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learninghubtestlogo_600pxWould you like to learn more about evolving on purpose?  Want to feel a greater sense of satisfaction and personal meaning in your life?

Whether your familiar with Human Design, or a newcomer, PlayGroups offer a way to learn more about yourself and how you create your life.

I teach specialised aspects of Human Design that go beyond the standard chart.  I call it Emergent Human Design because I enjoy spending time on the edge of what I know.  It flows from my deep passion for Human Design, and my natural need to keep questioning and learning.  The Love Your Design Learning Hub is the home of our PlayGroups.  The Learning Hub is a place where we encourage curiosity, personal observation, and sharing of experience and insights.  We learn not from rules and keywords, but from developing a true understanding.

All the study in the  Love Your Design Learning Hub is done using the latest peer to peer (p2p) adult learning techniques designed to help you take ownership of the process and take action on what you’re learning.

When you join the Love Your Design Learning Hub, you are part of a learning community, passionately engaged in sharing and growing together.


Here’s what previous students have to say.

The thoughtful intelligence, openness, and shared warmth between class participants was an extra boon and made it the much anticipated, favorite time of the week for me.

You asked what I got from doing the PlayGroup? Wow. Well, tons! I am thinking about HD on a daily basis, and have been able to talk and share more about it with friends. It has been great to be able to connect with other students through conversations in the class forum, if only to gather more information about how others are experiencing their different designs and transitions. I am so excited be taking the Soul Progressions class.

I’ve REALLY loved connecting with the participants thru their charts and activations- and I’ve so appreciated the wisdom, Kim you and the others bring to the discussions.  

 Anonymous testimonials from 2013 PlayGroup participants used with permission