We are in the midst of a massive and sudden shift in our experience of  life on earth.  You might be experiencing a lot of physical symptoms as your DNA makes the shift from death energy to life energy.   Most particularly, women are now being called to share their wisdom with the world.   We know how to create new life, and it’s time for us to shift the dimensional limitations on this planet so that humanity can continue to grow.  This is a time for women to step into a leadership role and to own our own value.  How could you not succeed, you have more support than you could possibly imagine.


Expect sudden insights, release of aspects of self that were previously locked up, and a renewed sense of direction in life.  In particular, so many people will be impulsed to get up and moving very quickly to begin sharing their gifts with the world.  If that is you, read on ….

In alignment with this shift, I am offering two introductory places in my Flourishing Business Intensive Coaching Project at an early bird price.


Are You Ready? 

Are you feeling a desire to share your passion and creativity with the world in a new way?  It’s becoming impossible for us to continue to separate our spirituality from the rest of our lives, especially our work. Business is the new spiritual frontier and it’s time for you to become a ninja!

Do you know the ONE THING that I hear from people over and over again?   How come I can’t create my best hopes and dreams, even though I’m doing everything I’m supposed to be doing?

If you feel called to create a new, fulfilling and purposeful business that calls out everything that is unique and beautiful in you, then I’m so glad you’re here!   You and your business have an innate and very special capacity to FLOURISH! 

Why have you been struggling or lacking clarity till now?  The truth is, we have been sold on the ‘cookie cutter’ mentality  – that if we can only find the right  ‘to do’  list and tick off each item, we will succeed.  And yet, despite years of trying, many of you are still struggling to create the life you’ve been dreaming of.

That’s why I am offering a brand new program –  FLOURISHING BUSINESS INTENSIVE –  so you can quickly and easily understand the steps you need to take to get out of the cookie cutter world and discover your unique process for creating real change in your business and your life.

Creating your own successful business is about taking some clearly defined steps IN A WAY THAT WORKS FOR YOU.  I will share those steps with you, and together we will hone them to your unique needs.  Understanding your gifts, who you want to work with, what you will offer and how you can share it with the world – these things will be simply broken down for you, step by step.


Unleashing Your Innovation, Creating Your Future



My name is Kim Gould.  I’m the founder of Love Your Design and Flourishing Business.

If you are reading this post it’s very likely you have had a personal session with me at some time.  And even if you haven’t, I consider you part of my family.  Today I invite you to join me in the next step of our co-creative journey.

I have been a Human Design professional for 10 years.  In that time I have worked with so many wonderful people from Australia, Brazil, Japan, Taiwan, India, New Zealand and all over Europe and the USA.  I’ve met more amazing people than I can count.  I’ve introduced so many newbies to Human Design, and helped others to explore more deeply.

Some of you will know my story.  Right from when I finished school, I tried so hard for so many years to get things right – to be ‘normal’!  In the end the only thing I got out of that struggle was a debilitating illness.  As I have found my own unique way in the world I have become a person I hadn’t even realised I had the potential to be.  I can help you on that same journey.

The Flourishing Business Intensive program is the culmination of 10 years of experience of combining the Human Design System and business, 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, and my own insatiable curiosity to learn and grow at the cutting edge of consciousness.  If you have worked with me during this time, you know I’m a strategic and futuristic thinker who takes an innovative approach to the synergy between personal development, spiritual growth and evolutionary business.   This keeps me at the cutting edge of applied consciousness.

In this program we will identify the key themes in your life.  You will learn techniques to apply those themes in practical and concrete ways.  You have something really wonderful to share with the world and my passion is to help you discover your unique HOW!

My innovative approach supports you to step into your own uniqueness.  The Flourishing Business Intensive is about unleashing the moment by moment creativity that you know you have within you, and that you are yearning to bring forth.  You will receive all the support you need, plus the genius of Emergent Human Design – including the spiritual layer charts, minor planets and progressions (so you know what’s going on for you RIGHT NOW!).

You Are A Miracle In Action

Each one of us is unique. You are a wonderfully complex multidimensional being of immense power and creativity. Even when you are sitting eating your breakfast, you are simply awesome! A miracle! The truth is there has never been another you in the history of life on earth. And there never will be again. Your desire to create a life filled with your best hopes and dreams is life calling you out. It’s what you are here to live.  That’s why I have created this program to support you to do just that.  And the truth is ..  it’s time.  Everything is shifting and you have a very specific and much needed role to play, that’s why you are looking for ways to make that shift.  It’s why you are reading this post.

