There’s a lot of stressed behaviour happening at the moment.  You might have noticed lately that you are responding in extreme ways to the smallest provocation.  It doesn’t make sense.  Well, no.  Not to your conscious mind.  But deep down in the part of your brain that’s attuned to threatening situations, it’s all hands on deck!

Sometimes, especially when we’ve very young, when we find ourselves in a really hard place, our emotional brain makes a choice about the best way to stay safe.  From now on, it says, when this sort of thing happens, we’re going to … (you can fill in the blank here … eat, drink, watch tv, take drugs, work longer hours …..  ).

The emotional brain is absolutely amazing.  It’s prime function is to keep you in relationship.  It’s part of your mammalian wiring, and for the human mammal relationship is a major key to survival.  Because our emotional brain is  sooo good at keeping us safe, when it makes a big decision like this, it doesn’t let the rest of your brain – the conscious part – know what it’s done.

That’s tricky, because now you’re making decisions and you don’t even know you’re doing it!  Reaching for a drink, buying that cream cake, turning on the tv.  Even a tiny hint of that past stress sends your emotional brain into major damage control!

This relationship dynamic between the emotional brain (limbic) and the more conscious part of the brain (pre frontal cortex)  is a recent finding in neuroscience. I’m not sure how it fits in with the Design (unconscious) and Personality (conscious) aspects of the Human Design chart yet.

What I do know is that this week, the patterns laid down by our brain for our survival are being shaken about.

Transit Chart 13 August 2012This week Uranus and Venus trigger a circuit that shakes up our reality.

It’s not actual reality, just the way we’ve learnt to interpret and respond to what happens in our lives.  With the Earth in the Gate of Emotional Revolution and the Sun in the Gate of the Young Fool (ignorance leads the way), we can be sure of upheaval.  It’s not that anything is happening ‘out there’.  This week, it’s all going on inside your body – neural pathways, hormonal pathways, electrical pathways  – they’re all getting a makeover.

Venus is suggesting that we find a quiet inner stillness and allow ourselves to be drawn out into the world from that place.  Belly breathing is a great way to find that place.  Our Sacral Centre, defined or undefined, represents the way we organise the vital energies of the universe into something that makes sense for us personally.  It’s not a conscious thing, but without it we can feel mixed up and confused.  Take time for lots of deep belly breathing this week.  It connects us with our Root Centre as well, the place where we give birth to the vitality of the Sacral.  If the Sacral is disturbed, so is the Root.

Imagine there is nowhere you have to be, nothing you have to do.  Breathe deeply into that place.  Find your inner stillness there.  That’s your place of relaxation and recuperation this week.

But wait!  Can you feel the pulling, the tugging, that says … that’s not true, there is so much I need to do, so many places I need to be!!

That’s the old patterning trying to keep you safe from past trauma.    Pluto and Venus in the Root Centre are bringing a powerful energy to ground you into a safe, calm joyfulness.  Breathe into it as often as you can this week.

Did you know that damage to  the area of the brain that prevents access to emotional responses blocks our ability to make good decisions for oursevles?  We might look fine, appear logical, but we just don’t have a clue what’s right for us.  That’s what’s happening in the circuitry that’s being triggered this week.  In pockets of our lives we’ve gone into lock down on our emotions and are trapped into a lower order of neural functioning.  On the surface we appear to be functioning logically, rationally, normally.  But really, we’re just in complete trauma.


Uranus is up there in the Ajna Centre, nudging and guiding us towards a deeper self knowing.  You might be sleeping more than usual, connecting gently with the dragon within you as it slowly awakens.  Old desires, dreams and goals are likely falling away, as Uranus removes conditioned ideas of success and replaces them with your very own truly unique version of happiness.

Jupiter in the Gate of Progress is bringing to light all the old conditioned ways we try to make progress.  Like calming ourselves by having a cigarette, or enjoying ourselves by having a drink, or relaxing by eating a pizza.  Remember how our emotional (limbic) brain decided way back when we were having that traumatic experience, that this was a good response?  Back then it did represent progress, it blocked our emotions so we didn’t feel the pain, and gave us something to do that helped us feel safe and connected.

When I’m stressed I have a cup of tea with milk and honey.  When I was a baby, being raised in accordance with the Dr Spock methods, I was left for what felt like long periods alone in my cot with a bottle of sweetened milk.  What did my emotional brain decide was a great way to make progress when I was stressed? ….  oh look, something milky and sweet!  Let’s remember that! said my emotional brain!  And it did.

It’s not the cup of tea (or the glass of wine, or the extra hours at work) that are the issue here. It’s that they represent a choice that has its roots long back in your past. They are not choices made consciously by you in the moment. They represent a trip wire that disconnects you from the present and send you spiralling back into a traumatic past.

This week we are experiencing a fracturing of our accepted world view.  Threats reappear and life can feel chaotic.  Breathe deeply as often as you remember to.  Allow the old traumatic patterns to fall away. Make good choices in the present moment for keeping safe, feeling calm and relaxed. Trust in the inner sense of calm joy, it’s capacity to regenerate and rejuvenate.  Trust in your own sense of being led, the innocence of stepping into each moment with no agenda, no goal, no sense of what might happen.  Consider that each experience is simply an opportunity to build relationship – with yourself and with others.  Anything else is inconsequential, a distraction from what’s real.






Kim Gould is founder of and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the blog.