There’s a lot of advice going around. Which is great. Really. It is. But… what works for one person doesn’t always work for another person. Take the personal growth industry. Go into your local bookshop and look at the section headed “Motivational”.

Now, I love a bit of motivation. But how many years have those same books being saying the same thing? If it was working, do you think they’d have to keep telling us? It sounds great and we all rush around trying to do what they suggest, but somehow after a while the thrill wears off, the book slips down the back of the lounge and we nod off to sleep.

And if you’re not convinced yet, take a look at the diet industry!

The reason why generic advice doesn’t always work for you is because humans aren’t generic. We are not all out of the one mould. We have our own idiosyncrasies, our own passions, motivations and vices. Like snowflakes, each one of us is different from every other human being ever born in the history of planet earth. That includes YOU. What an extraordinary creature you are!

What are you to do with all that magnificence?

Human Design is an extraordinary tool for human consciousness because it gives a map of each of your chakras, and tells us how they connect to each other. It does a lot more too, but just that one thing is pretty powerful! There are thousands of ways that your Sacral Chakra can differ from those of your best friend, the person sitting next to you on the bus, and your daughter.

Prince William

Prince William has a defined Sacral Centre – see the red square box on his chart below?  In the Human Design chart when something is coloured in, we say it’s ‘defined’.  A Centre gets to be defined when it connects to another Centre. Prince Will has not one, but five Centres connected to his Sacral Centre.

His Sacral Centre connects to his G Centre, and then on down to the Spleen Centre. The Spleen Centre connects to the Throat Centre and also to the Root Centre, which connects to the Solar Plexus Centre.

The knee bone connects to the thigh bone which connects to the foot bone, and generally Prince William has a very powerful Sacral Centre – and I suspect he is going to need it. He is heir to the English throne at potentially the most crucial time in it’s existence.

Having said that, can you see that he has only ONE gate coming directly from the Sacral Centre. ONE gate for all that energy to flow along!  This is the gate that the I Ching calls The Power of the Great and it deals with two main issues.

Firstly, learning the difference between force and true power.

Secondly, learning how to act at exactly the right time. Not rushing forward, not hanging back. How to advance in a positive way.

And the planet that activates that one gate?  Uranus, archetype of individuality. For Prince William, these two issues and that one planet contain a lifetime’s contemplation. We are going to see some fireworks when he hits his Uranus Return at around age 40.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt's Human Design ChartNow let’s look at Brad Pitt’s Sacral Centre. No gates at all! This is what we call an Open Centre.

Pitt  is very open to being influenced by how the people around him use their energy.  Want to come and have a drink Brad? Yeah, sure. Want to stay in and watch TV Brad? Yeah, sure. He will be energetic when he’s around energetic people and Mr Sloth around others.

There’s a gate reaching towards the Sacral Centre on the right.  It’s Gate 6 – Brad can be intimate and warm towards others.  I expect he likes to fight to win, but has learnt that this gets him nowhere much.  Pitt probably finds it difficult to connect emotionally with others. He’s looking for the adjoining gate 59 to penetrate him, to literally bring him to life by lighting up his Sacral Centre.   His sexuality will tend to reflect that of the person he’s with.

Angeline Jolie has a very strongly activated Sacral Centre, where as Jennifer Aniston’s is undefined.   He’s clearly made his choice about which of those two options works for him!

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres must be shaking herself and wondering how she ended up as a fabulously successful daytime talk show host.

Ellen has what is called a Single Definition.  That simply means that all her defined (coloured) Centres are connected to each other – creating a single area of definition.  People with single definition designs have better connected inner communication systems than others and can take in a situation and make a decision much more easily.

Human Design Chart for Ellen DeGeneresEllen’s Sacral Centre is connected to four other centres, and like Prince William there is one active gate that feeds energy to each one of them.  It’s Gate 27 and it is all about caring for others.   Ellen is very, very interested in the wellbeing of humanity. Her entire life force energy is available to be applied to upholding values (gate 50) that nurture (gate 27) the health and wellbeing of others (Spleen Centre).  She seeks nourish not for herself but for others.

She’s a bit lost without a partner.  Her Mars is in the Spleen Centre in a gate that seeks to be in a long term marriage (Design Mars in 32).  Her Venus is in the Root Centre in a gate that is about getting her emotional needs meet through a marriage partner.

Ellen would have been looking for the gate that gives her Sacral Centre (her life force) direct connection to the Solar Plexus (ability to experience emotions) – gate 6, the gate of intimacy, and she offers a warm (gate 26) nurturing (gate 27) energy in return.

Ellen has all four motors – the Centres that pump energy around the design – connected in a single group – Sacral, Solar Plexus, Root and Heart Centres. And nothing going anywhere near the Throat, so being able to act on or express her energy is a major issue and, I imagine, a source of intense frustration. To be relaxed and happy, Ellen will need to have developed her ability to be patiently responsive.

The channels that run from the Sacral Centre to the Ji Centre give a lot of clues about our life direction.  Ellen’s Design Saturn is in Gate 5, which is about waiting patiently for what you desire.  It’s also a gate of rhythm, hence the dancing!  And notice she uses it as part of her career signature, that’s Saturn the career advisor letting her know how to apply her rhythm to her work.

You Are Not A Generic Human

Understanding how your Sacral Centre is designed to operate can clear up a life time of confusion. Many people carry guilt and shame because they just can’t seem to get the energy together to do what they ‘know they should’.

Do You Feel Like A Square Peg in a Round Hole?Like Brad Pitt, they may only be able to act when they are with others who bring them the energy they need.

Others, like Ellen DeGeneres, have masses of energy just racing around their system and they can’t seem to get it out there into the world.

Prince William has a very specific energy to work with and knowing this will open the gate to his destiny as he matures.

Sometimes we can feel like a round peg in a square hole, trying everything we can think of to fit in, to make things work.  We try copying what others do or following advice we read in a book or magazine hoping it will make a difference.

When you look at the way your life force, sexuality and creativity – your Sacral Centre – expresses itself, it’s easy to see that each person is an individual.  So next time someone gives you advice and it doesn’t feel right for you, remember … you’re not here to be like everyone else.

Kim Gould is founder of and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the blog.