10649727_10152594675700865_115903769173951866_nWhile a lot of attention has been on Uranus in the Gate of Shock during 2014, Chiron has been quietly going about his business bringing up the wounds to our soul and providing the means to heal them.  This week the Sun and Earth join up with Chiron to heal our collapse into a sense of hopelessness that comes from trying …. and trying …. and trying.

The problem with the trying, is that it used to work.  But in this new energy we’ve created it just spins us and sends us back into the past.  It simply doesn’t work to try and try harder.  Nor does it work when we give up (aka surrender).  These are old tools, for a world we’ve chosen not to return to.

We’re moving full speed towards self empowerment.  That’s FULLY EMBODIED self empowerment (aka, I can manifest my desires).

When I started my first ‘spiritual’ business, Alchemical Healing, back in  …. oh, about 1999, one of my tag lines was – you don’t have to leave parts of yourself at home under the doona!  This is finally the time when all the bits and pieces of our inner selves can join in.  We get to play without compromise.  It might sound like a fantasy, but the tools to create such a way of being are available and are reaching critical mass. Over the next few weeks you’ll be exposed to ideas and ways of being that you’ve never considered possible.

This week The Sun is in Gate 64, known as Not Yet Across.  In the I Ching this is the very last hexagram.  But it’s not the end of the cycle.  The cycle ends just one gate earlier, in Gate 63, Already Across.   Gate 63 is the end.  Gate 64 is that liminal space between the end and the new beginning.  These two Gates, both in the Head Centre (or Crown), represent a transition.  Our transition is still very much in the energetic realm.  After all, this is the Crown Chakra we’re talking about. It’s only just in our bodies!  But they do represent the commitment you have made to a shift in your life.


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Just before this week’s Full Moon on 9th September, the Earth is exactly conjunct Chiron in Gate 63.5:

You are not asked to give more than you have.  Great offerings are not called for here, and can be counterproductive.  This offering is not an achievement or an end in itself.  What matters is the sincere and lasting connections and relationships it creates.  They can be damaged by over complicating or over doing things.  They are sustained by keeping what you offer simple and true. 

(from Hilary Barrett’s I Ching)

You have committed yourself and made a transition, whether you’re aware of it or not.  You have decided something for yourself. Stay loyal to that decision, even when external appearances don’t support it. You can’t see it, because you’re still creating it! Work with what you have and keep your momentum going. There’s no mistake in becoming engaged with how these new possibilities feel, so long as you don’t get lost in your imaginings and lose your presence in the moment.  Take the responsibility and initative in your own life, and when action is necessary … do what needs to be done. But no more than that.  Remember, you are not asked to give (or do) more than you have.

One effect of Chiron is to bring up the places where we were neglected as children.  By neglect I don’t mean not being fed, or being locked under the stairs like Harry Potter.  I mean simple things like not having someone listen to our ideas, or being told to sit still, or that we look funny when we dance.  These soul wounds cut deep and we tend to internalise them.  We learn to continue to neglect ourselves in these very same ways. We don’t even realise we’re doing it, seeing it a limitation imposed on us by ‘reality’, or holding an unexamined belief that the dreaded ‘everybody’ will not listen, will not like us moving, will not enjoy our dancing.  Over the next few days in particular, watch for feelings of neglect and deprivation of your most essential self.

We are healing the collective field of consciousness, removing the false energy created by a belief in lack.

Pay attention to what supports you, the intimate day to day acts that make your life joyful.  These are important right now. The big issues are taking care of themselves and all they require is your alignment with their gradual unfoldment . Remember to take action when you feel inspired to do so.  And don’t believe you have to understand, think things through for an answer, do things that you don’t want to do, or that create stress.

The Most Inspired Baby Boomers

Between 1963 and 1968, Uranus and Pluto moved through Gates 64 and 47.  These people are powerhouses of mental inspiration, bringing through some of the most exciting, creative and inspired ideas we’ve ever seen on this planet.  The difficulty a lot of those in this generation face is the transpersonal mental pressure.  Sometimes it can be hard to find a personal space amidst the importance of the message.  You are here to prepare the rest of us for this transition, to midwife the ideas, to hold the energy for the solutions to come through.  Trust everything and hold it in precious embrace.  You don’t have final solutions, it’s more like having a sense of what’s needed and being able to steer things in the right direction.  The cosmic mind embodied in this generation is breathtaking!


We have some really exciting and empowering transits coming our way over the next 3 weeks and I’ll write more about those in a few days.  Enjoy!


PS.  To all the wonderful people who I’ve spoken to in Discovery Sessions over the past 2 weeks – you are so amazing.  I am in awe of each one of you, and so blessed to have a business where talking to you is my “work”!!

I am booked for personal mentoring till November.  I’ll be posting information for more Discovery Sessions in October.


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