Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on Thursday  25th April 2013 at 8pm UT, 1pm PDT, 4pm EDT, and 6am on Friday 26th April AEST.  


crystalheartMy friend Lea is writing a book about sustainability.  She explained to me on the weekend that we know something is alive if it has choice.  A rock doesn’t have too many choices and we don’t consider it to be alive.  On the other hand, you and I have choices.

It might be clear to you and I, but science has a complex relationship to the idea of what’s living and what isn’t.

When the Gaia Hypothesis came out in 1969, claiming that everything on the planet was linked in a system of life, traditional scientists rejected the idea.  Because rocks aren’t alive, and a dislodged rock rolling down the side of the Grand Canyon certainly has nothing to do with the polar melt.  In the 43 years since then, perhaps we’ve come to understand that it does.

You and I clearly have choices.  And perhaps we are beginning to understand how important those choices are, not just for our own personal eco-system, but for the whole system of life on this planet.  Not only does each small choice enfold into our world the things that define who we are and how we live, but they also impact on greater issues.

I’ve been struggling with using plastic bin liners lately.  It’s something I’ve done for decades and yet lately every time I put in a new bin liner I can’t help but see an image in my mind of the plastic waste dump that’s forming at the bottom of our oceans.  I can’t help but imagine each bit of plastic I use being added to that pile, being my part of the problem.

The thing is, I’m so accustomed to living in a certain way.  In my family it’s a good thing, an accepted thing, to have a plastic bin liner and empty the kitchen bin into the trash each night.  That’s just how things are done in my world.  Till now.   This week’s Full Moon shines a light on how things are done and the choices we make.


How Do You Create Your World?

526488_10151564195760865_1306560103_nWe all have a deep instinctual sense of what nourishes us.  This intuitive understanding of what we need in life is there for a purpose.  It’s meant to point us towards what naturally and easily sustains us.  The thing is though, most of us have never really had a taste for what’s naturally good for us.

There are reasons for that.  Not necessarily good reasons, but real ones.  The most obvious reason this week is that we’re on the tail end of a few millenium of needing to give up our personal preferences for the good of our family and community.

Deep down in your DNA there’s a struggle going on just now.  It’s a struggle between your belief that you won’t survive unless your own personal needs are met, and a co-existing belief that you have to comply with the ideas and beliefs of the community no matter how bad things get for you, or the planet.

For me, it’s a struggle between keeping a ‘nice’ house and going against my personal values by drowning the world in plastic waste.  It’s a choice between incessantly cleaning and a deeper need to create.   The need to have a clean house is deep, complusive and full of shame in my family of undefined Spleen Centres, and it calls to my energy even against my conscious will.

Lucky for us, Pluto is on our side.  Trying to hold onto old shared beliefs that aren’t in our personal best interest isn’t going to cut it with Pluto, but if we open to the inner world and face the conflicted desires we find there Pluto will bring us a powerful transformation.  This is about something as mundane as using plastic bin liners, not eating chocolate, wearing purple hats.  It’s also much deeper because as we make personal choices that are distinctly about choosing and creating a life that deeply sustains us, we also bring the world around us to life.

The needs of our ancestors are no longer relevant in a world in transition.  We need to make fresh new choices, and we need to do it consciously.  This isn’t selfish, it’s a cosmic imperative that you break free and express all that you are in this moment.


The Full Moon and Pluto

The Moon and Pluto are in a channel that tends to be overwhelmed by trying to deal with all of life’s challenges. The thing is, and this is at the very heart of the April Full Moon, most of our challenges come from our reacting so quickly to anything that makes us feel threatened that we don’t even get to see and understand what’s really going on. Moving quickly from one challenge to the next, cobbling together whatever solution we can think of, we move far from our natural birthright of harmony and balance, and into overwhelm.

As we take more time to sit in our own discomfort we create the space for our own needs to arise over the foam and froth of our conditioning.  This Full Moon gives us the chance to stand firm against the largely unexamined fear that we will die if we dare to put ourselves first.  It’s alerting us to the fact that it’s possible  not to react immediately to the unconscious demands of our ancestors, demands that are buried in our dna.  Instead we can wait quietly for our own quiet still voice to guide us in our choices.


