Full Moon at 12+ Capricorn – Gate 38 line 3 – 3rd  July  18:51 UT.

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It takes a tremendous amount of individual effort for a chicken to peck it’s way out of an egg.   And while it’s peck peck pecking away it has only one goal.  Freedom.  It wants to get out of that egg.

It’s a linear equation – in the egg v’s out of the egg.

It’s a different story when the chicken breaks free of the constricting egg, takes it’s first breathe of air, spreads it’s wings and looks around.  Now, here are possibilities!   What to make of this interesting new world full of strange smells, sounds and sights!

We’re a bit like that chicken just now.  Around 1999 we began to feel too constrained in our current lives.  New potentials seemed to loom on the horizon.  Like me, you might have thought all you had to do was reach out and grasp them.  If only we’d known what the journey involved we might not have pecked quite so hard at that egg, but here we are, taking our first glimpse out of the crack we’ve made.

It has taken a huge individual effort and struggle for each one of us to get to this point.  We’ve had to step away from all the commonly held beliefs that we had previously taken for reality.  Each one of us has often felt alone, abandoned, betrayed, confused.  It’s all very well to chip away at that protective shell, but what will we have to replace it?  What will nurture us, keep us safe?

This is linear thinking – I’m in the egg, I’m out of the egg.  Once we’re actually out of the egg the whole nature of reality changes.  Life presents such an array of possibilities the old either/or reality seems light years behind us.   This is the quantum reality, characterised by fractal pathways and unlimited opportunity to connect and create in all directions at once.  But just now, we still believe, at least a little bit, that all we have to do is keep moving in that one direction … forward!

Well the bad news, and the good news, is that life is about to get a bit more complex than that.  Bad news because life is beginning to ask us to step up to a higher level of responsibility for what we choose to create.  And good news, because our ability to create is taking a quantum leap.  Literally.

Are You Complex?  Or just Complicated?

Complexity is quite different to complication by the way.  It’s an important point.  Back before E=mc2, neither complexity nor complication were particularly relevant.  But with the advent of relativity the way was paved for complex mathematics and an entire new universe based on imaginary numbers.   It’s that imaginary world that is coming into reality now, and to manifest our dreams we have some evolving to do.

Unlike the magical world of complexity, complications are part of the old world, bits of our lives that don’t fit how we see things.  But more on that later.

The Global Wild West

At the genetic level we have three evolutionary levels of activations – the tribal, the individual and the collective.

The most ancient, the tribal level of consciousness, doesn’t recognise the individual and puts the survival of the group above all else.  If you have to be sacrificed for the good of the group, so be it, and we are happy to be able to offer ourselves up in this way.   It was an honour to be chosen.  At this level of consciousness there’s only one amorphous being, and it’s the tribe.  We can observe tribal consciousness in Family Systems therapy – where members of the family share out the various roles so that everyone together makes up one complete person.  You be the black sheep and I’ll be the responsible one.  Tribes are complete within themselves, they don’t even need other tribes!

The next level is the individual level.  It’s here that we struggle to define a recognisable sense of self.   Imagine the wild west without individuals!  Individuals focus on us or them.  At the cultural level this is national – the cold war is based on the consciousness of individual nations.  It’s a linear event just like the chicken pecking its way out of the egg.  I win, you lose.

The most recent level of consciousness is collective.  We could also call it the global level.  It’s here that we balance out our need to be a distinct and recognisable part of the whole without being lost in a soup of oneness.  Collective or Global Consciousness contains all the previous levels within it, and is where we find complexity and systems theory arising.  Like the chicken popping its little head out of the egg, having made it as a distinct individual into the world, suddenly we find a whole lot of others we can join with to create something unimaginable.

This is fractal creation, quantum reality.  Complexity at this level simply means that each action has an unlimited number of possible outcomes and we get to choose which one we prefer.  And who we prefer to do it with.  This level of consciousness brings us 3D movies and Facebook.