Are you feeling:

  • creatively frustrated
  • limited by your fixed salary or low business income
  • doing too many things each day that you just aren’t passionate about
  • still thinking in the old way that you need to trade your time for money
  • feeling like it’s just to complicated and overwhelming
  • unsure about what steps to take to bring your business dreams to reality?


We’ve come to the threshold of what has been familiar and comfortable. And now it’s time to walk out the door and create something new.  It’s challenging, even a bit scary, to be standing at the first step of a new life.  But it doesn’t have to be a struggle.

Your checklist might look like this.


The questionnaire

  • work out what I really want, not just what I think I might want
  • overcome fears of the unknown
  • do I have anything worthwhile to offer?
  • figure out where to even start
  • develop a whole lot of new skills
  • do I even deserve this great new life I want to create for myself?



Success is a flow, you just need to know how to turn on your particular tap.


It’s Time For You To Step Fully Into Your Creative Energy

Have you ever thought to yourself,  if I deserved success, it would have turned up by now.   I want you to step past the idea that if you can just get even more amazing than you already are, then maybe, just maybe, success might come your way.  It’s not about ‘fixing’ ourselves anymore.  Rather than keeping you working harder and harder to deserve success, this program gives you step by step instructions on how to create success.  See the difference?

It’s about what YOU want to create.  It’s about the new patterns of reality you are beginning to lay down in your life. And in this new program I will share your own very personal step by step plan for working WITH the universal forces of creation rather than resisting them. 

You are not a cog in a machine. You have your own way of flourishing.
It’s unique to you.
When you understand this process, everything changes.


Here’s another thing I hear a lot from people who yearn to successfully share their gifts with the world.  They tell me:  No one is interested.  Not true!  The problem is not that people aren’t interested. The problem is that some people aren’t interested.  There’s a huge difference.  The solution is to connect with the people who are out there now wishing like crazy that they could access what you have to offer.   This program will show you how to find them, and to turn them into well paying clients.

You might not feel confident right now that you can create something different for yourself.   The alternative is that you can choose to sit back and let things drift on as they always have.  But surely there was enough pain the first time around,  being invisible, feeling unappreciated, unloved and unsuccessful.  I’m pretty sure you don’t want to go around the block with those old buddies again!



Working with Kim has opened up a much deeper understanding of my natural strengths, my specific energy design and a greater awareness of my gifts. 

Importantly, she has helped me see and understand the power of listening to and learning from my emotions, which is so essential to working within my natural flow, enabling me to redefine my business from business strategy consultant to helping women (of a certain age) define and launch their last big professional gigs.  

I highly recommend that you work with Kim if you want to move forward in your life and your business with greater success and ease.

Mary Jaensch, Founder ~ www.lastbiggig.com



Flourishing Business Intensive is not Human Design Coaching.  It is a high precision program in which I apply the Human Design System, along with other cutting edge coaching tools, to provide you with the skills you need to create a flourishing business.

In this program I use the Emergent Human Design techniques that I have developed over the past decade.  We won’t be limited to the standard Human Design chart, and will have access to your spiritual and interactive layer charts, plus the minor planets and progressions.   While we will be considering important aspects of Human Design that you are probably familiar with, things like your profile and awareness.   The additional information turbo charges how we can apply the Human Design System to support your understanding.


Your Life – Your Reality

The challenge now is to use your energy to create your own unique reality.  Take a few moments to think about all the things you’ve been dreaming of creating over the past 10 years.

  • a new home
  • taking your kids on a holiday
  • time off to play
  • a weekly massage!!

Take a moment  .. I’ll wait here for you …  to write down 3 things you’d like to have in your life that you don’t have right now.  Just 3 small things you would like to invite into your life.  And then imagine, if just those 3 things could make you so happy,  what your life could be like if we added 10 things to the list?  Or 100?

This is the kind of expansion that’s possible once you begin to work with the universal flow of creative energy IN THE WAY YOU ARE DESIGNED TO.

I’ve created this program  specifically to support you to bring your best hopes and dreams to reality.  The program acknowledges what’s right about you, and how you can build on that understanding.  We build on a framework of cutting edge systems-based coaching methods and the genius of the Human Design System, so you get actual real world results.  And remember, this is NOT a cookie cutter type of program that sets out the same steps for everyone.  This program gives you unique and personal strategies for success that are meaningful to you.  Which means, you learn HOW to change YOUR life

This program is not for people who want to stay stuck where they are.  But, if you are ready to commit to your own personal growth and prepared to polish off the old dust and show your shiny wonderful self to the world, then this program has answers to questions you’ve probably been asking for a very long time.


nadhiraFrom just one session with Kim, I received so much confidence in my innate abilities and what I am truly designed to create in the way of my offerings. It was one of the tools that allowed me to create $50k in my business quite effortlessly when I was creating a new programme.

