This upcoming Full Moon triggers an astrological grand trine – which is a perfect triangle in the astrology chart.  It looks like this:




The blue triangle represents Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune in a Grand Trine, all working together to uplift us.

The Human Design chart is also remarkable just now.  Since Saturn joined Pluto, connecting the Root to the Spleen, we’ve been experiencing a downward pressure.  At times it feels like gravity is overpowering us.  The Root and Spleen bring us fully into the world of substance and material reality.  Since May 2013, our souls have been experiencing life on the physical plane like never before. How do our hearts live here?  That’s a question worth finding an answer to!

This current transit intensifies the energy in the Root Centre.  And that’s important, because it’s very possible that the Root Centre is the most complex Centre in the Human Design chart.  It represents our understanding of the nature of material reality, and how to engage with it.  It puts us on the cutting edge of science, as we explore our relationship with our own material aspect – the physical body – and with how we create on the material plane.  But to get there we have to jettison an age of  beliefs about the split between spirit and matter.

Here’s the Human Design transit chart for the Full Moon on 22nd July, 8.15am UT.




Each of the planets in the Grand Trine – Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune – connect to the Root Centre.  For those of you familiar with the Gates, here’s the positions – Jupiter in 52, Saturn in 28 (Pluto connects it to the Root), Neptune in 55 (Mercury connects it to the Root).   Notice that Pluto is sitting right in the middle of this configuration.  Mars is almost exactly conjunct Jupiter.  Also, the moon – the Full Moon – is in the Root Centre in the Gate of Limitations (60).  This is powerful medicine.

The Root Centre is the energy sphere where things come into physical form.  In the search for substance, the energies of all the other Centres flow down into the Root Centre and are there transformed, birthed into physical reality.  It is the place where our spirit finds perfected form.  There are three reasons why this process can feel really difficult.

Firstly, the physical reality is dense. To a spiritually sensitive person it can feel harsh and unkind.  We have an alternative, which is to avoid being fully embodied, and to live in some version of our own dream life.  Or to live in some form of  hell, acceptable or otherwise,  but perpetually approaching our dream life.  Either way, it’s a bit like approaching infinity.  We can see it, touch it, smell it, feel we’re getting closer and closer, but we’ll never arrive. Most of humanity lives in this way, so we are bucking the trend by allowing ourselves to even consider going there.   In her excellent book Belonging Here, Judith Blackstone says that more spiritually aware people find the dissonance of an inauthentic way of being very uncomfortable, and yet we still hold onto these constructs because we believe they keep us safe.

Secondly, the physical reality has an image problem.  Mind should rule over matter and the needs and desires of our bodies pay no heed to right and wrong.  Think of the seven deadly sins – greed, sloth, gluttony, lust, envy, pride and wrath – most of these can be slated back to our bodily instincts.  Christian ethics are not on good terms with the life of the physical body, and christian ethics underpin our culture in ways we forget to imagine.  Loving our bodies, and those of other people, well it’s a struggle, especially if they don’t look just so.

Thirdly, when good and evil were parcelled out, back in the day, evil got to go on the same team as the body and the feminine.  The dark, the  unknown, the void, the formless and, ironically, the body and it’s dirty workings.  Obviously up to no good, and best kept hidden out of sight.  Along with the dark body, which went the way of evil, was it’s capacity to create.  If God is the father and the mother is a virgin, who is the creator?  Not Mary, that’s for sure!  She is loving and protective, but a passive non-creative partner.  Somewhere along the path to the 21st century we lost our understanding of how to create in a downwards direction, on the physical plane, and got stuck in our heads (masculine).

treeoflife1In the Kaballah, the Root Centre equates to the sephiroth Malkuth, which means Kingdom or Monarchical Reign.  Some Kabalah scholars see this sephiroth as representing our capacity to do God’s will, not out of fear, but because we have discovered it is the best way for us to live.  We are, in effect, allowing God’s will to act through us.   As a religious tradition the Kaballah is all about the individual’s relationship with God.  In Human Design, the Root Centre is partly about how we create our own individual reality.

There are many fears within the Kingdom of Malkuth.  Fears that we will be stripped of our free will and forced to behave as if we were ‘normal’.   There are fears that we must surrender up our bodies, their wisdom, sensitivity and intuitive wonders.  And on the other hand, fears that if we truly do succumb to the experience of embodiment, the intensity of such a harsh reality as we imagine there will be too much to bear.

Carolyn Myss speaks about the Root Chakra as a tribal energy.  In her book, Anatomy of the Spirit, she talks about the need to challenge toxic tribal power. Although we evolved to be social, our loyalty to our ‘clan’ can cause unconscious fears about breaking free, even when the detriment to ourselves is extreme.

Right now, we sit on a profound ecological cusp, where the shift from tribal to collective is changing our very experience of being an individual. It’s demanding changes not just in our behaviour, but shifting our our brain pathways, our endocrine system, everything right down to the coding in our DNA.

