We are reclaiming the sacred spaces within our own bodies, and wow are they powerful!


Have you ever felt yourself to be in a double bind?  Like you want to go out with your friends but you also want to stay home and wash your hair?  Or you desperately need to sleep in, but you’re due at work in an hour?  Or your kids want to go to the park to play and you want to sit quietly and read a book?  A double bind is where you want to do two things, and it’s an impossibility.   Or where you want to do one of those things but feel you MUST do the other thing.

This week we’ve got a global case of the double binds.  It comes from following rules rather than trusting our intuition.  Hell, it’s way beyond that .. it’s about not even knowing how deeply we are capable of tuning into and trusting our intuition to guard our wellbeing and to guide our lives.  The double bind comes from what Alice Miller describes as the ‘as-if’ personality, where we bind so closely to what we feel is the right thing to do, the right person to be,  we disconnect from our own true desires. We act ‘as if’ that other person is us.  But it’s not.

The double bind comes from our early childhood conditioning that we’re only safe if we do/say/be what is approved of.  And very often that involves numbing out to our own internal knowing of what is safe, what we know is best for our own wellbeing.  Will I chose to do as I’m told in order to stay safe?  Or will I choose to do what my body tells me is best for my own safety and wellbeing,  and trigger all those old alarm bells.

So, here we are with a planetary alignment that calls us back from the edge of the double bind.  It sings a song of your right to choose the life of your dreams.  Of your capacity for tuning into what your body and your guidance are saying.  This is powerful medicine.  And as with all powerful medicine, it calls us to an act of courage – to choose the message that is TRULY speaking our own best interests.

There is an awakening happening for women all over the planet.  It’s happening right in your belly.  There is a numbness that has come from living in a society that has completely ignored your selfhood and your creative power for millenium.  That’s changing.  Your Goddess Self is waking up and she is AMAZING!

Let’s take a tour of this week’s Human Design chart.

The Sun and Earth are both in the Head Centre in the transitional Gates – 63 and 64.  This is about shift.  It is about having made a commitment at the mental/spiritual level.  And preparing to turn up for the physical and emotional part of the journey.

There’s more action down in the emotions and the body, which is a bit like Goddess Central just now! We’ve got the quintessential Goddess – Venus – making a channel with the South Node.  This is superstar material, because this is the main channel for giving birth to something entirely new.

This channel represents the womb – the gestational space where our creativity takes form.   It’s made up of Gate 3 – a powerful combination of Gate 1 (Yang/masculine) and Gate 2 (Yin/feminine).

Gate 3 IS the big bang energy and represents how we traverse and create in laminated space-time (more on that later).  Gate 3 is consciousness arriving at the very beginning of it’s journey to become matter, the growing centre reaching out into the world and experiencing limitation and resistance for the very first time.  The Rave I Ching describes the energy of Gate 3 as ‘confused’ and ‘unsubstantiated’.  It’s traditionally known as Difficulty At The Beginning, and I prefer Wilhelm’s description …  teaming chaotic profusion.  Times of such intense growth, like birth, are beset with difficulties, but there is a release from tension and then everything breathes freely again. If one perseveres there is the prospect of great success, especially when we reach out for helpers.

Before it is birthed into the world of matter, the energy must pass through the limitation and resistance of Gate 60 in the Root Centre. Here we learn that we must treat germinating things with extreme care so as not to damage the delicate balance of life coming into form. We discover where we place galling limits on ourselves – forms of self limitation like shame, guilt, lack of deservability and loveability and fear, for example.  And we are able to listen in the our own finely tuned instruments – our bodies – to know what natural limits are supporting us to manifest what we desire.

With Venus in the Root Centre, there is little get up and go. It’s more relaxing than that, and can have you wondering if you’ve suddenly developed a lazy gene.  Venus transits bring healing.   This week Venus is supporting our natural timing, helping us to know when to push.  We shouldn’t rush the birth, but neither should we hold back. There is a power to Venus – the power of the dark goddess who rarely gets a look in except in the gossip columns these days.  Bad mothers and drug taking celebrities.

In her fabulous book Wild Feminine, Tami Lynn Kent describes the vitality that comes from a woman’s connection with the Root of her body.

Women experience diminished energy in the pelvic bowl because they do not regularly or consciously utilize their core creative capacity; they do not know how to cultivate feminine energy in their bodies …  When a woman knows how to access her root place, she finds the energy for building her creative dreams, nurturing her creations, changing the core patterns that diminish radiance.  She explores the link between physical form and energy flow and communes in the realm of the wild feminine. 


It’s not just Venus who is ushering in a shift in our relationships with the vital creative feminine aspects of our body.  Vesta, Ceres, Pallas, Metis and Hekate are there as well.  This is indeed a Royal Gathering.




Ceres and Vesta are in Gate 50, along with Hekate and the North Node.  Our old friend Nemesis is in Gate 27, creating the channel.   This is a channel that is about caring – on all levels, personal intimate, personal family, cultural, global.  In the I Ching, hexagram 50 depicts the ceremonial ‘ting’ or cauldron that is inscribed in recognition of a new dynasty.  Important transits to Gate 50 always represent a global shift in cultural values around caring for each other.  They always start with an inner shift in how we care for ourselves.