The session allowed me to execute with so much knowingness and calm because I knew how to show up in the world as a result of our work together. I knew where my design collided with the needs of my ideal clients.

Kim has such a depth of expertise that she brings to a session – making connections between what you are designed to do in this lifetime and has this delicious blend of practical know how as well as a deep understanding of how all this work lines up in the cosmos.

If you’ve been stuck in any way in your business and are wondering, how do I bring my gifts out into this world in a way that people Get it, you’ve got to work with Kim!

Nadhira Razack, Founder of Conscious Woman in Business


Imagine Being A Flourishing Conscious Entrepreneur

You have great skills and expertise, although you probably don’t realise how valuable they are and how much people are willing to pay for them.  You might have a successful career behind you, or years of trying to make your own business flourish. You might be just starting out with a great idea, or you could just feel that there is something undefinable that you need to do.

Here’s what’s probably standing between you and success:

  • a crystal clear sense of what your business is about
  • an understanding of the incredible value you can bring  to improving the lives of others
  • a step by step understanding of your unique strategies for creating personal success
  • a framework for sharing your gifts with the world so that both you, and your clients, flourish


woman-reading-newspaper-300x189There’s loads of information on the internet about how to succeed.  You could easily spend a lifetime reading, watching videos and doing courses.  There’s one problem with that approach.  Sure you’ll pick up useful information, a few things that excite you, and a couple of ideas that work.

Are you still holding down your job, or hoping your business will begin to make enough money so that you can break free?  Or perhaps you took the plunge and set out on your own, but things haven’t gone quite how you planned?  That’s why you need a program that provides you with the unique synergy of cutting edge tools in personal growth, spirituality and evolutionary business strategy.

In the end, all of that generic information is about teaching you what’s worked for someone else.  Using someone else’s methods for success is like trying to fit into someone else’s clothes.  To really flourish, to truly bring your best hopes and dreams to life, you need to know the unique processes that work for you!


How will you know your dreams are coming true?

  • You are attracting a constant flow of high paying clients who love your work
  • You have an income that allows you to create the life you’ve been dreaming of
  • You wake up each day excited to be doing the things you are passionate about
  • You feel balanced and have a renewed sense of ongoing wellbeing
  • You are collaborating with other like minded people
  • You offer products and services you feel proud of
  • Your clients are getting results, and letting others know about it!


If these goals sound really worthwhile, I’m betting that you are a conscious entrepreneur.  You have a sense of purpose that seems to arise from inside you, rather than from seeing an outside opportunity. You want to blend that purpose with profit.  And you are genuinely invested in the success and wellbeing of every person you do business with.



I needed someone to help me focus on a new direction and I was interested in Kim’s unique take and skills, including the Human Design element which added another dimension.  She has given me a clarity of focus, a way of distilling a lifetime’s work, and courage in taking a leap forward in the dark. 

I’ve most enjoyed the way Kim combines the big picture (what is happening in the outer world) with my own role in this.  This also meant that there is a combination of her really being able to see what I had to offer, with it’s own particular uniqueness, and shaping this in a way that became understandable to others.  She managed to draw out much unknown potential and to help me develop confidence in this. 

Kim is working in a unique way – she understands the new economy by living  it.  She is a visionary and a leader.  While many do understand this, she has a breadth which means she can see, or perhaps feel, into what is important to the individual.   She clearly loves the work, and provides immense dedication and support – you will never get the same answer from Kim – she is able to plumb the depths of what is most important for the client.  Nothing is copybook!

Kim has a brilliant mind, fierce determination, and great skills of implementation – apart from this, she can see amazing connections, can listen deeply, and is highly intuitive. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough to those who willing to make substantial changes for a richer and more aligned life. 

Dr Bronwen Rees, Founder of East West Sanctuary ~  www.eastwestsanctuary.com


 How Do You Get The Skills You Need?

You probably have  a strong desire to help people in some way, and that desire is the language life uses to call you to your true purpose.  But wanting to make a difference, and having the skills to become a successful entrepreneur are not the same thing.  You will need a whole new skill set that includes understanding the big evolutionary picture and your natural place within that context.  As you learn to live and work from that place, your sense of the value of what you offer increases exponentially.  And, as a bonus, you are able to help people in more and more powerful ways.

No more wasting your precious time and money waiting for things to change, or trying one thing after another. This program will give you steps that will allow you to shift into a life where you flourish – a life where your best hopes and dreams become reality.

