What to do when you’ve incarnated during the end times?  Learn about new beginnings!  This week’s Grand Trine is one in a string of wonderfully creative transits that are transporting us beyond the end times.

Grand Earth Trine

On 14th March at 6:15am UT, Venus will conjunct Jupiter in the Gate of Returning (24.3 – 9 Taurus).  They trine Mars retrograde in the Heart Centre in the Gate of Recuperation (40.5 – 9 Virgo) and Pluto in the Root Centre in the Gate of Joy (58.6 at 9 Capricorn).

The overall theme is to relax, knowing that everything is perfectly okay even when it may not look that way.

Jupiter and Venus in the Gate of Returning help us trust that although we may at times feel lost, we are not really wandering too far from the heart of things.  Mars is helping us understand that it’s good to make an effort when an effort is called for.  But when we don’t have to be engaged with particular things it’s good to relax, take it easy, clean the shower or wash your hair, do something ordinary.  Take some time to recover, allow yourself to regroup and recuperate.   Pluto in the Gate of Joy wants us to recover our true joy, not the hyped up version that’s pushed on us.  Thats a soft gentle joy that comes from being content with our ordinary day to day lives.

This is an Earth trine, and our bodies are being acted upon by powerful forces.  Be kind.  Realise that your body is doing a lot of  cellular integration behind the scenes.  Your cells are releasing mental and emotional toxins and opening to the light of your spirit.

The Many Connections

We have one of those “the knee bone’s connected to the thigh bone’ type situations at the moment.  Everything is connecting up.

Notice how the Solar Plexus Centre hooks up to the Heart Centre on the right of the chart.

The big news here is that Neptune in the Gate of Abundance is feeding through Chiron and Mars retrograde to the Heart Centre and then onto the Ji Centre.  Willfulness is a good thing when it aligns with big picture – let thy will not my will be done!

The channel between the Solar Plexus and the Heart Centre  wants to ensure the emotional and material needs of the community are being met.  Neptune is bringing our attention to what’s truly abundant in our lives.  When we are not so emotionally reactive, courtesy of Mars retrograde meeting Chiron, we can actually work out how to use that abundance.  And this time we’re naturally able to make choices for the highest good.  Following your own design can do that for you!

Then we meet up with Ceres and Uranus as we make our way from the Communal Heart (the Heart Centre, shown as a red triangle) to the Collective Heart (the Ji Centre shown as a white diamond).  The Ji Centre connects our local community to the larger vision of the collective.

We are a holon that’s part of a larger holon.   You > your family > your community > the collective.  Through consciously interacting with these energetic holon connections within us we are changing the world.   This is one of the principles of Emergent Human Design.

There’s a whole pile of asteroids, centaurs and TNO’s in Gate 26, which also connects to the Spleen Centre and dwarf planet Haumea in Gate 57.  (Hidalgo in 26.3, dwarf planet Ixion in 26.3, Nemesis in 26.4, Pholus in 26.4, Hylonome in 26.5 and Cupido in 26.5).

The abundance that we have at our disposal is ours to squander or nurture, and the hard won treasures of our human inheritance are at our service if we choose to look for them.  Hylonome is a Centaur that represents what we are missing at the core of our being, and in this position she tells us that solutions to difficult issues are easy to find once the emotional charge is removed.    There’s a larger time frame here that our bodies and emotions are connected with, but our minds – ironically the masters of time and space – are hooked into the small picture and can’t see what’s truly going on.

Uranus will shift into Gate 17 in the Ajna Centre a few hours after I post this blog.  More on that later.

Big Ideas, Small Details

Jupiter’s lordly presence in the third eye (Gate 24 in the Ajna Centre) means this is a time of emerging grand visions.  Venus shows up to help us attract the people we need to create these wonderful new visions.  Our attention may well be on escaping the past, but instead it’s much more productive to leave the very idea of escape behind, and consider both how far we’ve come and what pathways we would like to continue on.

Remember Hylonome in the Gate of Great Taming (26).  Ixion and Pholus combine with her to let us know that second chances abound and that we are not tied to the wheel of fate, but can simply and gently apply ourselves to taking one small step after another in resolving long standing and apparently intractable problems.

That is, in fact, our escape route!  How hard can it be to simply turn and face in the other direction, away from the problems themselves.  What can you see from this perspective.  We are learning how to lead from the future, to create into the co-creative spaces that we are creating.   If you see what I mean!

