I stopped posting here because everything suddenly became so personal I doubted my ability to write objectively about the Human Design transits.

It went on like that.   And on.  And on.  And then I thought, maybe this is just how things are now.  Maybe the whole idea of being objective, slightly removed from what I’m writing about, is a thing of the past.

So then I had an idea.  Write from a much more personal perspective.  The big picture seems much more obvious now.   What may be more difficult to grasp, is how we can live.  How do we bring ourselves through these times? How do we celebrate the challenges,  see the truth, live the love?

I’d love it if you could join in the conversation.

Have you noticed that Mars activation to Gates 64 and 47 (between the Ajna and Crown) in the past few months have seen a huge increase in the number of amazing images on Facebook?  Mars went over those two gates in December 2011, retrograded, and then went back for a third pass over.   We got Pinterest, and then about a month ago, Facebook suddenly became like a de facto Pinterest.

This channel activates the less linear/logical/objective parts of our minds, turning us on to the visual and abstract.  The only time anyone writes anymore, it seems, is to add a quote to an image!  It’s a rich vein of sharing, and says more than words!  I’m loving it, drinking it in.   Sometimes, with my Design Moon sitting in Gate 47 under that transiting Mars, all I’ve been able to do on the Love Your Design Facebook page is share an image.

Elina Ellis

by Elina Ellis

Image Attribution: http://elinaellis.blogspot.com.au/

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