Yesterday’s Pluto Uranus square got me thinking about the nature of life.  And reality.  The Human Design transits were so full of bonhomie – great blessings, profoundly sublime moments, etc. But all I was hearing was panic.  Gunmen loose in Philadelphia and Sydney .. SYDNEY!! wtf!   Friends and some private clients are feeling everything is great, but their good feelings are punctuated by sudden downslides into despair. Particularly about their money situation and finding their purpose.

We have horrendous events, like our Sydney ‘hostage drama’, mixed with amazing responses like #i’llridewithyou.

I personally am intrigued by the growing alarm about Artificial Intelligence.  It’s an absolutely fascinating topic!  AI is about to break through a barrier, where computers are better at being human than, well than the humans!  They can empathise, give emotionally intelligent advice, prescribe medications.  And they can do it better than humans because they have almost instantaneous access to huge databanks on any given subject.

What’s it all about?  Are we truly headed for the Apocalyse? Or are we evolving, and the robots are moving into the niche we’re leaving behind?


What’s Human Anyway?


My response to the Artificial Intelligence concept has always been to ask – what’s human anyway?  It’s not an us or them scenario, it’s more about humans evolving beyond what robots are capable of.  And if robots are capable of A LOT of what you and I are doing every day, we need to be looking farther afield for personal possiblities!  Because those new possibilities are obviously waiting for our attention to land on them.  I remember when there was such a kerfuffle about automation and people losing those dull factory jobs.  At these tipping points it can be difficult to imagine what’s coming next.


2005-12-28 11.45.52

My mum, grandmother and great-grandmother. That’s me in white!


We are learning so many ways to enhance our own humanity right now.  The person I am would be unrecognisable to my grandmother and great-grandmother.  Last summer I was standing on the beach during a local heatwave, talking to my friend in Rhode Island on my mobile phone about how she was coping with the polar vortex!  I make my living by discussing existential personal issues with people via skype, and helping them create global lifestyle businesses.  I have developed a sensitivity and a strength that has allowed me to shift dna right back through my lineage.  I figured out I was gay, and left my marriage to live with the woman of my dreams.

There are so many ways in which my life would just not make any sense to my ancestors!

Dan Pink, in his book A Whole New Mind, says when our creative mind connects with our logical mind we get a shazam moment! We go beyond who we think we are, and become a whole new version of humanity.  We move beyond data crunching and become creative beings.

Beauty is paramount here!  This is a slow world of care and appreciation, not the rush and bustle of our old robotic/slavery based commercial existence.  We are creating something technologically advanced that is in service to our greater goals, rather than allowing technology to shape us into who it wants us to be.


Maintaining Multiple Realities


We’re at a point in our evolution where we have to release our death grip on what’s kept us safe in the past.

Uranus in Gate 21 has been highlighting how we can’t control our external reality.  That is part of the current angst.  I see it in our politicians, who have pulled all the levers and pushed all the buttons only to find nothing is working.

You can let go of your panoply of buttons and levers as well. We can most definitely learn to control our internal environment, and here is the key to moving beyond our current challenges. We can choose our thoughts, and even our emotions.  And in doing so we send out vibes (yes that IS the technical term .. lol) that changes everything in our world.

We are learning a new active creative process, one where the channel is always open between inspiration and reality.




Give it a go now.

Close your eyes and think of someone you love.  Pets are good for this, because we tend to have a relationship of unconditional love with them.  Children are also good, so long as their rooms are clean, they’ve done their homework and you’re feeling great about them! You might prefer to think about a wonderful experience you had in the past.

Take a moment to breathe this feeling in and out with your attention on your heart.  Cultivate feelings of care and appreciation.

Open your eyes when you’re ready.  (And well done on the reading with your eyes closed thing – impressive!)

Okay, let’s just look at what happened there.  You most likely completely changed your frequency.  You may have shifted into completely new thoughts and feelings, simply through your conscious choice.  You have moved beyond the old robotic slave mentality and into a sublime creativity.

THIS is the key to our new world.  What you just did is THE number one skill for us moving through the challenges we have faced in the past – terrorism and war, income inequality, environmental degradation.  What you did was shift dimensions within yourself, connecting to your higher mind and heart combo (they work together, even at the biological level where they are directly connected).

When we come from this place of higher mind/heart, we discover new options beyond our imagination.  New solutions to problems.  New ways of relating.  According to the research by HeartMath, you have just placed yourself in a highly coherent state that adds energy to your field.  It enhances higher order thinking, emotional and physical wellbeing.  Oh, and it also increases productivity.  On the other hand, incoherence is energy draining and chaotic.

I am reading a new book from Abraham Hicks – Co-creating At It’s Best.  They suggest the most important thing you can do right now is take 17 seconds each morning as soon as you wake up to tune into your best self and highest potential.  You can use the exercise above to do that.


Go Deep!


In Human Design, Uranus is currently transiting in the Gate of Biting Through – Gate 21. This is a Gate about getting to the truth, no matter how much effort it might take.  The partner gate is The Well – Gate 48.

Here is what Ma Deva Padma says about Hexagram 48.


In order to receive the refreshing benefits of the well you must dive deep, turning your attention inward and bypassing external influences.  Approaching the heart of wisdom requires humility. You must go naked, unencumbered by the weight of fears or doubts.  Your manner of approaching the well is critical to what you bring up.  To approach casually or halfheartedly is like attempting to draw water up in a broken bucket.  It may be possible to gather a few drops, but your longing can never be quenched.  The well requires time, patience and your full attention.


I have my Design Earth in Gate 48 and it has certainly required time, patience and my full attention!  One thing I have learnt is that looking out to my external reality and attempting to fix or control it, well let’s just say that’s the way of the past. I’ve had to learn to live in two realities – what things look like out there, and what I AM creating in here.


What’s Emerging in You? 


2014-11-26_1325Right now, what’s crucial is that you tune into what you feel emerging within you.  That you give it your full care, appreciation and attention.  This is your personal doorway through this particular squeezy bit.

And while the discussion of the apocalypse rages, you are opening within yourself to perfectly attuned options and solutions that will guide you with loving precision through any quagmire that might be in your vicinity.  

And what it looks like out there? Well clearly we still have to shower and do the dishes, but don’t allow it to define you right now.  And certainly don’t believe it more than what you feel within you.

This is powerful medicine, and you have chosen to be here now because you intuitively know how to do this!  Share you experiences with us, so we can create a field of belief in our best and most perfect lives.







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Kim Gould is founder of and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the blog.