What Happens In My Human Design Session?


When you book a consultation or coaching session with me, it’s  is YOUR session, YOUR time.  I’m committed to making sure you get what you want from this consultation, even if you’re not sure what that is!

In my contact email I’ll ask you if there is anything in particular you’d like to cover.  This helps me to prepare.  If you don’t know, that’s fine.  Sometimes going with the flow is the very best approach.  You absolutely do not need to know anything at all about Human Design to have a consultation with me, or to benefit from that session.


Here’s Some of The Things You Can Choose 


Please keep in mind that we can only cover so much in one session.  If you have a few areas you’d like to cover, it makes sense to order a package of three sessions.


1.  You can use the session to learn about Human Design.  We can explore your design at the level you want, whether you’re a complete beginner or an advanced practitioner.  What’s Human Design?

2. You can share a problem and we can explore new perceptions, fresh approaches and surprising solutions. I will suggest experiments that will support you to resolve the issue.

3.  We can focus on the Subtle Layers from the Multidimensional Human Design System, exploring the conditioning inherent in your Interactive chart, and the gifts contained in your Spiritual chart.

4.  We can uncover the influence of  the Minor Planets and Asteroids  in your design, how they can shift your definition, and provide you with a personal mythology that can unravel long term issues in the most magical of ways.

5.  We can look at what’s happening for you now by exploring your Progressed charts (the themes for each year), Solar Return chart (for your birthday each year), Saturn Return chart (around ages 28, 56 and 84), Uranus opposition chart (around age 40), Chiron Return chart (around age 50).   The return charts are major life shifts that contain a wealth of useful information for what’s happening in your life at that time and how best to move through it.  (If you’d like to do more than one Return or Progressed chart you will need a series of sessions).

6.  We can look at a relationship issue, including looking at both people’s charts.  It’s important that you ask the other person’s permission to share their personal details and let them know we’ll be looking at their chart.  Of course, it’s great if you’re both on the call so we can explore the charts together.  If you want to do a relationship reading with two people, we’ll need extra time.  Email me for details.

7.  We can look at your children’s charts and talk about their potentials and challenges, and how you can best relate to them to create a loving, supportive and creative environment for you both.

8.  If there’s anything I haven’t covered here, please feel free to talk to me about it during our call.

I’m looking forward to exploring your unique Human Design with you!


I also offer Emergent Business Coaching, using the Human Design System and various other cutting edge coaching tools.  Find out more about business coaching.

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