October’s Eclipse Season is about to reveal hidden areas of consciousness.  But wait, there’s more to me than this?  You might ask …

We are entering eclipse territory in October 2014.  Not only do we have a lunar and solar eclipse, we also get a whole raft of occultations – Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Uranus.

Occultations are times when the ‘occult’ or hidden wisdom of the planetary archetype becomes available to our consciousness.  October brings massive expansion to your consciousness.

Your Keys to Earthly Mastery

In the past, and since ancient times, humanity has operated with limited consciousness and from a place of “no choice”.  Laws have been imposed on us and we have looked outside ourselves for security and meaning.  All this is about to change.

In October we are reaching outside our comfort zones to create what we have only dreamed of. To quote the I Ching (Hilary Barrett):

Rain will fall over all the fields of the realm, releasing tension and liberating blocked potential. Seeds stirred from their dormancy will begin to grow.  Regrets diminish little by little, in this larger long term view. 

(Sun conjunct Venus in Gate 50.3 on 22nd October 2014)

This liberation requires us to love and leave our small anxious selves, to see what is returning through the veil of our fears. In this fateful moment, as we are handed the keys to creation, we may feel unsettled.  After all, in creation everything is always in flux.  And our small human selves prefer safety and freedom.  We are walking away from believing in what threatens us, and instead choosing to create what we desire.

 We are at the pointy end of our process of becoming co-creators.

Many people feel that they are in crisis right now, or that our world is out of control.  We are experiencing big change, and in our old version of reality, big change equals crisis.  What if you could step out of the consciousness of crisis and into shift?  What if you took your focus off what’s not working, and instead created your life based upon what’s returning?

You Are A Conscious Creator

Whether you are making use of your abilities or not, you ARE already a conscious creator.  When you use words like I can’t or It’s too hard, or I hope it happens, you are operating in a world that’s fast fading from view.  I find that one of the most difficult challenges for my personal clients is  to imagine what they desire in their world, rather than to continue to talk about the pain they are seeking to avoid. When we try to imagine what we want to create it actually hurts physically.  I see people pull faces, stare into space and go into a trance state mumbling ummmmm.

It’s been a challenge in the past, because our brains have been wired to avoid pain.  Again, this is something that is changing.  WE are changing it.

Research scientist, Martin Seligman tells in his book, Flourish, how he shifted from studying how to relieve misery to exploring the impact of optimism and positivity on our lives.  Seligman is part of a shift in consciousness that is awakening us to dormant potential for conscious choice, and conscious creation. (And yes, Projectors and Reflectors get to make choices too!).

And did you know, Seligman started out with the idea that we are all motivated by happiness.  Who wouldn’t want to be happy?  As it turns out, and despite a plethora of recent books on the subject, that isn’t what motivates us at all.  We can be happy after a few glasses of good wine.  But we’re not cracking the meaning of life.  What we are searching for is meaning and purpose, and when we find it, we get happy.  We have a feeling of wellbeing.

October opens wide the doorway to reveal our personal meaning of life.  These are the codes to our kingdom.  You alone are responsible for your code.  You get to choose, you get to create.  You are the meaning-maker here.  Conscious creation can’t happen without you.  You are THAT important!   Get that, and your small self will fade into insignificance beside the riches you are about to create.

It’s likely to be uncomfortable, and you’re going to have to step up. Ask for it to be fun and easy.  You get to make that choice.



What’s Coming Up

There are so many significant HD transits in October.  In this post I will mention only a few.

 4th October – Sun square Pluto

There are some frequencies rooted in ancient struggle that contain hiding places for your brilliance.  It’s time for your light to come out of those old frequencies and shine in the world.   You may feel fear of your own power, but you might as well face that fear because Pluto doesn’t take no for an answer.  Say YES to yourself and watch with delight as your life begins to unfold in new ways.

But, this is not about you as one isolated individual.  We are entering a period of co-empowerment. Go outside, meet new people, have new experiences.  You might not make long term relationships, but you will receive messages about your new direction in life.

