I’m going to call today as the turning point for humanity.  Interesting that it happens to be the day prior to the US Presidential election.

Why am I making such a bold prediction?  Partly, that’s what Gate 44 calls for, and the Sun is there right now.

The bold feminine energy, her power and knowing, step forth and topple the old reality.  And partly because it’s pretty clear from the transits that after today, things will never seem the same again.  Here we get a choice to keep shifting the deckchairs on the titanic, or to leap into the ocean and see if we can swim.

Science tells us that evolution proceeds in nice progressive steps, until the form and structure of what’s been created becomes unsupportable and then everything turns on a dime.  Shift happens, our genes respond and we wake up with eyes that see something entirely new and unexpected.

Here’s the Sun’s position today:

You meet the incoming energy – the subversive feminine power – with lowered horns.  You fear you cannot possibly live with this power and go to extremes to prevent it overturning everything, trying to wrestle it into submission, to take back control and ensure that any relationship proceeds only on your own terms.  This is not a very adequate response.  

And here’s the Earth’s position:

You try to return, but you are lost.  The time for return is gone.  It’s time now for a completely different path and no amount of energy expended can possibly turn what is past into a prediction of what is to come.  If you try to recapture the irretrievable, you will be like the ruler who leads his country into disastrous wars, crippling its powers of regeneration for years to come. 

And Saturn:

There is too much to bear alone.  The ridgepole collapses because of a lack of support.  

hold onto your hat!

In a few hours from now the Sun will shift into the Gate of Creative Force (1) – the very basis of yang creative energy.  And the Earth will shift into the Gate of Receptivity (2) – the very basis of yin creative energy.   This is exactly as it should be.  Sun is yang and Earth is yin in the I Ching cosmology.

The Sun will create a channel with the South Node and the Earth will create a channel with the North Node.  We have the energy and spirit (Sun) to leave the past behind (South Node) and be receptive (Earth) to our future (North Node).

At the same time, Mars will shift into the Gate of Flow (11), joining Eros who represents our joie de vivre, the exaltation of the spirit of life.  Gate 11 is about heaven (yang/Sun) coming together with earth (yin/earth).

This is also the Gate where we find the Galactic Centre, the place where we are impulsed by new ideas and the central point around which our entire galaxy orbits. It is, in a very true sense, our cosmic mother.  The whole 2012 Mayan Calendar thing is about our relationship to the Galactic Centre, so this is highly significant, a precursor.

Mercury continues it’s retrograde journey through the gate of unaware (mechanical) energy, asking us to think twice before we commit our vitality to anything. Does it serve the purposes of heaven and earth?

There is a powerful amount of energy available just now, but Jupiter retrograde in the Gate of Progress (conjunct Chaos) and Mercury retrograde in the Gate of Power will not allow it to flow without awareness – emotional and/or sacral.

Hold onto your hats, the winds of change are blowing, and this week will show us something about life and it’s capacity for evolution that will rock our world.  Perhaps the greater mass of people won’t notice it just yet, but we can feel it and live it.

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5th November 3am UT


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