to our own pace, to await the will of heaven in our lives. Probably most of us, at least to some degree, an at least in some areas of our lives.

Nemesis joins Pluto and Saturn just now.  Martha Lang-Wescott describes Nemesis as the shadow that keeps following you around, tripping you up over and over again, the unseen saboteur of happiness and success. Nemesis is triggering a release of corruption into clear sight.

What was hidden deeply is now becoming conscious, at all levels.  It’s the family curse, the family shame writ large upon our own lives and the communities we have created.  It’s what we have hidden, where we have tried to work in shameful unconcious power plays and it’s coming to the surface to be healed right now.   We only have to take each small step into integrity as it presents itself, and the results will be enormous.  Situations will resolve as if by magic when we confront the old muddy waters of corruption.

With Pluto in the Gate of Joy bringing the potential for transformation of our capacity for happiness, these two work as a powerful team to help us see where we create our own downfall. But it’s not just a personal problem, because Nemesis is in the Gate of Correcting Patterns.  This puts old family dynamics right in our face.  If we do it consciously, this is the last time we’ll face this particular Nemesis.

When we follow others without tuning into our own intuitive senses we tend to get caught in evil streams, degeneration and parasitism.  Nemesis was described by Ovid as the Goddess who abhors boastful words (the theme of pride again) and the bringer of justice to all kings and heroes who become arrogant and lose their way.  Even those who believe they are gods cannot escape the justice of Nemesis.  Nemesis is reworking the patterns of our connections with others, down even beyond the level of our cells, into and beyond our family history and back to the beginning of space-time.  This is the place in the Human Design chart that connects most directly to our reptilian brain, and our reptilian brain is accustomed to choosing survival over expansion and discovery.  That is changing.

But there is another aspect to Nemesis.  She represents the healing of the circle, the spirit, which is both split and imprisoned, holding the potential to be both trapped and fragmented and blaming our humanity.  We can feel trapped by our own humanity, and project that resentment out onto the human-ness of others. Why are they not perfect gods/goddesses?  Why don’t they meet our needs with perfection?  This fragmentation of our ability to see our own manifesting abilities, the ability to close the circle and allow a perfect flow of energy to be held within it’s containing space, this is what Nemesis brings to us. We are being asked to have the courage to open up to the one perfect truth in each moment and the infinite trajectories it holds for our future.

And speaking of our future, Saturn is taking us deeply into our motivation for being here.  Just what do we want out of this human experience we are having?  When we are following the agenda’s of others, we get caught in the net of Nemesis’ justice, trapped and resentful.  As we become more and more clear about our own true motivations and joyfulness, we find we can be both fully present within the circle of each moment and flowing with a larger creative vision.

The Gold Standard and Starvation

Remember Midas?  He swelled with pride at his newly acquired skill of turning everything he touched to gold.  That is, until he realised that this completely cut him off from the people he loved.  He could no longer touch his daughter Zoe (“life”), and as he became richer and richer he faced the very real prospect of starving to death.   It’s just as impossible to eat gold as it is to eat money!

Midas represents the false alchemy of at the level of material substance that believes magic lies in turning lead to gold.  True alchemy is the magic hidden under this protective symbology.  The shift from false to true alchemy is the ledge of consciousness that we are leaping off in the Fifth Day.

The asteroid Midas is in Gate 20 – a gate of contemplation of the moment.  How fully can you immerse yourself?  What can you see there?  And rather than taking what you experience there as the sum total of your creative reality, can you rest into the trust that it is only a small part of what’s available to you?

Midas is important in the Human Design chart in the Fifth day because he brings a connection to Haumea (in 57), Pluto (in 58) and Saturn (in 48).  He is also connecting Quaoar into this collection of luminaries via Gate 44 (Ceto, Niobe, Decaulion and Poseidon).   When Midas and Pluto connect we get a global transformation of wealth.  What seems like a blessing came become a curse.  What seems like a curse can become a blessing.

Dwarf planet Haumea in Gate 57 has something quite profound to say about wealth.  It’s inherent in life, not something we need to create anew.  When her people didn’t honour the whole variety of perceptions available to them, didn’t try to understand all the myriad of influences at work in their lives and pushed forward out of greed, Haumea would cut off their food supply until they realised their mistakes and came to ask for her forgiveness.

