I just want to write a quick post on the transits we’ve been enduring over the past 5 days.  With Jupiter at the Root Centre pressuring the emotions and Neptune in the Gate of Abundance, I expected it to be a warm and friendly healing energy.  Alas!  For many people the pressure was almost unbearable.

There’s a number of reasons for that.

First one is that Ceres is in Gate 59 – part of the channel that is at the core of intimate relationships.  Ceres can trigger rage and grief, so she can sometimes be a difficult energy!

Gate 59 is called Dispersion and it serves two functions.  It dissolves (disperses) blockages in the natural flow of energy between our body and our emotions.  And it reaches out for the kind of warmth and intimacy we seek in a really wonderful sexual relationship.  So while we can disperse those blockages ourselves, we are conditioned to seek relief from the stagnation of our energy by falling in love.  Then, when we can’t find a lover, we feel lack – a lack of flow between our body and emotions, a lack of warmth and a lack of intimacy.

Of course there’s nothing wrong with having – or wanting to have – a warm intimate sexual relationship and that’s partly what many people were feeling a lack of in the past week.


The Sun and Earth are sitting in the Channel that is sometimes called Community – Gate 37 and 40.  These gates are astrologically opposite, so they are at odds with each other. This can create inner conflict.  Do I want to be outgoing and friendly or do I want to be alone?  Am I feeling generous and supportive or do I want to take care of myself first?   Our essential aloneness (or should I say existential aloneness?) is triggered by the combination of the 39/55 in the Individual circuit ( I have to struggle on alone) and the 37/40 Communal circuit (I need others to love and support me).

The Heart Centre is one of the most misunderstood Centres in Human Design.  We all understand the Solar Plexus, it’s all about emotions.  We might struggle with our emotions but we know what they feel like.  The Heart Centre sits midway between the Solar Plexus and the Ji Centre – between feelings and soul – between emotions and our higher self.   It’s the ego mediator, the place where we can truly become divine by understanding both our larger spiritual self and our smaller human self.  And this week it’s been under a lot of pressure.

By the time the energy reaches Gate 21 in the Heart Centre there are three motors involved (and four motors if you include Ceres and the possibility of someone around with the adjoining Gate 6).   And it’s all under pressure from the Root Centre, where we can also find Pluto in the Gate of Joy.

The major theme here is twofold.  Firstly, we long to be embraced by something warm and loving, to feel included and recognised and to have intimacy as part of our everyday lives.  Many of us don’t have that now.  And it is essential to life, so it’s lack can bring up painful feelings of loneliness and longing.

Secondly, the Heart Centre represents our will and how we apply it. Most of us have a very damaged capacity to act from our natural willfulness.  And that hurts, because this is how we integrate our personal and divine selves.  Much of our culture’s childrearing is based on breaking the child’s will, taking away his or her natural responses, overpowering the child and creating fear rather than love.  Here we find the nub of the pain of the past week.  When we have expressed our will as children and been corrected, we have experienced this as a withdrawal of love and intimacy.  So now, why would we risk taking action on our own (naturally willful) behalf?  The subconscious belief is that this will threaten our very existence through loss of love.  This is incredibly deep, since it triggers conditioning of loss of self that goes back generations.




The asteroid Child is sitting opposite Pluto just now, and it’s the frozen child who needs our attention.  In the Gate of Keeping Still in the Root Centre, the child has copped the freeze part of the fight, flight or freeze response.  When we have so much pressure to feel our emotions and to act powerfully on our own behalf, it hurts when our capacity to respond naturally is frozen.  Ceres in the Gate of Dispersing is there to dissolve the blockages but it’s a process that’s not straightforward or always easy.  Be gentle, this is the work of correcting many generations of fear of releasing the self into a world of love and intimacy.

Kim Gould is founder of LoveYourDesign.com and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the LoveYourDesign.com blog.