If The Voice was correct, or correctly interpreted, and we do have a Magnetic Monopole embedded in our Ji Centre, then science certainly doesn’t know about it yet.

While experiments from the Large Hadron Collider to Rodin’s Free Energy Devices try to overcome the fact that no conclusive experimental evidence supports the existence of this elusive creature, particle physicists are convinced.  If only they could find it!

To scientists, the Magnetic Monopole is a fundamental key to the Theory of Everything.

You and I can feel it – right in the centre of our chests, in the Human Design Gate 2.  But perhaps science may take some time to catch up.


What Is The Magnetic Monopole?


In science, a magnetic monopole is a particle that creates a magnetic field.  However, this is not the sort of magnetic field you created in school when you pulled iron fillings around on a piece of paper.  This new type of magnetic field has a completely different quality.  It is not part of the polarity of life on earth.

A normal magnet has two poles, usually called the north and south poles.  You might have one of these on your fridge.  If you place it on your fridge door the right way it sticks as if by magic.  If you turn it around it jumps out of your hand and lands on the floor.

A magnetic monopole doesn’t have two poles.  As it’s name suggests it’s a MONO – Pole.  It only has one pole.  No POL-arity.

While the Human Design revelation says the Magnetic Monopole only attracts, there is no attraction or repelling force in the scientific version of the magnetic monopole because by it’s very nature it doesn’t have a polarity.

Scientists have managed to create something a bit like a magnetic monopole, but only by tricking the magnetics into thinking the other pole is not around.   Just like if you tried to pretend that your fridge magnet would stick both ways but you actually didn’t try sticking it on the wrong way around.  Look, tada!  It’s a monopole!  No, it’s just that we’re pretending it is.

In Human Design, the Magnetic Monopole is embedded in the Ji Centre on conception.  Physically it is found in the centre of your chest, under your Sternum.  This version of the Magnetic Monopole aligns us to our soul geometry, it is movement and energy and the potential for creation.  I believe it carries an activation for resolution of duality.


Here’s what I find fascinating about Magnetic Monopoles.


Firstly, The Voice (which revealed Human Design to Ra Uru Hu), said that scientists would eventually discover that Magnetic Monopoles cause gravity.

Secondly, there is no conclusive evidence that they exist, although scientists have been trying to prove they do since the 1930’s.

Thirdly, if you watch the energy flow around a normal magnet it looks like this:



The energy flow creates a torus.

Research by the HearthMath Institute indicates that the energy flow – electromagnetic field – of the human heart is in the shape of a torus.



This electromagnetic energy moves out beyond our physical body, creating a second larger torus field.



And this second torus field is exactly the same, mathematically and geometrically speaking, as the torus field created by the Earth, Sun and Stars.  This torus field is possibly the underlying creative field of the universe as we experience it.  But this field is created by a normal magnet, with two poles that attract and repel.  Where is the magnetic monopole hidden in this?

And here’s the most interesting idea of all.  We only think of these energies as ‘electromagnetic’ because we measure them with tools that measure electromagnetics.  It’s a bit like thinking it’s a bit dark today when we’re wearing sunglasses.  This hidden magnetic monopole energy could have many, many qualities that we cannot even imagine yet, let alone test and measure.

The magnetic monopole is said to have a completely different kind of energy to the sort of magnetics created by the standard household magnet.  Which means that it could represent an entirely new form of  energy force or energy field that we are yet unfamiliar with.

It hardly makes sense anymore to deny that the Ji Centre in Human Design is both a motor and an awareness centre.  According to the HeartMath Institute it generates a tremendous electromagnetic field – the strongest and largest field created by the body!  Although as someone suggested, perhaps the motor portion is in the Heart Centre rather than the Ji Centre.

I’m thinking about escaping gravity, letting go of identifying with duality, connecting with our hearts, each other and the galactic reality simultaneously.  Creating a web of energy that we might call electromagnetic (simply because it’s the best word we have for it just now) that connects all of universal existence in one hologram.    And that hologram is you.  There are new sacred codes coming through in the next few days.  You may experience them as love, as sacred geometry, as synchronicity. Degraded codes are being removed.  Incorrect fractal alignments are breaking down.  Stay tuned!


St Germaine and the Great Central Sun Magnet

In his I AM Discources on Supply, St Germaine talks extensively about a magnet that is made of the energy of love and light, and which is sourced in the Great Central Sun.

In the Human Design chart, the Great Central Sun, or Super Galactic Centre as it’s known in astrology, is in a fixed position in Gate 46 … in the Ji Centre!

To quote St Germaine:

Your ability to do something greater than what you are doing now has to be radiated into the energy of your outer self both by your Higher Mental Body and from Our Octave.  And that is all done by the Power of the Great Central Sun Magnet.  This is the Magnetic Power of the Universe because it pours It’s Energy down with Its Consciousness and as soon as It connects with the energy in the feeling world, It begins to lift that up into Its own Vibratory Action.

If you raise the pitch of your Vibration your problems and struggle and your discord of the outer, your limitations, will be completely gone.  They will disappear just that easily; for once you step into the higher Vibratory Action with the energy and feeling of your own life’s action, when you step into that, the other becomes nonexistent to you. That pases out of your world forever.





Kim Gould is founder of LoveYourDesign.com and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the LoveYourDesign.com blog.