new clothes boys and journaling mar 2011 034Jupiter is the planet of expansion. Every he touches gets bigger.

So what happens when he lands with Neptune in the Channel of Family and Community?

It means that we get together with others to transcend our current reality. Not just any others. There is a huge shift in relationships going on at the moment, relationships of all kinds. And a big shift in consciousness around the whole idea of the global family and the concept of oneness.

We are seeing the effects of this transit already, in the outpouring of refugees from Syria. At the risk of oversimplifying, what I’m seeing here is a heightened appreciation of the plight of individuals, over the desire to judge someone as right or wrong, black or white, muslim or christian.  We are all members of one family and finding the compassion to treat each other as humanely as possible just feels good!

But there is a deeper transformation going on beyond this event.


 We Are Family and It’s Time To Come Home 


Jupiter and Neptune in the Channel of Family and Community are shifting our relationship fractals so profoundly, our lives will never be the same again.

We can let go of forcing ourselves to do things we’ve believed we SHOULD do, because it’s expected of us, because someone would approve, or because everyone else things it’s a really great idea. The reason we can let go of this old way of being is because we are beginning to connect with the people who really GET US. The people who see our natural gifts and have the wherewithall to draw them out of us in exciting ways.

In my experience, the number one area of lack in people’s lives is not money, but people. Not just any people, but the right people. Friends, lovers, clients ….  so many of us go through life silently (or not so silently) lamenting the lack of people who will value and cherish us.

And so we go on doing things we don’t really want to do, because we are working hard to be of value to others, to do what we need to support ourselves, to gain approval and affection because of our efforts.

Hilary Barrett, in her I Ching book says about Jupiter’s position in Gate 40:

If your path has no real destination, turn back. If it has purpose, start your journey as early as you can. If you have no good reason to continue on as before come back to your starting point and let that cycle reach it’s end. If you have a goal in mind, why not start exploring ways to attain it right away?

Let’s all go somewhere we want to go, instead of spending our lives being pulled  by invisible strings along paths that lead nowhere.

Luckily for us, over the past few months Neptune has been busy plucking old delusional beliefs from our DNA. In the Gate of Family since April 2014,  Mostly we develop these beliefs because we weren’t safe. That’s not to say our lives were actually in danger, but as children we all built up protective behaviours. As Jupiter joins Neptune we will find the people and experiences we need to bring us that safety we have craved.

Gate 40 is sometimes called a Gate of Aloneness. It is, but only in so far as we all need limits to what we give to our ‘tribe’, our friends and family. People with this channel in their design are not loners, but they do need time out. Not from their family, but from the needs of their family. Gate 40 is not about moving away from our ‘tribe’ but about coming home to them, especially about having somewhere safe to go, and someone safe to go to, when we are hurt and wounded and needing rest and succour.


Feminine Power Unleashed 

Neptune will be in line 3 for the entire Jupiter visit to Gate 40. This line carries the energy of the mother refusing to step into her power, and blocking communication about how things should be ordered. This is very powerful medicine! It speaks to women in particular, giving an opportunity to step up on a global level, to speak a bigger story with a higher resonance. It’s time we stopped playing small out of fear of what might happen if we unleash ourselves!

Irina-Kotova.-Den-i-nochVesta and Psyche are in the 21/45, bringing this Jupiter/Neptune energy to the Throat.

Psyche (in 45) is interesting here, since she represents a woman’s pathway from young untried maiden through to initiated woman.  Her position speaks of letting go of roles and masks and simply reaching out to each other, with love and authenticity and warmth. Maybe that which we desire is not monstrous and something to be hidden away, (see below) but the epitome of the divine.

Vesta in Gate 21 calls us to feel our devotion to the truth. Anything that interferes with us knowing the truth of our own lives simply must fall away.

These two Goddess Asteroids are in a channel that tries to convince us to treat each other as commodities rather than humans. What if we simply trusted in our own abundance and met each person as another living breathing loving human being? Without attachment to what they might bring to us? Without calculating their value to us in numbers but in the quality of relationship?


There Are Hidden Stories All Around Us

As this Jupiter/Neptune transit event takes place, the North Node (destiny) is in Gate 46 with dwarf planet Makemake. This planet is all about retelling our stories. There is always an obvious way to tell a story. And then there is the hidden story, the story of the underdog or the victim or the oppressed. In our personal version of Makemake there is a hidden story of our own lives, loves, desires and perceptions. The hidden story of who we are that has not yet seen the light of day and so has received no proper reflection that would bring it to our consciousness.

Since Jupiter is the planet of mythmaking and storytelling, this is very significant. Meeting Neptune, Jupiter wants to change his story from one of greed, of constant expansion. He wants instead to tell a gentler more highly attuned story of unconditional love.

Notice in the chart that the Heart Centre (the red triangle) is connecting to the G Centre (the yellow diamond). The channel connecting them is about empowering ourselves by taking a leap into the unknown. So many people are shifting right now, and not just internally. They are moving from one coast to another, leaving one relationship and finding themselves in another. Quitting jobs, changing jobs, starting new jobs. There is a reason for all of this change.

We are meeting up with our soul family, those who make us feel at home, who value us for who we are, those who reflect back to us the hidden story we have carried as a seed within us. Imagine the leverage we will have on this world as each one of us now has access to a version of ourselves previously unseen, felt but not lived.


Img: Irina Kotova

Kim Gould is founder of and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

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