Late on 23rd August Greenwich Mean Time the Moon will be exactly opposite Venus.  (6pm Eastern on Friday 23rd August)

Not so important, you might think, since the Moon opposes Venus once a month, regular as … well some sort of ancient and almost forgotten ‘clockwork’.  But this month it will trigger a powerful transit event.  Here’s the astrological chart, which clearly shows the relationships between Jupiter and Pluto, Uranus, Moon and Venus.


astrological transit chart for 23rd August


That’s a lovely square there in the middle!  Let’s see what the Human Design transit chart looks like.


HD transit chart 23rd August 2013



Not quite such obvious geometry, but let’s look a bit closer.  This configuration is part of the life changing Pluto Uranus square sequence we are experiencing between 2012 and 2015.   This series of powerful transits is gradually teaching us to step out of the crowd and claim our own genius, our own personal place in the sun.  Instead of being part of a generic mass called ‘humanity’, you and I will be shining lights of co-creative energy inhabiting our own unique place within the web of life.

It’s a slow process, often with two steps forward and one step back.  It requires carefully unravelling fears and compacted trauma which are embedded deep within our DNA.  The stories of lack of recognition, of not being enough, of feeling invisible, are woven into the human sense of self.   At each step we must slow down to unravel the tangle, then we can move on again.



We are beginning to truly understand what is possible.  As we emerge from the fog of confusion about who we really are, we can reach out and support each other to gain more and more clarity.  Our sense of wonder at the possibilities before us is more reliably present in our lives.

Uranus is creating a channel with the TNO Chaos.

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Both Uranus and Chaos are about the fractal reality.  They are about sudden shifts that make new things happen.  This is about being present with the quality of the moment and conscious of what you can create from it.  Chaos (in Gate 45.2) tells us that showing up is the most important thing.  Uranus says to stop trying to get nourishment from things that aren’t really feeding you. Bite through to what’s right for you, and let go of what others believe is good for you.

Uranus square Pluto in it’s current form (Pluto in 58 and Uranus in 21) puts us under pressure to bring together the seemingly impossible qualities of living life on our own terms while simultaneously opening up warmly to others.  There is a series of small deaths in this process, and much upheaval of our day to day life.

Venus is also square Pluto, but in the Human Design chart that puts her right in the same channel.  Pluto is in the Gate of Joy in the Root Centre (58) and Venus is in the adjoining Gate of Correction (18) in the Spleen Centre.  This is the place in the chart where DNA shifts.  It challenges the old stories and changes the way we relate to a reality that is created from the top down.  Pluto pressures us to claim our own bodies, our own wellbeing, and Venus makes a space for us to move away from rebellion against authority that has become empty politics.  It’s time to leave it behind and claim a larger agenda.  It may be harder to see, but it’s more real.

The Moon makes a channel with that wonderful asteroid Kassandra (in Gate 62), an oracle who was cursed by Apollo, who then took her oracular powers for his own.  Kassandra was doomed to speak out her prophecies but to never be believed.  Gate 62 is a portal gate for the light codes of humanity.  If we wish to use logical language to convey reason we must crack open the left sides of our brain to let in the amorphous and abstract ‘reason’ from the other side.

We can’t find words for it, but the multidimensional energetics of speech are evolving to move us beyond words as singular units of information.  We can sense the tone of voice, we can feel the energy in them, we can see the look on people’s faces.  There is so much more to words that we have allowed ourselves to rationally know.  And women, who tend to have a much more active corpus callosum in their brain – the membrane down the centre of our brain that facilitates information flow between the two hemispheres – are more at home with the integration of the two modes of communication.

The Moon and Kassandra are healing our capacity to speak our own truth, blended with love and light, with the rational and the so-called irrationality of the incoming inspiration of the feminine.  Kassandra and the Moon are asking us to stop fearing what we may say and allow our voices to join in the universal flow of creation.  If we are not believed, we probably should move ourselves into a position where where can have a real impact.  But if that seems impossible, we should consider small ways in which we can bridge the gap in communication.

Arachne is weaving a larger web, and asking our magical child to play.  In the Channel of Rhythm, Arachne (in Gate 5) joins Pandora.  What are we afraid of letting out of the box if we open up to a new divine self?  What have we been taught to curse in ourselves, and so to keep hidden away?  The asteroid Child (in the adjoining Gate 15) says we should abandon false modesty and instead inhabit our honesty and integrity. If that feels hard to grasp, look for where it’s lacking and use that lack as inspiration to create change, even to venture further afield.   How does our day to day habit of keeping to the clock block our capacities?  And how can we free ourselves into a larger reality of time and space?


Ceres and Mercury in the Gate of The Abyss (29) amplify the message of keeping it authentic in the moment.  It seems impossible for us to make the necessary changes in time, they seem so overwhelming  – politically, environmentally, personally.  But there is a small opening over the next few days.  We should stop digging down deeper trying to find the solution in the old paradigm and look up to see where the light is coming in.  There’s no need for anything more elaborate than to commit ourselves – mind, body and soul – to that potential and where it might lead us.  This isn’t about setting goals, it’s about releasing ourselves to a new relationship with the universe, and being present in conscious choice each step of the journey.

Kim Gould is founder of and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the blog.