Today’s Full Moon is an emotional event, not least because Neptune is bringing up our family patterns.  All the places where your spiritual self, your galactic sensitivities, your bright light and your gentle heart have been wounded and hidden away .. all those places are coming free of the darkness.

For many people it’s difficult to know how to live in a world that can feel so harsh.  This Full Moon simply tells us that we can take good care of ourselves and wait until the time is right to share our light in a more conducive environment.  We enter into our own deep dark belly to find what we need to soothe and nurture and allow others to do the same.  When each one of us cares for ourselves in this way, the harshness won’t last too long for anyone.

The Full Moon is happening in an astrological square to the Galactic Centre, where we find the beautiful asteroid Chariklo transiting.  She represents our capacity to hold a space for ourselves and others to leave hurtful situations.  She is a profoundly gently spiritual and emotional healer.  The Galactic Centre also operates a bit like a psychic vacuum cleaner that clears out all the gunk.  And remember, from my last post, that we have Askalaphus in Gate 40 (sitting between Uranus and Neptune) to help us release old outworn belief patterns that keep us in a sort of post traumatic limbo land.

There’s a peacefulness in this Full Moon that comes from letting go of the striving to be something different from what you truly are.  Your authenticity is all that’s required.


The Sun is in Gate 36.4  Earth and Moon are in 6.4.



Soul Progressions PlayGroup  

People sometimes ask me if the gates ever shift in their design. The answer to that question is no ….  and yes! 

Your standard chart remains unchanged throughout your life. In some ways, that doesn’t make sense, because you know  there is constant change in your life.  Things are always moving, there are always new challenges and opportunities.

Where do we find that movement in Human Design?  It’s in the Soul Progressions.    More 




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