As we approach the watershed point of 10th October 2010, I wanted to share these two stories with you.  The first one is taken from Philip Shepherd’s new book New Self New World:  Recovering Our Senses in the 21st Century.  I’ll be interviewing Philip again very soon, and making the book available on my site because it speaks so beautifully to anyone interested in Human Design.

Jay Gluck, who wrote Zen Combat in 1962, arranged to bring five United States military police and a high-speed camera to meet with Morehei Uyeshiba, the founder of aikido, who at the time was eighty five.  In a demonstration, Uyeshiba took on the military police, who were suppored by a further six Japanese martial arts armed with oak swords.  As Gluck explains, the film shows this tiny old man – he stood four foot ten – moving amongst his charging assailants with a contented smile on his face.  No one even touched him until he let several of them grasp him in any way they wanted, whereupon he floored them all simultaneously.

Hiroyuki Aoki, author of  The Zero Point of Consciousness and the World of Ki, explains that he enters into such a point of calm clarity and harmony with the universe that any opponent who even thinks of attacking him would fall down.   When he was asked by an interviewer whether he really did nothing at such a time, Aoki responded, “No!  If I do anything it’s no good.  It’s a state in which I myself do nothing.”

The second story is from Roberta Grimes book The Fun of Dying.

Leonard Liebovici recently conducted a fascinating experiment. To test the power of prayer he randomly chose 4000 patients and in a double blind test, had a group of people pray for some of the patients. The patients receiving the prayers recovered more quickly and had a reduced severity of illness. The astonishing thing about Liebovici’s experiment is that the prayers were offered up in the year 2000 for patients who had been hospitalised back in the early 1990’s.  It appears that prayer does not cling to the stubbornly persistent illusion of time and that our intentions can affect the past!

And finally, happy birthday to John Lennon.  And to another musical superstar, happy birthday to my beautiful girlfriend Sharon. You can say we’re dreamers, but ….  it’s only dreams that have the power to create new realities.

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