There’s an explosion of creative energy available to us just now.  And we’re hanging back, possibly even feeling depressed or anxious about the lack of movement.  Why?  There’s a few reasons.  Firstly, we may not trust what’s coming to us.  Second, we may not even see it.  Third it can feel a bit overwhelming.

Human Design transit chart

The Moon is passing over Mercury today, bringing something new to consciousness.  Here’s what the I Ching says about it:




[box]Creative force is the absolute power of heaven, that moves the stars in their courses and makes the seasons turn.  A noble one (that’s you!) finds this creative force is within her, as close as her own breath.  It does not pause and rest and nor does she.

Hilary Barrett’s I Ching[/box]


Which is all very well, but we’re not accustomed to flowing with such an amount of creative power.  And we shouldn’t mistake the flow of this energy as being anything like our old ideas of busyness.   We are stretching our wings, feeling the breeze under them, considering vast possibilities.

At this stage there is no need to manifest creation.  It’s the first dance and we’re all just getting to know each other.  How does it feel?  What adjustments can you make?


Annett Bank Yellow Dancer


The reason we’re not feeling so comfortable is that the Earth is making out with Eris just now.  Eris is not the easiest of girls to snuggle up to.  She’s a bit cross at having been left out of things.  So there’s this sort of cranky energy that wants to hold things back till it’s sure you’re not going to leave it behind.

We’ve got some choices to make about our direction in life.  Eris asks the question – who is the most fair?  Are we seeking beauty, love, career?  There’s a new level of responsibility and artistry here in how we create our own lives.

Eris and the Earth are in Gate 42.  This is a place where we can feel our growth is stifled, or distrust that it will ever lead to anything worthwhile.  It’s a fear that if things get good, they could get bad again, so maybe it’s better the devil we know. But this is a bifurcation point for us.  Our very ideas about what’s good and bad are shifting as we move deeper into our understanding of the process of co-creation.

How can anything truly be good, if deep down, something in us is being left out of the story?  There’s the key for this week – don’t blame others for what’s not working in your life just now.  Look at the story of your life to see if you’ve overlooked something that’s deeply important when you’ve put together the mix that led you to here.


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