In her book The Body is the Barometer of the Soul, Annette Noontil describes the Root Chakra as representing a loyalty to our selves.  We are here on this earth to enjoy ourselves, she says, and to do this we must be loyal to what we need to thrive.  And we must be prepared to create what we need on the material plane. Regardless of the perceived risk.

This is a time when we are being asked to release ourselves from the familial, the tribal, the known, and to leap.  We shouldn’t expect to be caught by one person – our lover, a parent, a friend – but by everyone, by all of the rest of us.  We have to trust each other.  Similarly, we each have to be ready to catch those who leap our way, and to be kind and understand the risk it took for them to do so.  This is a break down of family patterning.  Not a breakdown of families, but an extension of the arms of trust beyond the tribal or family ‘known’ structure of support, and into the wild beyond.

This is an area of life ruled by the fractal patterning of the heart, and it is our new home.  A place where we have trust in our experience of life, in our own choices, and in the help and support that happens our way.  Living here unleashes immense creativity, and moves us clearly into the next dimensional space of being.  It’s the key to unlock the issues of unfettered growth within our existing dimension and to overcome apparent lack and degradation.  

The Root Centre is like the part of the Human Design map that is uncharted, a place where we may find dragons and other monsters.  We’ve bravely headed in there with barely a torch to light our way.

Here are the planets that are supporting us.

Mars and Jupiter in the Gate of Keeping Still (52) – while everything around us is moving, we can connect with a sense of meaning and purpose when we find our own stillpoint.  We don’t need to be rushing around, even though the pressure on the Root Centre may be sending the activity levels of others through the roof (or the floor).  Take your shoes off, stand on the earth and find what you really want to be doing just now.  What is the essence of your passion, your drive to engage with the world?

Saturn in the Gate of Exceeding (28) –   We’ve gone as far as we can with the way things have been and Saturn is opening a doorway for change.  If we try to solve old problems, we’ll just get stuck with old solutions.  It’s time to build a firm foundation by making things real, which means looking at what truly supports your wellbeing.  New solutions require a lot of effort, we’re breaking down unhealthy habits that are woven down deep into our DNA.  It’s a slow process and we’re making steady progress.

Neptune in the Gate of Abundance (55) –  This is a crucial time.   A beautiful new reality is being created here.  The signs of what is emerging are becoming clearer as we fine tune our emotions and align with a more discerning energy.  Although we may seek to block the world out in order to preserve our sensitivity, what’s required is that we allow ourselves to feel our feelings.  Working with Saturn at the other end, this creates a connection with what’s really real, not just what we believe should be real, or what we’re told is real.  Neptune is bringing the dreamers to earth.

Pluto in the Gate of Opposing (38) –  where diversity is seen as a threat, hatred and opposition will follow.  The trial of George Zimmerman for the shooting of Tray Martin is a perfect example of this.  It demonstrates the tribal patterning we are moving away from, something different is threatening and must be annihilated so that I can remain safe.  The outpouring of support for a better way is the new collective heart energy – difference and diversity is not a threat, but is a creative force to be celebrated.

Mercury (stationary) in the Gate of Obstruction (39) – we increase circulation by not allowing obstruction to block us.  Where we feel obstructed we look for the quality within ourselves.  If we feel someone doesn’t love us, rather than feeling unloved we look for love within our own heart.  If someone is rude to us, we look for charity and politeness within ourselves. If someone denies us something we desire, we look for how we can give to ourselves.  In this way we move beyond the idea of being powerless, at the mercy of the whims of others, and we learn to attract the people and energies ready to invest themselves in the same work.

Moon and Earth in the Gate of Limitation (60) –  How much of everything will make you feel safe?  You are at home now, with everything you need to be filled with love, to achieve your dreams, to find health and happiness.  Take some time to put your house in order, to know what you need, what to ask for.  There’s no need to be anxious or to try too hard.  There’s no panic, no rush.  You have enough of everything to be safe, to birth yourself fully into this life.




The Sun is way up in the Ajna Centre, all alone, in the Gate of the Wanderer.  This is fitting, because it tells us that we are in the process of understanding something quite new about our selves.  We may feel awkward, as if we don’t know how to live in the world anymore. We will tend to want to draw back to the old problems and habits, and feel unsure if our new creative capacities will bring us to a safe shore anytime soon.  Although we carry many gifts with us, they are not the gifts we are accustomed to offering.  Often they were gifts we have been critic

Our sense of unease will shift as we gradually move beyond the materialistic mode of thinking and being.  One of the major findings of quantum science is that life is all about relationships.  Above everything else, relationships create reality.  As energy in the form of a human body, you and I can shift into a quantum reality by focusing on our relationships just now.  Who supports you? What help do you need?  How does the diversity around you help everyone thrive?

This Full Moon represents a completion of our existing scientific paradigm.  This is having, and will continue to have, a profound impact on us at every level.  It shifts our very relationship to the concept and experience of matter. Trying to keep things solid and same will only create resistance within and without.  Look to connections rather than substance, to creating stillness with flow rather than solid blockages, and to a profound shift between your personal dualities – inner/outer, left/right, feminine/masculine, friend/foe.





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