Today another piece of the puzzle falls into place, as we dissolve toxic fantasies about who we are and what we want.

These channels between the Root and the Solar Plexus Centre are all about moving beyond survival at the emotional level.  Think of John Bowby’s babies, the orphans he observed back in the 1960’s who died for want of a warm loving connection with someone.  There’s no doubt we can pine away and die when we don’t get to experience positive emotions, or feel ourselves to be a constant target for negative emotional enery.

25th July2010

Here’s the thing ~ all that negative stuff – anger, depression, sadness, and the feelings I talked about in yesterday’s blog, shame, humiliation, guilt ~ none of them are real.  They are sitting out there in the ether and we are conditioned to make ourselves small and ineffective by plugging into them.

Instead of trying to work our way through negative emotional experiences we would be better served by giving ourselves permission to grieve and then finding what pure aspects are sitting underneath.

Grief is often seen as something self-indulgent, and wrongly judged as self pity. Not allowing ourselves to grieve for our own hurts keeps us from being able to naturally heal on the emotional levels.

There’s another transit that’s been heating up our emotional life.  Mars in Gate 6, conjunct Makemake and creating a channel with Orcus (dwarf planet candidate in Gate 59).   It has been bringing up our blocks to intimacy, and where we have been sacrificing our Sacral energy (sexually and creatively) in order to experience love connection.

Which brings me to today’s transits.

The Earth is in Gate 41.  This is where we’ll have the Full Moon tomorrow.  Neptune and Chiron are in Gate 30.  They connect the Root Centre to the Solar Plexus Centre ~ where our impulse to engage with life meets the filter of our personal emotional response.

This channel is, I believe, the root of our addictive energy.  Gate 41 is Decrease.  It represents the natural experience of allowing things to draw to a close, to come to completion, to empty and make way for the new.  This is not an experience that our culture is comfortable with.  When was the last time you saw an advertisement that suggested you take all the time you needed before making the decision to purchase?  Our lack of sustainability is directly attributable to our inability to abide decline, decrease, emptiness, as part of our natural process.

Gate 30 is Illumination.  When we allow ourselves the indulgence of decline and emptiness we naturally light up when the new energy comes to us.

The Solar Plexus Centre is such an incredibly important part of our growth and evolution.  Our personal emotions inform us of so many things.  They tell us when our boundaries are being breached, when we meet someone who will be important to us, when something arouses our curiosity and draws us forward on a new adventure.  They fuel our unique creativity and our sustaining emotional connections to others.

Much of the new age movement towards spiritual growth is aimed at the G Centre, while the Solar Plexus Centre remains largely unexplored territory.

This is a channel that impulses us to act on our personal desires.  We imagine what we want, our body experiences an activation, our emotions engage and we’re on our way!  But wait ….   we all know that it doesn’t happen like that.   Not because there’s anything wrong with us, but because we’ve all grown up in a world that doesn’t work that way.  It’s necessarily based on lack and scarcity, because that’s what keeps our economy ticking over.

Here’s what I wrote about this topic last week in my journal.

When we have been shamed for our desires we lose contact with our inner resources and our expectations become ruptured.  We expect one response from life and receive another entirely, which ruptures our connection with reality.  When others try to interfere in our experience of life that also causes a rupture in our experience of reality.  Our sense of reality is constantly under threat, from childhood!

I’ll give you an example.  Little Lisa falls over and takes the skin off her knee.  It really, really hurts.  Mum says (in a misguided attempt to comfort her beloved daughter)  “Oh that’s just a little scratch, it doesn’t hurt!”   Lisa thinks “Well I thought that was pain, but I must be mistaken.  It must be me making things up again!”  The next time Lisa feels pain she feels slightly ashamed to discover that she’s at it again, making things up, and she tries to pretend it doesn’t hurt at all!  Her connection with reality has been ruptured.

Bubbling Around by Grietje Haitsma

This weeks connection between the Earth and Neptune/Chiron is all about how we self-hypnotise ourselves out of our own reality, and into a fake life.  Our own true reality becomes an imaginary world, unbirthed.  While the false reality becomes our daily existence.   A web of self-hypnosis spreads across the planet, broadcast on MTV and sold in brown wrappers disguised as burgers at McDonalds.  And we all dance merrily on!

If you feel depression or anxiety this week, ask yourself what you have become accustomed to believing that just isn’t true for you.    This is a week when the veil is lifted from many lifetimes of fantisizing ourselves out of true existence.    Or perhaps I’m just imagining it … lol!

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