Sun in 48.2 and Pluto in 38.2


5th October 2014 – Ceres conjunct Saturn

Minor planets Ceres, Vesta and Pallas – the Goddess Asteroids – have been doing a massive job of shifting the feminine consciousness on this planet in 2014.  Pallas in particular is birthing our need to find a way to express the feminine.  Women are abandoning the desire to succeed in a man’s world, and instead stepping up to transform the world completely.

Ceres will exactly conjunct Saturn in Gate 43.3 on 5th October.

This is the gate of Breakthrough! It is not a time for fighting, but a time for moving forward.  Each one of us has something precious to share with the world.  Each one of us has a fractal alignment with an infinite number of people who are ready to receive what we have to offer.  We have a responsibility to step out into the world and share our message.  Let go of struggling with issues of self esteem – am I good enough? – and take the first step towards sharing. Projectors:  can you imagine your people calling you out, inviting you to share.  In this way you build the energy of your invitational field. Can you allow yourself to experience how good that invitation feels?

Ceres and Saturn bring an urge to create form and structure that nourishes us.  New personal habits, new social networks – from the very tiny and personal to the largest of global insitutions, all will be influenced.  This event brings nurturing and healing to our experiences of lack of validation, and a rebirth in our ability to go out into the world and do what we are here to do.

This involves a certain kind of strength and power.  It’s not about being rigid, wearing a mask or concentrating on the face you are presenting to others.  Instead, you take a stand as yourself.  With a supple authenticity you open the way for real exchange with real people- it’s full, free and messy.  It’s real and it’s powerfully creative.

8th October 2014 – Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

You can feel an immense shift towards abundance.  Don’t get caught up believing you have to work REALLY hard to make it happen, it will block your inner messages of change.  Instead, continue to connect with your sense of effortless plenty, your constant dependable flow of wealth.   Trust your inner motivation and enthusiasm to become a creative magnetic force which brings you what you seek.

This New Moon happens exactly conjunct Uranus in the Gate of Biting Through.


20th October – Jupiter in the Gate of the Young Fool

Jupiter shifts to the Ajna Centre (mind) and meets up with spiritual teacher Chiron in the Gate of After The Crossing.  Nothing is settled, everything is in flux. BUT, you have made the transition.  Choose to pay attention to creating your new desires, rather than pouring out your life force on the voices seeking to draw you back to an illusory safety.  They are no longer trustworthy and no, you don’t need to pay them any attention, just send them love and move on.

Jupiter in Gate 4 – Youthful Folly -brings a growing faith in our tender beginnings into a new world and respite from doubt.


24th October – Pallas meets Pluto

This is a powerful shift in the whole concept of what ‘working’ and ‘succeeding’ mean in our world.  Expect to see major shifts in manifesting, as the powerfully creative Pallas reclaims her role as daughter of the triple goddess and weaver of reality.   Pallas represents feminine wisdom returning.  She represents what women can achieve after learning and integrating the ways of the masculine world.

Pallas is in Gate 28 from 24th October till 6th November, meeting Pluto in Gate 38.


24th October 2014 – New Moon and Solar Eclipse

The new order is stable precisely because you are flexible and open to a harmonious way of being. Your new life contains all the mysteries of what is to come and will not be toppled by the unexpected.  You can be nourished by your loyalty to your own inner principles, and go play in the open innovative spirit of these times.

Use your energy to grow soft leaves and stems, not solid rigid trunks.


And a final word from Saint Germain, The “I AM” Discourses, Discourse I:


The worst kind of sorcery is being used in the political fields today that has ever been known in the history of mankind through the use of mental power – wrongly qualified.  

It is perfectly ridiculous to keep recalling things which have not worked out.  If you have built your limitations for centuries and can, by this attention and self effort, free yourself in a few years, isn’t it worth it?  When the mind accepts and agrees with a thing or condition, the individual decrees it into his or her world.  Whatever you let your attention rest upon, you are agreeing with a accepting, because through the attention you have let the mind become one with it. 

In October, we have a wide open doorway to conscious creation through choosing to think of and speak about what we desire.  We have our training wheels on, let us all make wonderful use of them.  Imagine what we can create together!


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