Full Moon October 2012 - Human Design ChartFull Moon in Gate 27.6 ~ 6 Taurus ~ 29th October 2012 at 19:49UT

It’s time we all had a close look at how we create our own individual eco-system.  Today’s Full Moon brings our attention to what we are choosing to nourish ourselves with.  What we take into our lives.  What we become as a result.

This Full Moon reveals where we are feeding our own victim consciousness, rather than stepping into our own power.  This process keeps alive the forces of decay, of decline. It cuts us off from life, from true growth, from evolution.

Imagine, as we begin to apply our vital energy to what is truly alive within us, what will be released into the world!


What We Hunger For


The Moon will be in the Gate of Nourishment ~  Gate 27.

Line 6 says we are now capable of choosing to do what’s best for the highest good.  It’s about making our personal energy available to the divine will.

The Sun will be in the Gate of Great Exceeding ~ Gate 28.  It tells us that we can wade into this new flow of energy, but we are likely to drown if we are not tuning into the feel of life – particularly in our physical body.

This is about shifting our concept of what we hunger for.  This is not selfishness, not greed, not self interest.  It’s knowing instinctively when life calls our energy out, and experiencing that as a source of true nourishment at the personal level.  Can you feel life right down at the cellular level?

We all hunger for life and life hungers for growth.  This Full Moon is a portal into a new dimension, via a bifurcation point where life and evolution takes one path, death and decay the other.  This is not a once off invitation only event, but a point in time to set our intentions and tune into what feels right.  Remember, we are only at the beginning and yes, you are doing it right!  It just doesn’t feel so great for all of us quite yet!


Divine What?


Since 2009, the channel between the Spleen Centre and the Heart Centre has been home to a range of planets that have been quietly cleansing our personal will and tuning it up to divine will.

On this Full Moon we have:

Gate 44 – Klotho, Industria, Pandora, Poseidon, Deucalion and Ceto.  This is a lot of busy busy energy trying busily to avoid drowning in the apparent horrors of our own subconscious.  Gate 44 is a wonderful gate, known always to me by the classic hexagram 44 warning – the woman is bold, do not marry this woman!  Pandora was the Earth Goddess of Abundance, and she’s trying to come up for a breathe, but we keep busy (did I mention that already) and keep pushing her down again.  A bold woman, trying to get her head above water!

Gate 26 – Diana, Pholus, Ixion, Hylonome, Cupido.  When we actually let go of our own childish need to believe in our own omnipotence, we discover something quite interesting.

In particular, look at the meaning of Cupido:


This is about fertile abundance of creative effort shared in the harvesting of it.   There is the understanding that what is given to one does not diminish, but increases what is shared with others.   (http://www.uranian-institute.org/jpcupido.htm)

We don’t have to do much at all to create magic.  The huge efforts we had to make as a child to try to have our needs met created an illusion of struggle and effort.  Being forced to share has stripped a lot of us of the feeling for that natural flow of beneficial will, creating instead a sense of lack.

Those old heroics make us less rather than more safe and secure in the world.  I’m watching the gift of some crucial public space in Sydney to a local billionaire on the grounds that he will save our financial future by building a VIP casino there for wealthy Asian high rollers.  We don’t need billions, or at least we only need them when we are trying to make heroic efforts to save ourselves from …. what?  Our dreams?  When we hold our energy intact until the right moment to release it in small amounts, we find a fractal truth that is constantly bringing abundance.

This channel will be activated by major planets a number of times between now and the culmination of 2012, so expect this issue to rise up to mass consciousness.

If you feel exhausted, unbalanced, as if you can’t hold onto the old structures of your life any longer, you’re probably right.  It’s time to cull what isn’t supporting the life in your life.  It’s time to invest your life force energy more consciously, and to trust in your intuitive knowing of what amount of investment is required.  It’s time to tread more gently, slowly, carefully.  It’s time to let go of trying to save the world, and instead to learn to live fully in the world.



Image attribution:  http://www.juliryansart.com/



Kim Gould is founder of LoveYourDesign.com and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

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