Ceres is about nurturing/mothering and about how we value ourselves in relationship.  Vesta is about what we are devoted to – our career path or soul mission.  It’s also about sex – where we are on the continuum of divine sex to mundane and even abusive sex.  Hekate says we’re at a crossroads – personally and culturally.  And Nemesis .. how I love Nemesis!  She is calling us to the rules that keep us from really caring for and about ourselves right down at the physical level.  What responsibilities are no longer really necessary, what baggage can we let go of?  What really is keeping us from being self caring.  Remember Venus in Gate 60 – unnecessary self limitation.

Pallas Athene is on the opposite side of the Sacral Centre in Gate 59.  In the Kaballah, the equivalent of the Sacral Centre is Yesod, the receptacle of all the emanations of the Universe through all space and time. Yesod brings them from chaos to order so that you may experience your own part in the puzzle of life.  The energy of Yesod, the Sacral Chakra and the Sacral Centre all relate to the magnetic power of sexual energy to create on the material plane.  Pallas Athene represents the strategies we can use to reconnect to the deep and wise feminine (represented by Metis, now transiting in Gate 34.1, also in the Sacral, the Gate of Power no less).  Where is the feminine sexual power?  Pallas Athene asks us to call it forward into our lives, to live the strength of our magnetic sexual frequency, to own it (think of Vesta and the Temple Goddesses who owned their sexual power on behalf of the Goddess and Life).   Are you connecting to your sexual power and how are you expressing it?

This goes WAY beyond sex, into your personal power, your capacity for vibrant health and your connection to your life path.  This goes WAY beyond your personal desires and into the cosmic power of the feminine as it returns to earth, in the form of every woman on this planet who is open to receiving it.



I want to go a bit deeper now. Are you ready?  Do you remember the sexual revolution?  It was in the 60’s.  It was partly about freeing up the rules about sex.  Women got the pill and everyone got to have LOTS of sex.  In Naomi Wolf’s latest book Vagina, she explains that this was great except ….  the sex was based on the male model.  This is so apparent from the research, but heterosexual women (and a lot of queer women as well!) are generally so accustomed to thinking of sex in terms of what is best for men that this subtle bias goes unnoticed.  Wolf explains it brilliantly, it’s a complex subject and I obviously can’t do it justice here.

Why is this so important?  Because recent scientific evidence shows that a vast percentage of western women (there is no research for other parts of the world) suffer from something Wolf calls sexual or vaginal depression.  Since Masters and Johnson we have learnt that

women are designed to have many different kinds of orgasms, that women have the potentil to have orgasms without any end except physical exhaustion; that if you understand female sexuality, you pace all your action around her; that while this is a high bar to set, you still want to set it, because properly treated, some women can ejeculate; that women can go into altered states of consciousness during orgasm, that women’s orgasms last longer than men’s; that memory plays a part in female arousal in a way that is not the case in male arousal; and that women’s response to arousal and orgasm is biologically very different to men. 

As well as this

good sexual experience in the vagina drives joy and creativity into the female brain …  the obverse is also true, due to the same neural pathways; the traumatized vagina, the abused vagina …  literally cannot effectively condition the female brain with the chemicals that constitute the emotions of confidence, courage, connection and joy.  

When a woman’s dopamine system is optimally activated – as it is in the anticipation of great sex, an effect heightened by a woman’s knowing what turns her on, letting herself think about it, and letting herself go get it – it strengthens her sense of focus and motivation levels, and energizes her in setting goals .. your brain can take those heightened capabilities of energy and focus into other areas of your life …  

When a woman has optimal levels of dopamine, she is difficult to direct against herself. She is focused, motivated, energized and biologically empowered.  

And then there’s this. A healthy sex life also raises women’s oxytocin levels.

Oxytocin’s function in humans .. is to bond people to each other so they are better able to survive …  and allows people to see the relationships between things and people more clearly.  

Oxytocin mitigates against psychological distress, depression and attachment anxiety and reduces feelings of separation and judgement.

None of these mechanisms work effectively when we do sex according to the male model.  It turns out that through the vagina-brain connection, a healthy and happy vagina is crucially important to world peace by creating strong vibrant well adjusted women who’s focus is on connection and relationship rather than conquest and competition.

Tami Lynn Kent was overwhelmed by women who had disconnected from the energy of their pelvis.  I was so surprised when I began using her techniques, to experience a sort of recovery or renaissance of vitality. People began coming up to me in the street and asking me what I was doing to look so well.

Pallas Athene gives us the strategy for our freedom from this ‘big death’ of our sexual and creative power.  She is the Goddess of strategy and creative intelligence, after all!  In Gate 59 she is telling us to allow the blocks to intimacy to melt and flow away, to allow ourselves to feel our emotions and let them move through our body and blow apart the fears of the ego that keep us separate from each other.

Definitions, dividing lines, agreements, established patterns of life and thought … all these can be Dispersed, their solidity revealed as an illusion.  Centre your inner authority in your spiritual home and let your decisions flow from that essential underlying source. 

Hilary Barrett, I Ching

Move your attention into your belly and bring our own world to life. Breathe into any areas that feel numb or tight. Feel the power of that chaotic profusion gradually moving into a state of order and trust that your own intuitive solutions will come at the right time to give birth to what you desire, in a way that is uniquely perfect for you.

A huge thanks to my friend Mariana Trapera for recommending the books Wild Feminine and Vagina.  You can read her blog here:  http://thejuicyyears.blogspot.com.au/

Images: инна цукахина, Botticelli, Dorena Costras


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