Like anyone, you won’t have all the skills you need to run a business.  You’d be too exhausted even if you were that multiskilled!  We’ll be looking at what you are naturally good at and what you need to outsource.

This is a high impact program, designed to bring you maximum benefits in a minimum time frame.  It’s for those of you who know it’s time to change how you’re doing things and want to begin immediately.  Do you need to find a new juicy energy in how you do business?  Are you looking to rekindle your passion for your vocation? Do you need the unique steps that will create your personal success laid out for you?


6 personal sessions over 42 days

I have created 6 carefully structured steps to guide you to creating a solid basis for ongoing success as a conscious entrepreneur.  You must be prepared to spend about 4 hours each week taking action on the material we cover in each session.


Why_500x250Find your core offering based on your unique natural strengths.  Research shows that creating a life based on your strengths and gifts brings greater satisfaction, success and wellbeing.  The Human Design System is the most precise way to pinpoint your strengths and gifts, at multiple levels of consciousness – everyday and spiritual.

It supports you to create from the heart of your business and understand your true motivation.

Learn more about:  Overcoming resistance.  How to live from your strengths to create natural success.  Identify your personal business strategic process. 

BONUS:  I’m adding an extra hour to this first session, making this a 2 hour session, so we have time to really dig deep into your vision, your motivation, your dream.



Changing the story of who you are by shifting your decision making process.  When you change your choices, your life will shift!  This is subtle and powerful work

Using your personal story as the basis for your business takes you out of a competitive environment and lands you right in the centre of your personal mission in life.  Take your business to a place where there is no competition!

Learn more about:  Creating a powerful personal story with the clarity to communicate your purpose.

BONUS:  I’m adding in a story telling template that takes you step by step through the process of  building a magnetic ABOUT page that represents the core energy of your business.  Your personal story is the most compelling marketing tool you have.  I’ll show you how to create it, and what to do next.



Who_500x250Identifying your perfect client and interacting with them at the place where they WANT to pay you.

Who will resonate best with your unique gifts?  Your products, services and marketing arise from this place.  What collaborative support do you need to make it all happen?  Remember, you don’t have to do everything yourself.  In fact, best if you don’t!

Learn more about: What products and services to offer, and how to produce, package and promote them in a way that invites people to engage with you. 

BONUS:  You will receive a beautiful and colourful flow chart showing the steps you need to take to choose what products and services to offer.



Ready to identify your client pathway, brainstorm specific new products and services? When you understand how to create a SYSTEM for embedding your products and service in, everything changes.

Clearly define what you are offering and learn how you are designed to market your business. It’s not about trading time for money.  In this step you will learn the simple strategies for building a business with multiple income streams.

Learn more about:  How to understand your perfect client pathway, where and how to interact with people along that pathway.  How to create multiple products and services from a few key ideas. 

BONUS:  The Client Pathway mind map – a breakthrough tool for breaking out of a “one speed” business.




Why you might be procrastinating and what to do about it.

How to distinguish between action you need to take, and the times when you should have a nap instead.  How to understand your personal flow of energy, vitality and creativity.   How you are designed to create and manifest your desired outcomes in complete and utter alignment with your true nature.

Learn more about:  It’s not about your tools and techniques, it’s about who you are.

 BONUS:  Stepping Stones PlaySheet – How to Get From Here To There





Making sure you have everything you need to transform your life!  This session is a celebration and closure of our journey together …   for now!




ExtrasAs well as your personal sessions, you will receive detailed step by step plans, including flow charts, checklists and maps,  guiding you through the process.

You will have clear and actionable steps to take between sessions.  The handouts between sessions provide clarity on what action you need to take next. Every part of this program is specially designed to draw out your natural and intuitive awareness so you can create from your strengths and reveal your gifts without going into your head and trying to figure things out from there. 

You will receive a full recording of each personal session – both video and audio versions.

And you will receive full email support during the period of your program.  I am absolutely committed to you having the clarity, tools, skills and understanding to move forward with a profitable business by the end of this Coaching Program. 



I’m working with people who are being impulsed to get going now!  But the old ways of success aren’t going to cut it.  Are you ready to find your unique pathway to creating your soul mission?  I’m ready to support and guide you, in the way that is perfect for you.  It’s not about getting overwhelmed or pressured.  You have a perfect trajectory, and it’s time to get into the groove!

I am only taking 2 new Flourish-stars into the program in February.   If you feel this is your time, I will be delighted and honoured to support your journey.

Full price


I have TWO PLACES ONLY available to begin in February 2014 at a special price of $2297.  

Kim Gould is founder of LoveYourDesign.com and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the LoveYourDesign.com blog.