Up against a culture and economy that appears increasingly tyrannical and, quite frankly, insane, we are forced to our own devices to discover the truth of who we are and how we can prosper.   And that is just how it needs to be.  How many of us would have willingly walked away otherwise?  We are turning the past into the past.

Now we have a profound opportunity, unmatched in human history.  We are called to discover how we can create a world that cares for everyone, that works as a whole organism on the level of human consciousness.

Such a big idea, and yet, here you and I are, small and insignificant, wondering what we could possibly have to offer!  The North Node in Gate 9 – Small Things – has a big clue for us.  And that clue is important because just before Venus conjuncts Jupiter, the Moon passes over the North Node and whispers a secret.

We don’t  need to puff ourselves up, or to overdo things when it’s a struggle. We don’t need to hide away and shrink from the demands of the world.

Instead, we wait on the winds of heaven to fill our sails and in the meantime we attend to the small details of our everyday lives, chopping wood and carrying water.  Small things gradually build to become large things, and when we pay attention to the details of our lives, particularly when they are about caring for ourselves and others, they are most powerful.

When we pay attention to our own small details we also discover where we are trying to save others rather than rescue ourselves.  A very uncomfortable shift, but the North Node can bring those on!

Caring Commnities

When Mars retrograde meets Chiron we know our willfullness is getting a makeover.  Especially when they are connecting the Solar Plexus Centre (emotions) with the Heart Centre (willfullness).

What creates the isolation of our modern communities, where we can be surrounded by many and still lonely to the core?  Where we can sit in one home looking at multiple screens?  Where there’s little time for talk, let alone laughter and togetherness?

What kind of economy do we live in that demands both parents work, and sometimes in more than one job, just to put a roof over the heads of their family, and food on the table?   And increasingly, that is becoming an impossible dream even for the so called ‘middle classes’.    State enforced ‘austerity’ locks up the passion and natural prosperity of the people within the false confines of a crumbling financial system.   More and more we are looking outside that reality to find something more wholesome, more intimate, more caring.

Eros and Child are also in this channel, bringing life back to the traumatised child within each one of us. Ceres, which is about mothering and nurturing, is also in a channel with Uranus that deals with healing the way we respond to shock!  This is a powerful transit for releasing our own unique individuality in a very stable pattern.

Removing the Curses

A few days ago we had a Full Moon in the Gate of Oppression and Exhaustion.  It was in Gate 47 in the Ajna Centre.  This gate is, I believe, a kind of portal to past lives.  The Earth and Mars were in this channel with the Full Moon, restructuring our neural pathways and finding new ways to apply our passion and energy (Mars).

At the same time, Pandora was (and still is) creating a channel with Pluto, where they are repatterning our DNA.  Pandora is about understanding how our gifts have been transformed to curses, our troublesome curiosity condemned.   I’ll never forget one of my clients saying to me after a reading, “Oh, I thought they were all the things that were wrong  with me!”  Pandora helps us reclaim our self respect, and our belief in the essential goodness of our own gifts.

Ceres has been in a channel with Uranus,  letting us know that what we want in life is exactly what we need to fulfill our destiny.  Just because someone sometime told us it was wrong – and thereby cursing us –  it’s no evidence at all to the contrary.

There’s a very important thread here.  The curses of all humanity are being lifted,and it’s happening because you and I are prepared to confront and engage with our own thoughts and emotions.  We are more able to give up our petty self importance to side with a vaster presence, to release our emotional reactivity and our projections.  In this way we find gentle and soft solutions where none existed before.

This is the return of the daughter energy to this planet – the innocent and gentle potential for creativity that holds the power of human existence in her womb. 

Pluto has only a few more days in the Gate of Joy before he moves to the Gate of Opposition.  There’s a tendency to want to confront ‘opposing’ forces head on, to make a powerful stand for what we believe in.   Entering into a power struggle takes us back into the past.

Despite the appearance of power, this opposition is now open to softer and gentler approaches.  Show them the way in.  There’s a universal need arising for intimacy, a desire for connection and a longing to be shown a pathway out of the habit of conflict.

Did I mention that Black Moon Lilith will be conjunct Venus and Jupiter?  More indications of the need to shift from anger at what curses us with lies of evil (Lilith went from being the protector of babies to the feared killer of babies!) we are returning again and again to a new more loving way to value the truth about each other.

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Grand Earth Trine March 2012


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