“The Tree of Life is represented by a combination of circles and lines when drawn in two dimensions. But this flat representation belies an inner world composed of planes of consciousness and interconnecting pathways.”    Naomi Ozaniec

What does all this chicken and egg talk have to do with the Full Moon?

Within your Human Design Chart we can easily track your different layers of consciousness – tribal, individual and collective/global.  This Full Moon is occurring at the Individual level, in a Gate that has us locked in a belief that we are struggling for our very survival.

We’re so hooked on the idea of getting out of that egg, we can hardly see the infinite possibilities surrounding us.  On the other hand, we’re so overwhelmed by what those possibilities might ask of us that we are considering that the egg wasn’t such a bad place after all.

Today’s Full Moon represents a quantum leap in our biology – our neural pathways and our dna are responding to the frequencies.  We are leaving behind the old linear, dualistic and mechanistic world.  This is a wave that is depositing us on the shore of quantum reality and all the infinite possibilities for creative intelligence and manifestation that it holds.



Full Moon July 2012 Human Design Transit Chart

Full Moon July 2012 Human Design Transit Chart

The Full Moon in Gate 38

When we have a Full Moon, we have (in Human Design terms) a Moon/Earth conjunction.  This means that something previously unseen is grounding through us.  In Gate 38 in the Root Centre we’re grounding a knowing that when things are chaotic, when nothing seems to be coming together, we can relax and enjoy the process rather than struggle.  Because .. as we are discovering right now …  what feels chaotic and uncomfortable is really a quantum leap into a greater level of complexity.

If we head on back to the tribal and individual levels when we experience this quantum leap we might find some self sacrifice along with some serious control issues, guilt, shame, blame, etc.  But collective consciousness has invited us to dinner, set a place for us at the table.   We are slowly developing the trust needed, the acceptance required, to turn up and enjoy the meal.  Unlike the individual level, where only the rugged survive, at the collective level life is self organising.  We simply need tend our own space and allow the shift.  Chaos is opening us up to something new.  And it only feels chaotic because our minds are still unfamiliar with the new patterns being created.

Existence means to stand out.  If it had a goal it would not be to make things the same.  The sage likes to see the similarities, but he retains his singular nature.  Paraphrased from Bradford Hartcher, Hexagram 38

The Full Moon is in line 4 of Gate/Hexagram 38, which could be telling us that we have to take our losses on the chin and move on.  But I think it goes deeper than that.  It also asks us what we are tolerating out of fear of standing on our own two feet.  What do we excuse in our lives, even though it is intolerable?  We’ve learnt to excuse these things for the benefit of the tribe, and because, as individuals, we’ve learnt that we alone are responsible.   These things are remnants of our tribal and individual consciousness.

We have to see these intolerable situations in order to make a change in our lives.  If things seem chaotic, if we feel that they’re not going right for us, perhaps we can look a bit more deeply at how they came to be like that.  Perhaps it’s not our own failures at the individual level that created the situations we find uncomfortable?  Perhaps other individuals were involved and there is action we can take to resolve the situation for ourselves.

In seeing the chaos for what it is, we can begin to perceive the new patterns forming in our newly emerging collective consciousness.


Uranus square Pluto

We can’t look at this Full Moon without considering that its happening only 4 degrees out from Pluto.   Sitting between Pluto and the Moon is the centaur Crantor.  Phillip Sedgwick sees Crantor as dealing with emotional abuse and how it traumatises our boundaries.  This makes perfect sense given that the Sun is currently creating a channel with Neptune in a position in the chart that is all about the safety to express our emotions freely.  Crantor’s presence indicates the need to break free from something, even if it is done awkwardly or without our usual finesse.  We just have to do it!

Pluto is in the Gate of  Joy (58).  Bradford Hartcher has a wonderful take on this hexagram, seeing that the waters become stagnant if they can’t move freely, shared between the selves as individual streams, rivers, lagoons, seas.   Water is the only substance on earth that exists in three separate states – liquid, gas and ice.   As water is symbolic of emotions, we can presume that they also exist in three separate states.  Generally the liquid flowing version would be best and its this flow of emotions that is behind the build up of pressure many of us are experiencing right now.