Sedna has a similar story in Gate 23, where she is showing us how puny we are in the face of her power and ability to dissolve our attempts to control nature.

Innocence at Play

There is something innocent at play here, and there is a hidden power in that.  The network of grassroots movements that are rising up now are a key to our future.  They can be loosely organised – like the P2P Foundation, or the petitions of groups like avaaz.org, or more organised like Greenpeace and World Wildlife Fund. These grassroots movements are not just about protesting, business is also redefining itself, becoming less a hierarchical structure set up for the sole purpose of making money, and finding a much wider and more sustainable community based bottom line.  Watch to see this ‘people power’ dynamic take off when Uranus moves back to Gate 25 on 22nd August, and really gain momentum when it goes direct in early December.

Right now, Ceres is in the Gate of Innocence.  There is a sense of wanting to take up the mantle of the tarot’s fool and wander innocently through the landscape and yet there is a subtle sense of danger than prevents us venturing out in this way. And resentment too, as we feel that we haven’t received what we deserve from others or life in general.  Over time this failure to get what we want has left scars on the heart of our innocent desiring self.   Together, we are gathering at the gate of a new frontier, waiting for the time to step out into the beyond.  Our numbers are swelling.

But between now and 28th October we have a lot of growing up to do.  We need  to come the half circle from wounded child to wise and soulful innocent.  This is a period of immense healing of the human story.  The family dynamic forms the basis of our consciousness.  Our relationship to God/The Universe is shaped by our experience of the omnipotent mother and father, and our siblings teach us about group relating.  We take this template through our lives and create more from them – communities, governments, economies.  As we slough off the toxicity of layer upon layer of ancient wrongs, we find ourselves flung into a new way of being.

Emotional Healing

During the Fifth Day we have a huge pressure for emotional healing.  The underlying theme is that we are waking up, spitting out the toxic stories that have made us slow and heavy because we’ve reacted too quickly to allow our own knowing to fully form.  Emotional clarity is something that is in very short supply on this planet, and yet we are blessed with the potential to experience a profound emotional connection to all life.   There is curse energy all around, people wanting revenge, confused about how to get what they want and binding up the energy of others in their need.   We are becoming awake to this energy and our consciousness clears it from the collective energy field.

Neptune and Chiron have been clearing the wounds that keep us from experiencing bliss as a natural state of being. Part of this process has been pulling the veils of glamour from our faces, revealing the hidden workings of power and wealth that have been systematically stealing our personal treasure.  Their modus operandi has been this – that we are not creative.  That we have to rely on others to create on our behalf and then enslave ourselves to them in order to live.  Parents and children, bosses and employees, schools and students, governments and welfare recipients, the list goes on and the message is the same – without me you will not survive.

The fifth day is one of withdrawing to spend time with our own emotional vulnerability, to find the places where our needs and wants haven’t been met, to clear old energy of abandonment and neglect from our DNA coding.  Throughout the fifth day and night, we will come face to face with our aloneness, and through this doorway we discover that there is a difference between love and the need for attachment.  As we are able to face our existential selves, alone and unloved, we paradoxically find ourselves in the place where we are nothing but love, and never alone.  This is the power of Uranus in Aries, to discover that we are a networked species, on all levels, and we don’t need to cling to anything out of fear of being alone.

We may have been lulled into believing that what we thought was love and care, the only things we could recognise as love and care, were in fact abusive or neglectful.  Perhaps we are only just becoming fully aware of how terrible these experiences have been, how isolated, powerless and alone they have made us feel at times.  But the fifth day is very much about finding the shards of light amidst the darkness, to reflect those shards of light powerfully out into the world and to see what pattern they create for our future.

Reclaiming the Darkness

It is very important to allow ourselves to see the corruption in our own lives, not to run from it or try to avoid it.  This is a potent darkness that we have been taught to be afraid of. The Lord of Light has perhaps become too big for his boots and Nemesis is hot on his tracks.  We can only see the corrupt roots if we venture into the darkness.  It contains the power of our future and we don’t need to be afraid of what it holds or who we will become if we venture into it’s depths.

I will be writing more on the Fifth Night and the chart for 28th October 2011.

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