11705266_10153292918400865_6224819931772691621_nRelationships and emotions take centre stage this week, as the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter take a spin through the channel of sexual and emotional intimacy.

We’ve been on an evolutionary journey towards interdependence. which simply means we are learning to comfortably be ourselves while at the same time entering more and more deeply into relationship.

This week’s transits bring a major challenge. We have all learnt to give up our individual awareness for the safety of the tribe. Who can afford to know they are angry when it threatens all we know and love? How often do people quell their own sadness or fear so as not to upset others?

Well those times are past and what we need now is you, finely honed and fully aware of your emotions. We need you capable of fully living from your emotional awareness regardless of what’s going on around you, anchored into your unique experience of life. Because this is what makes you tick as the wonderful creative genius you are.

Those of you with undefined Solar Plexus Centres may be experiencing discomfort, a pressure to express emotions not your own. Take as much time out as you need to feel calm, and to tune into the subtle nature of your own emotional responses to life. If you find yourself at the centre of any conflict, be like teflon and let it pass over you. Don’t try to fix anything or anyone.

As far as transits go, Mercury shows what’s rising to the surface of our consciousness. It makes things mental (rather than emotional or somatic) so that we can put it into words, even if only in our own minds.

From now through to 26th August, Mercury is in the Gate of Conflict. This is a powerful gate, being the conduit for our intimate and warm emotional connections with others. If we perceive conflict we can become defensive and believe in that moment that we need to hold our position and win out against the other person. This gate can lash out in argument, or pull shut compromising our experience by trapping the emotions. When it is open and flowing, it allows for the dissolution of emotional blocks and a wonderful ability to create something new in partnership with another.

Jupiter is in the Gate adjoining Mercury – the Gate of Dissolution (59). And the Sun will shift there on 24 August. The Sun and Jupiter together is a shiny opportunity, but add Mercury into the mix and we have a powerful energy for healing.

It may not feel so great on the ground though, because the ‘healing’ we’re experiencing is the dissolution of emotional blocks. You may be experiencing emotions you had believed (albeit unconsciously) that you’d shoved far enough down so that they would never see the light of day, and you could maintain some kind of faux harmony. Now that unconscious emotional energy is upscaling itself, thanks to the influence of Mercury.

Oops! Those pesky emotions are bubbling up. You may find yourself saying things you didn’t expect to come out your mouth. Or feeling resentful about your emotions not being considered in a discussion. Don’t be so concerned about getting outcomes with others this week. Instead, focus on experiencing the FEELING of your own emotions.

Although you had good reason to block your emotions and store them deep down way back when, you are safe now to  experience them. There is no need to win an argument or try to hold back the apparent chaos of disagreement. You can allow your smaller self to disperse as you quietly enter into your larger self and a deeper truth. There is nothing to be anxious about, nothing real is lost here.

This is a VERY important step in your moving out of the influence of flock mentality. You must be able to see how opposing viewpoints can stimulate creativity rather than destruction. Your emotional responses are your personal guide to the light of your unique awareness. We are learning to respond to challenges, not by reaching for weaponry but by finding the mental space to conceive of the new dimensions they bring into potential.

Have you read The Language Of Emotions? It’s a great book, highly recommended by moi.

Img: Igli Jorgo

Kim Gould is founder of LoveYourDesign.com and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the LoveYourDesign.com blog.