Consider the recognition by the US government that at least 30% of returned soldiers will suffer some sort of mental health issue such as post traumatic stress disorder.  This  official recognition of emotional harm is creating a more gentle world for us all, and it flows directly from the shifts in collective consciousness that you and I as individuals have created through compassion for ourselves and others.

Uranus, Pluto and Pattern Recognition

Uranus is way up in the Ajna Centre, in the mental gate of pattern recognition.  Our ability to recognise patterns is one of humanity’s major advances in consciousness.  Our modern brain is literally hardwired to put every piece of information into it’s proper place.  Our patterns are how we place ourselves in time and space, how we determine our sense of self.  Consider the music you listen to, it’s woven into your pattern of self so profoundly that listening to unusual music can feel uncomfortable.

There is, however, a problem with this pattern recognition mechanism.  It sometimes gets inflexible and won’t allow for new patterns to form.  This is where we keep going around and around, totally confused about why things won’t work out.  They’ve always done so before!  When our pattern recognition gets stuck we wander out of the natural world of ever increasing complexity and into complications.

Both Uranus and Pluto are in the Collective/Global circuitry just now, shifting our pattern recognition that sees only linear either/or options.  I survive or I don’t.  I succeed or I fail.

Also in this circuit are Venus and Magdelana, in Gate 16 at the Throat Centre.  When Magdalena turns up we know that something of the feminine. previously unseen, is about to manifest.  That something feels invisible because we haven’t been accustomed to seeing it at all, let alone placing it within the pattern of our existence.

We are entering a quantum mental field where chaos simply represents a range of possible, albeit previously invisible, choices.

“I see nobody on the road,” said Alice.

“I only wish I had such eyes,” the King remarked in a fretful tone. “To be able to see Nobody! And at that distance too! Why, it’s as much as I can do to see real people, by this light!”

— Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass

Our brains are organised to see what we are accustomed to seeing.  When something new turns up we literally can’t see it.  Have you ever heard about the kitten experiment?  I know, more animals!  The kittens were placed in a controlled environment for the first few months of their lives,  a place where they could only see horizontal lines.  When they were released into the ‘normal world’ they couldn’t see vertical lines, because their eyes and minds had never experienced them.  They knew the kittens couldn’t seem them because they kept bumping into anything made of vertical lines, like a pole for example.

What we see and perceive is based on what we are accustomed to seeing and perceiving.  It’s time for us to begin to perceive what we choose to perceive, not a vision of the world handed down to us from outdated reality matrixes.

Revealing What We Can’t See

Magdalena was invisible to the Romans, who only saw the male Jesus.  The Gnostics had a long tradition of female spiritual leadership and Margaret Starbird is only one of the many researchers who have found substantial evidence that Magdalena was a true historical figure, and at least equal to Jesus. Despite the evidence, most people still are unable to see the feminine divinity present in their lives.

Scientists, being human, have a similar problem with perception.   The contracting universe, junk dna and linear time are all concepts that are going out the window as we discover the previous hidden world of dark matter and constant expansion through the multiverse.  This ‘dark matter’ has always seemed to me to represent the hidden feminine.  Interestingly, it is said that dark matter makes up about 96% of the universe, almost exactly the same percentage as of ‘junk dna’ in our genes!

Did you know that back in medieval times all drawings were in 2D? Now kindergarten children naturally draw 3D objects like cubes.  Our perception is evolving beyond our current dimensional perceptions.

Today’s Full Moon, along with the astrological square currently being formed by Uranus in the Ajna in Gate 17 and Pluto in the Root in Gate 58 represents a shift in our creative intelligence and how we apply it.  The Ajna Centre is the place where we conceive of our world, and the Root Centre is where we manifest our thoughts into creative reality.  This goes way beyond our ‘thoughts’ and into the biology of our dna and brain.  Our very cells are resonating at new frequencies.  Our biology is shifting.

What will you perceive and conceive in your life?



Kim Gould is founder of LoveYourDesign.com and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the LoveYourDesign.com blog.