Full Moon ~ 10th December at 14:36UT ~  18+ Gemini ~ Gate 45 line 2 

Total Lunar Eclipse ~ 14.31UT


I’m not ‘blog fit’ at the moment, and I’ll have to ease back into things.  I thought I’d start with a few notes on tomorrow’s Full Moon.  It’s in the Throat Gate of Bringing People Together (45).  It’s helping us to be clear about where we are investing our ‘wealth’.

It’s important that you share a common goal with those you gather with.  When you are with the right people, when you come into relationship in the correct way, it’s as if pieces of cloth are brought together to make an item of clothing.  Have you ever cut out a pattern and sewn the pieces together?  Each piece makes no sense on it’s own, but as you sew them together something miraculous happens and they magically become a shirt, or a coat!

Before we start making that magic shirt or coat we have to gather together with the cloth (resources/money) and the people who make up the rest of the creation.

Enough of the sewing metaphors, let’s see what else is happening.  The Centaur Thereus is conjunct the Moon.  No one knows that much about Thereus, but one thing seems likely – he represents some sort of shift in the status quo.  I’m thinking of the euro crisis and David Cameron’s refusal to agree to join the party.  In line 1, Thereus seems wild and unruly, but it really longs to be part of the gathering.  However it’s good fortune depends upon it remaining true to it’s own needs.  “Sincerity is one of the basic factors of a good union.”  Even a European Union?

I suspect that the influence of Uranus in the Gate of Innocence continues to reverberate through our lives in ways yet unnoticed. The asteroid Child (60) is meeting Jupiter (3) in a channel that connects the Sacral Centre to the Root Centre. This channel sees the orderly pattern hidden within the chaos (that’s Jupiters bit) and understands how to move through the limitations imposed on it in order to create something new (that’s the Child part of the equation).  It’s as if the simple, pure and innocence is meeting the big government agenda and saying  “You know what?  It’s just not okay with us and I’m sorry that’s not how you wanted it to be.”  Not that I want necessarily want to characterise the UK government as pure and innocent, but there was something simple and heroic I thought, in their stance in this situation.

There is a watershed held within this Full Moon.  Mars is in Gate 64 in the Crown Centre, a gate that represents the beginning of new beginnings.  If you know what I mean :).  There are 64 hexagrams in the I ching.  Gate 63 is the ending.  Gate 64 is that phase when things have ended and we are catching our breath, looking around, and wondering where to now.  Mars can represent the polarity of fear/courage (or stupidly pushing forward rather than a more sustained and wise progress – same thing really!).  Saturn is in Gate 50, which represents the beginning of a new era, and particularly one devoted to bringing the best to everyone.  And Magdalena is in Gate 41, which is the start codon, the place where we allow ourselves to empty out so that we can see what we want to begin with …. when we do begin.

So while the Moon and Thereus are engaging with the status quo, and we are gathering ourselves within and without, perhaps we should all take a deep breath, feel the emptiness that Magdalena is bringing and look around to see what life is about to begin creating through us.

Kim Gould is founder of LoveYourDesign.com and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the LoveYourDesign.com blog.