We are heading into a potentially powerful few days.  I had a beautiful sense of the mother energy yesterday and suddenly wondered …  what is this?  Where did it come from?  Is it purely an Earth thing, or something more universal?

Every year the Sun passes over Ceres.  Tomorrow is this years annual conjunction, exact at 26th April 2pm UT.  What makes this conjunction so powerful is it’s position – in the Gate of Nourishment (27). Ceres is the Mother Goddess of  nourishment, and she represents how we become neurotic, projecting our infantile needs into our present reality. We all do this.

Expect grief, anger and a sense of loss. Also expect the serendipity of connecting with the true ‘mother’ energy on this planet in her magnificent abundance.  The magic here is that we are learning how to ensure our own individual connection to this energy, massively reducing our need to use relationships and addiction to try to reclaim what is ours.  In the past, we’ve all experienced lack in receiving what we need from others and believed we were doomed to continue thus.  At some very deep and unconscious level we’ve learned to be ashamed and humiliated when our needs were rejected and denied. Tomorrow we can let that go.

There is a sense of freedom here, freedom finally to be our own powerful creative selves without the blockages of struggle.  Enjoy this experience, as we head into another eight months of Pluto in the Gate of Joy (58).

Mars is also in the Sacral Centre, in the Gate of Dissolution – this gate dissolves blockages that prevent us from experiencing our own authentic emotions. According to renowned psychologist Alice Miller, the neurotic child/adult is created by early learned patterns of suppression of emotion that now clouds our reality.

This channel – Gates 59 and 6 – also hold Makemake and Orcus, and most particularly, Psyche.  When Psyche turns up we know this is a deep soul wound that we have had given up on ever healing.  In Gate 59.5 she is almost exactly conjunct Mars, and with Minerva in Gate 6 we can be sure that old patterns of doing and saying what ‘daddy’ required of us are making way for our true wisdom and creative potential to burst forth!

At least now we know what we don’t want, and can discard all thoughts, fantasies, false comforts and self delusions that chip away at our inner dignity.  This makes room for us to see that we carry our own nourishment with us, and that we already have what we need to find our own true pathway, make new commitments and explore new more nurturing territory.  We are blending our newfound abilities to listen deeply and act truly.

Psyche tells us:

Allow the ancient story to be complete in itself.  Instead of fighting to release strong personal values, deep instinctual strengths or the qualities of ancient heroes, realise you are here now.  You can still incorporate these ancient virtues as an inner source of strength, far deeper and more powerful than righteous indignation, and give up on the small struggles because when you are well nourished on ancient power and virtue you don’t need such things.

adapted from Hilary Barret, Hexagram 6 line 3.  

From 25th April at 3pm to 29th April at 6pm (UT), Mercury and Venus will create a channel from the Heart Centre (willfulness, ego) to the Throat. This is the place where we were overpowered when our individual will began to develop at around age 2. Thankfully Venus tends to recuperation and repairing, or we could have expected a global outbreak of adults having toddler tantrums. Imagine the supermarket floor!!

Given the arrangement of planets, I expect this to be a fairly understated transit.  But it will be very powerful in terms of human evolution.  Honour your subtle feelings of moving towards something more truly sustaining than what’s been on offer in the past.  Honour where you are, and what helps you feel ‘at home’ on this planet.  Honour your need to be met emotionally, and to live the life you desire.  Honour your own magnificence and what has brought you to this moment, no matter the struggle and imperfections of the journey.

 Image: Nourishment by James Joseph Roderick


Kim Gould is founder of LoveYourDesign.com and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the LoveYourDesign.com blog.