There’s something incredibly gentle about this Full Moon, simple and obvious and delightful.  It’s an antidote to the harsh realities our culture presents us with, under the guise of nurturing.

Did your dad ever tell you that you’d be stuck with that silly face you were making if the wind changed?  Did your mum ever warn you that not eating your vegetables would stunt your growth?

Occasionally I overhear parents, in a last ditch effort to exert some authority,  threaten their kids with  police officers – if you don’t do your seatbelt up right now the police will come and arrest you!  So much for educating kids about taking personal responsibility for their own safety.  We are not nourished by threats of punishment thing or by threats of bad outcomes.   These approaches condition us to ‘do the right thing’, regardless of whether it is, in fact, the right thing or not.  It’s probably a good thing to wear a seatbelt, it keeps us safe.  It’s probably a good thing to eat our broccoli but not if it tastes foul to us!

Even though these threats were often harmless even comical, the fear based ideas in our culture often override our ability to care for ourselves.  My mother made a comment recently about how I never make my bed.  I found this confusing for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, my mother hasn’t been in my bedroom for decades, but she is still obviously able to exercise that piercing x-ray vision she possessed throughout my teens.  And can still come up with nonsensical judgements about how I choose to live my life.  Secondly, why would she make such an assumption?  And thirdly, I always made my bed.  I mean ALWAYS!  Note the past tense here.   Because after mum’s comment I started wondering … why do I ALWAYS make my bed every morning.   So I started to experiment with leaving it unmade.  And weirdly enough it made absolutely no difference to my life.  Life didn’t descend into chaos, I didn’t receive hate mail and my friend’s (and my mum) still appeared to love me.  So now I make it sometimes, and other times I don’t.  I feel strangely more myself as a result.

There’s something even more sinister in these admonishments from our parents.  Research has shown that each time we get a DON’T!  from a caregiver it takes at least an hour for our system to reset itself, to deal with the stress hormones and feel safe again.  US based research also shows that children experience a DON’T on average every 9 minutes.  Which means most of us live continually awash with stress, either because we’re actually being told off or because we’ve internalised the voices.  Every 9 minutes or so we’ve learnt to make ourselves wrong and we’ll look around for any evidence to support that inner voice.

There is a startle reflex that takes place in our bodies when we find ourselves being corrected.  It’s so infinitessimal that we can hardly feel it.  In fact most of us have switched off our awareness of the experience of being shocked or startled, but nonetheless it’s there in our bodies, keeping us in touch with our fear of annihilation via abandonment.

At the risk of being a party pooper on this wondrous night of magic, there is something small and immensely significant in our tuning into our bodies at the moment. To hear the whole story, the deep joy that seeks to bubble up and express itself in absolute delight.  This Full Moon can bring our attention to what prevents that natural flow of qi energy.  We are clearing our cellular trauma and our fear reactions, and this makes us less open to manipulation by a culture/economy that does not serve us or our evolutionary impulses.

I’m watching the fiscal cliff debate and celebrating those commentators who are pointing out the fear at it’s core.  This is a political stunt designed to create fear not only in the US, but worldwide.  The potential death of the US economy (not to mention the EU) calls for drastic measures and .. oh look, there are those who have a few ideas up their sleeve.  Like how about cutting Social Security and Medicare.  Oh, and here’s another good one!  Let’s cut the corporate tax rate to zero to increase the trickle down effect even further.  You remember the trickle down effect?  That’s where corporations pass on the wealth they generate to the real people.

As Paul Krugman said today in the New York Times:


Hey, sacrifice is for the little people.  …….     The truth is that at a fundamental level the crisis story they’re trying to sell doesn’t make sense.


Jupiter has been in the Gate of Progress (35) since August 2012, helping us recover from our tendency to react emotionally to crisis.  It’s more difficult these days to herd the population along a particular pathway by manufacturing a scare campaign.  We can see a scam more clearly and we take our time these days to let things play out a bit.   To quote Paul Krugman again:


What has changed? For one thing, the crisis they predicted keeps not happening.

We’ve developed a newfound ability to wait for a clearer picture to emerge before we respond.  It’s  not something we will read about in the news or see heralded in scientific papers, although it is a major breakthrough in the evolution of humanity.  We are now unpacking the false crises that arise from reaction.  Who knew there was no problem here?  The only real problem is that our timing has been out of whack with reality!   We’ve been so busy trying to fix what was never broken that we broke things.  We have been so open to jumping to our conditioned DON’T every nine minutes that we lost the thread of our own evolutionary impulses.

Today’s Full Moon calls us to look beyond what isn’t broken, and into the small everyday details of our lives.  The minutiae that makes you you and me me.  After all, life is a verb not a noun, and it’s what we do each day that essentially creates who we are.    I’m feeling this strange sense of relief that, after all, everything is just fine!






Kim Gould is founder of and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the blog.