We are in the midst of a frequency shift.  Specifically it’s about shifting out of a dominator frequency and into one that has more individual freedom and more loving support.   It’s affecting our jobs, our relationships and our family dynamics. It’s bringing up survival fears and old survival scripts.  It’s fueling us with the energy to make huge changes in our lives, despite our fears and anxieties.



The dominator frequency sits in the Human Design communal circuitry, and is best known for creating the ‘trickle down’ effect.  You know the one. It’s where the 1% are entitled to hold the wealth and trickle some down to you and I.  And where the majority of the people on this planet are so thoroughly entrenched in believing that they have to give up their noble and divine heritage – their creativity, their vitality, their joy and their right to take control of their own lives – in return for receiving patronage in the form of money/food/survival and protection from becoming homeless and destitute and unloved.  That about covers it.

This model plays out in many areas of our lives, including in the family (father knows best), and in relationships (to love and obey).  It’s nothing to do with the male/female issue, and everything to do with a more ubiquitous patriachial focus on the benefits of a top down social structure.

And today, when the Sun passes right over freedom fighter Uranus in the channel the anchors in the dominator frequency, something breaks free in our soul.   If we succumb to fear and panic we may lose sight of what’s real here, and imagine that we are at risk.  What we are seeking today is not so much financial security, or even love or support.  What we seek is something else entirely.  Something finer, something more enduring than material gains.

To achieve this transformation we need to leap into the unknown, and that takes a specific trust in ourselves.   And a belief that the love, support and material abundance we yearn for can be created from within. Sure it will manifest in the external world – that’s what we’re here for. We are creators and it’s time for us to release our death-like grip on our fear of death, and trust to our creative capacities.

Tomorrow the Sun creates an astrological square with Pluto, giving us an intro into the Pluto Uranus square we’ll be enjoying on 21st April.  We are reconnecting with an immense power to join together with each other and all our dimensional aspects through all space, time and dimension.  This energy will dwarf the old dominator controls in your life, and you are already feeling that. Trust the incoming energy.  If you feel into it, you’ll feel how nurturing it is. In some ways we could describe it as the return of the Great Mother, but it is more than that because it is beyond our human stories and something much more universal, much more about a creative frequency, much further beyond our time/space dimensions. This is a very big hyper dimensional portal!  You are anchoring it through your humanity, and that right there is super amazing!

3rd April 2014

Amidst the chaos, there is order emerging.  You are a part of that order.  More than that, you are a creator of that order, according to your desires.  Your essence is emerging – simple, beautiful and with no need for disguises.  Your honest presence is all that is required of you now.  You are supported in this process.

Charles Eisentstein wrote an article in The Guardian this week about the need for constant ‘growth’ to feed the dominator machine.  It’s the definition of growth that is a problem here.  We don’t need less growth. We need a different kind of growth, a soul growth.  An out breath, full of relief at finally reclaiming our right to our own creative capacities.  This is a dimensional shift that will take us beyond the existing economic and social contraction, and the fear it is creating.  Try this as an antidote.

Step 1:  settle into your body

Step 2:  take some very deep breaths right down to your base, into your pelvis, feel your pelvic floor being touched by your breath

Step 3:  feel how incredibly amazing you truly are (if you can’t feel it, tell yourself that you are ready and available to believe it’s true, or even perhaps that you are ready to be open to being available to believing it’s true – whatever feels most true for you)

Step 4:  ask what you need to do next to create the most wonderful life you can imagine

Step 5:  listen and trust

Step 6:  when you hear what your next step is, take some action, no matter how small and apparently insignificant

I’m holding the space for your amazingness, let’s do that for each other.

Img: Amanda Cass

Kim Gould is founder of LoveYourDesign.com and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the LoveYourDesign.com blog.