Human Design Readings for Children

Human Design Reading for children


If you want to understand your child, the Human Design System is a phenomenal tool.

It’s  important when looking at a child’s chart to go lightly, to allow room for the child to experiment with life and grow according to his or her own pattern.

As a parent, you’re there on the ground, day after day, interacting with your child.  It’s crucial that you have an understanding of who your child is, and who they are seeking to become.

Global Shift and Your Child

Our children are maturing at a time of unprecedented planetary change.   It can sometimes be difficult to know how they will be able to find their way.  Your child has a natural affinity with what’s going on in the world right now, and this reading will equip you both with tools to confidently navigate the shifts.

As a parent myself, I’ve blessed the Human Design System many, many times over the years!   It’s helped me to know that  both my children are amazing people who are naturally and organically stepping into their full range of potential, with only a light hand needed from me.  It’s helped me move through the challenges with much more grace than I could otherwise have mustered!  And to confidently champion who they are against the pressures of conformity.

What’s In the Reading?

Human Design Wheel ChartYour child’s Human Design Reading will cover:

  • The crucial things your child needs in life to feel nurtured and supported
  • Your child’s gifts and how he or she will seek to express and develop them
  • Where he or she is strong, vulnerable, sensitive, conscious and unconscious of their actions and behaviour
  • Their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual makeup
  • How they fit into the family unit
  • Potential life difficulties and how to empower your child to work through them
  • What your child needs to know about making the best decisions in life
  • An overview of your child’s role in the evolutionary journey of humanity

When I am preparing your child’s reading, I use the standard Human Design chart, plus the Subtle layer charts, minor planets, centaurs and asteroids.  The reading is simple, easy to understand and doesn’t use jargon.   It is designed to support you for many years in your important journey as a parent.

There are two ways you can get a Human Design Reading for a child.

Recorded Human Design Reading for Children

A 90 minute mp3 recording that takes you through each area described above.  The recorded reading allows me to cover a whole range of material that we may not get time for in the live reading (see below).  It’s very comprehensive, and you’ll return to it again and again over the years. AUD $197


Telephone or Video Reading

This reading is a live 75 minute call.

I use video conferencing so that you can see your child’s chart and follow along while we’re talking.  You can ask questions, and get feedback on any particular problems you’re having.

I cover call costs to anywhere in the world (*) and we can use webconferencing, skype, cell phone (*) or landline – whatever suits your needs best.

You receive a video and/or mp3 recording of the session.  AUD $120



Children's Human Design Reading




There are children playing in the street who could solve some of my top problems in physics, because they have modes of sensory perception that I lost long ago.