Black Sheep-ness


This Full Moon brings up our black sheep-ness, the place where we have taken a hit for our family and community.   Trying to avoid becoming the poster child of bad, we have suppressed something instinctual and primal within us rather than display how bad we truly are.   We have split something powerful, something inherently valuable off from our conscious world and our capacity for choice.  This part of us is not truly alive, because it doesn’t get to make choices.  We’ve buried it.

The Full Moon is occurring in a channel with Pluto.  When the Moon and Pluto get together we find deeply subconscious emotional compulsions, behaviours with their roots in our early childhood and strong feelings about our relationship with our mothers.  Pluto and the Moon are both powerful, instinctive and compulsive unconscious energies.  Put them together and you have intensity, and the capacity for releasing something that can transform your entire life.

Like a nuclear explosion it may seem to come in a small innocuous package that belies the intensity and power of the shift.


The Channel of Struggle

The Full Moon occurs in what’s known as the Channel of Struggle.  Let’s have a deeper look at that channel.  At one end we have the Spleen Centre, the place of physical wellbeing.   The Earth and the Moon will be in Gate 28 at the Spleen. This gate says you have overdone something, taken on too much and gotten yourself out of balance.  There’s too much to deal with and the whole structure is in danger of falling down upon you.  For some reason, rather than living in a healthy eco-system with dynamical balance, rather than responding to life’s changes with healthy choices, we keep piling up more and more till we can’t deal anymore with what we have in our lives.

At the other end we have the Root Centre, home of the adrenals, fight and flight.  Home of stability, security and our need to belong.  The Root Centre is reactive, and in Gate 38 we react when we experience opposition.   In this channel, the Root Centre reacts by forcing a solution to the problem rather than waiting to see what might evolve.  The opposition we experience in Gate 38 could be someone expressing an opinion we don’t agree with, or wearing the wrong clothes, or voting against a proposal we’ve worked hard on.  Pluto’s current three year transit in this gate brings up a primal response to our feelings of opposition.

This channel asks us to seek common ground rather than rush to react.  It teaches us that we may never agree on the small everyday details of life, but we can always seek common ground on major issues.  You and your teenager might not agree on an appropriate curfew time, but you can both agree that you need to share a warm and loving home.

There is something in you that has been crushed in order to stay alive.  Your body knows all about it.  Your body has been supporting you for many long years in keeping this aspect of yourself deeply hidden.  However it’s time now to bring it back into consciousness.   The oppositions we have been reacting to have been largely a result of our own inner opposition.  We have projected out into the world what we felt unable to deal with in ourselves, and then reacted against it.  To cease to react is a signal to the world that we are accepting some part of us that has been deemed unacceptable, and yet that is what we are doing this week.

As we learn not to react, and open to that primal intuitive sense of what truly nourishes us, we will discover with delight that it doesn’t kill us to meet this part of ourselves.  That we are not at risk of annihilation if we allow ourselves to know what we truly need to create a healthy balanced life, rather than one that has us in constant overwhelm.  We create our lives through our everyday choices and this Full Moon brings an intensity and power to opening up that process to more consciousness.

You’re doing it right if you feel more alive despite the fear.  You’re doing it wrong if you find yourself thinking “I don’t have a choice”  or “I have to do it this way” or if you find yourself sighing as you do something that just doesn’t feel alive.  This is a body-centered shift, and anything that creates conflict between your mind/emotions and your body is a sign that you’re getting close to the action.  Listen to what your body is telling you, and trust it.

The Sun and Mars are in the Gate of Nourishment, giving us the courage and sheer dynamism to go for it.  There are powerful forces on our side and it’s time for us to claim our full power of conscious choice back from the old struggles of the past.   Our DNA is shifting and we are acquiring a larger vision and  a place at the table of  flourishing life.


Kim Gould is founder of LoveYourDesign.com and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the LoveYourDesign.com blog.