I work with a lot of amazing people. Most of you are women.  Most of you are 40 plus years old (young!).  I’m constantly amazed at the wisdom, skills and experience you bring to your lives.  Let’s face it, you are just amazing!

When I talk to you about your passion, you light up.  Wow!  You are so inspiring and powerful.  And then we talk about your income.  I might ask what you believe your clients can afford to pay.   Or I may ask you what you believe your work is worth in dollar terms.

And here’s what happens.

All the air goes out of you!  I see it over and over again!

The global business shift

There’s a huge shift happening in the business world.  It’s quietly driven by people just like you and I, who are sensitive, spiritually gifted and passionate about helping others. Do you have any idea how many people in the world are looking for you right now?  People who will have life changing experiences through working with your special brand of wonderful?

I often talk to people (particularly women)  about what they could be earning – what others with a similar skillset ARE earning.  When I do, there is frequently a quiet moment filled with a heady mixture of real desire, deep sadness and a tickle of excitement.  There is a new economy out there, and there is A LOT of money moving through it every day.  If you’re still trying to do business in the old economy, not only are you suffering financially, you’re also missing out on connecting with and helping a whole lot of people who haven’t been able to find you.

Here’s the thing.  If you’ve been on what we might call a ‘spiritual path’ for a while, you’re probably feeling a strong impulse right now to get out there in the world and spread the love.  Not just any old love, but your very special brand of The Love.  Truth be known, you’re also feeling stifled in your life, as if it’s suddenly grown way too small for you.  You want to grow, you want to spread those spectacular wings of yours.  And there are likely to be two obstacles coming up for you.

  • You have no idea how to get started, or
  • You’re been trying to make a living doing what you love for a while now and it’s not working out for you – you are lacking clarity and/or confidence, or you’re working hard and not getting the results you have hoped for.

Here’s what you would like instead:

  • You spend your ‘work’ time contributing to wonderful positive changes in people’s lives
  • You make a consistent income of around $5,000 per month or more.
  • You want it to be joyous, and you absolutely will not compromise your beautiful sensitivity to the business world.
  • You upscale your lifestyle so you can fully express your full magnificence.


If this sounds like the story of your life, I have two very special invitations for you to experience Emergent Human Design Coaching. Choose one, or both!

Invitation 1

Emergent Human Design Coaching Call 

This first invitation is for those of you who aren’t sure about how coaching works, or whether it can help you.  You might have a question about your business, or want to get some clarity on your direction.   Or perhaps you just want to listen in while others receive coaching.

This is the very first Emergent HD Business Coaching call.  It’s free, and fun.  And powerful.  You may or may not get personal coaching depending on how many people are on the call.  If you are interested in how you can be a part of the emergent new economy sweeping the globe, make sure you come join us.  Please leave your existing ideas about business at the door, you won’t need them.


Eventbrite - Emergent Human Design Coaching Call


Invitation 2

Emergent Business Coaching  – Your Personal Discovery Session

If you know you are ready to move past those boring old blocks that keep you stuck.  If you are ready to challenge your preconceptions about how you can help others, change the world and make a great income along the way, book a Emergent Business Coaching Discovery Session with me.

This is a free 30 minute session to explore whether you and I inspire and delight each other, and whether we want to work together to change your life.

I have a special bonus for the first 2 people to sign up for the coaching package each month.  I will give you an additional 60 minute personal Emergent Human Design session.  This gives you a flying start to your coaching, bringing you incredible clarity and a renewed sense of purpose and direction.

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I am so excited about sharing this deep and wonderful work with you!



Kim Gould is founder of LoveYourDesign.com and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the LoveYourDesign.com blog.