Money and power are about to take a more central role on the world stage, as The Great Awakener, Uranus, shifts gates today.   Yes, yes, I agree, they are always central on the world stage.  What’s shifting is the focus we have on them.  We are on an evolutionary trajectory that includes taking back the authority and power for our own lives after millenium of ‘giving it up for the man’, and the next few weeks are a powerhouse of change in that particular process.

Uranus is shifting into the Gate of Biting Through, Gate 21 in the Heart Centre.  The Gate of what???  It’s about getting to the truth of things by biting through obstructions.  Hilary Barrett says this:

It’s time to bite through to the truth, cracking the situation open like a bone between your teeth.  Resting content with appearances may be easier but it’s not enough. 

There’s a fine balance in this gate – to take control and responsibility for our own lives without succumbing to the desire to try to control others. Before you take off in an attempt to get the other person to do what you want, consider what you can do on your own behalf.   Ponder three words – control, authority, domination.  What can you do to bring more control over your own life?  Where are you giving your authority away to others?  What attempts are you making to dominate others to compensate for your perceived lack of personal control and authority?

This gate deals with a deep confusion about power – that we have to wrestle it back from others rather than seek it within ourselves.

Pluto – the planet that tells us all about power and how we use it – is in the Gate of Opposition.  The story in the I Ching is of diversity within the same family.  Although the children all have the same parents they grow up with different friends, different interests.  Eventually they leave and go their own way.  This doesn’t mean they are enemies.  It simply means that diversity is natural.  We can’t expect everyone to vote the same way we do, to believe in the same god we do (or not), to love the same music or enjoy the same food.

When fear is present, diversity seems threatening.  When we are not fearful, diversity can be delightful.  Pluto tends to be dogmatic and meglomaniacal.  It asks us to seek our own power from deep within.  On the big picture level right now, Pluto is saying there are riches to be had when we enter into dialogue rather than continue with our own fear fuelled fantasies that we are struggling on alone in a harsh world.

Pluto rules the nuclear bomb, and it’s no coincidence that the isolated North Korea is playing out it’s own nuclear drama in order to get retribution (regain power from) the US.

399174_10151335157775865_914970213_nIt’s easy enough just now to allow our ancient programming to see opposition, but not the pathway to the richness of diversity.  That pathway goes against all we have learnt since the very first tribal wars on this planet.  It says that the risk in continuing to try to dominate and control each other is now greater than the risk of opening up to dialogue and genuine interest in what the other party is seeking to achieve.

We’re not accustomed to using our willfulness in this way.  The inner conflict caused by domination is carved deeply into each one of us.   Eat your food, do your homework, pay your bills, stay on that diet.  These attempts at self control are so natural to us that we don’t see the damage they cause in our lives.  If  I dominate and control myself enough to stay on the South Beach diet for a month, then the resentment has to go somewhere!   But that’s not the sort of self-control we’re talking about here.  This is a clear eyed look at what we can do to make changes for the better in our own lives.

This move by Uranus brings it back into a square with Pluto, so the relationship between the two is strengthened today.  Between now and when Jupiter moves in to soothe the waters on 29th April we can expect the unexpected in the areas of  the price of gold and the stability (or otherwise) of fiat money (paper money), especially the US dollar,  issues of severity and leniency in significant legal cases,  big reveals about corporate greed, continuing grandiose nuclear posturing,  the nature of communal resources on the planet, bombings and attempts by fundamentalists to control and dominate others.

There is an incredible potential here, for us to step beyond some of the most toxic aspects of the patriachal culture and into a more diverse grassroots relationship with each other.  By the end of May our ideas about who exercises power and authority over our lives will have shifted to somewhere a bit closer to home.

Kim Gould is founder of and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the blog.