A lot of what we’ve experienced over the past 6 months has been the result of the retrograde journey of Mars.  It’s been a deeply transformative and at times quite shocking foray into the realms of past conditioning in our families, communities and relationships. Back in January Mars got to the emotional Gate 6, then turned around and headed backwards.  He passed through the mental Gates 47, 64, onto the ego Gate 40 in the Heart Centre and finally to the Gate of Dissolution of Ego (59) in the Sacral Centre.  Then he turned again, pointed his face to the future, and went right back over each of those gates again.

Mars is usually known as the warrior, quick to react, ready with the sword.  But a more mature aspect of Mars is the quality of protectiveness.  Mars can show where we need to pay attention to our personal boundaries.  Mars in Gate 6 (Conflict) in the emotional Solar Plexus Centre is all about regaining our conscious right to hold firm to our own healthy boundaries.

The conditioning to open up to unhealthy incursions into our private territory can be so subtle that at times it seems impossible to believe we will survive if we close the gate and say no.  Sometimes the subtlety means we’re not even aware of what’s entering our field – we’ve chosen not to know for our own self protection.  At the heart of this conditioning is the very small child who makes compromises in return for love and, ironically, protection.  Survival demands that we become blind to our own choices, because to know what we are giving up can be unbearable.   And even decades later, as mature adults, the pain of realising where we have given ourselves up to the agenda of someone else can be difficult to experience.

When Gate 6 is active, we need to be aware of when, how and why we choose to engage in conflict.  It’s not so much what’s happening out there as developing an understanding of our role in the process.  What was our trigger to join in?  What do we hope to gain?  This is our own internal emotional trauma trying to resolve itself and we we do well to take the time to listen carefully.

The Gate of Conflict is the home of the saying Inner Peace – World Peace!  Boundary skirmishes, battles over territory, dictatorships .. they are all a reflection of what’s going on in our energy field.   This is the last vestige of the tribal energy, as it tries to suppress individual expression and resist global being.   It’s no surprise that some regimes turned off their internet during political uprisings, since Twitter represents the perfect fusion of the individual expressing collectively.

We have Mars to thank for so much of our internal freedom today.  And that will reflect in a more stable political climate I think.

Brain Frequencies and Emergent Human Design

I’ve been researching brain frequencies for my Emergent Human Design.  There are at least 4 distinct frequencies that reflect different energy states from calm and relaxed to alert and highly active.  I’ve been listening to various frequencies on youtube, and loving it.   This is my current favourite.  The Schumann Resonance is the frequency of Gaia.

Let me know if you like it.




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