This month’s Full Moon is an evolutionary push that takes us beyond our woundedness, beyond the effects of culture and into fully integrated global being.

There are three ‘hot spots’ in the Human Design transits on our upcoming Full Moon.  One is mental, one emotional and one is physical.   The red letter event is that the Sun, Venus and Uranus are all in the Gate of Following.  Uranus is the Great Awakener.  This is an awakening event, a profound shift in our evolutionary trajectory.

Let’s take the long view for a moment.  Life began on earth about 4 billion years ago.   That’s life as in cellular carbon based life forms, organic stuff that reproduces.  It arose from combinations of various chemical compounds coming together in marvelous new ways.  That’s our ancestry.  We turned up on the scene (“we” as in the Genus Homo) about 2.5 million years ago, and evolved into something recognisably ‘human’ about 200,000 years ago.

Full Moon 2013 Human Design transit chart

What’s happening now is shift that takes us beyond gradual evolution.  We’re not talking about the development of tools and opposeable thumbs.  We’re not talking about agriculture or towns or reading and writing.  This is not incremental.  We are taking part in a paradigm shift, an evolutionary leap into the unknown.

Gate 17 is a mental energy.  It’s asks where you have inherited ideals and philosophies that don’t work for you, no matter how much you bend and squeeze yourself to fit them?  Do we have to abuse our bodies and block our emotions to make life fit their shape?  Do we try to manipulate and control others to protect our own opinions?

When you are clear about what you value, your thoughts and ideals can reflect that.  You can allow them to meld with the natural currents, following signs and nudges.  You can take the pathway of effortless supportive synchronicity.  When we crystallise our ideals and make them our irreproachable gods, we lose.

Venus brings the potential to recover from a lack of human connection at the mental level.

How can we introduce our minds to our own humanity – to our bodies and emotions?   We have a cultural tendency to isolate mentally from our other modes of awareness.  We have been conditioned to lose touch with our own reality.

As each one of us reconnects with our inner knowing – our intuition, our emotions, our inspiration – we can ground fully into our physical vehicles.  I want to make the point here that we can’t be fully grounded until we have returned the flow and relationship of emotions and intuition and thoughts.  This integration and grounding process is well under way.  It’s what we’ve been doing for the past few decades, and we’re at the pointy end now.

strange attractorWhen the evolutionary process gets ready to take a leap, it moves into a chaotic state.  In that chaos, everything becomes very sensitive. Every little twinge and shift seems like a tsuanami.  That’s where we are.

That’s why you are so finely attuned just now to every thought, every bodily sensation and emotional twinge.  The sensitivity is a part of the grander scheme of evolution, and your consciousness of the process is what we might call the ‘strange attractor’.   When evolution enters it’s chaotic stage, everything is looking for an anchoring point.  What shall we constellate around now that the old reality is dissolving?  That anchor point is called a strange attractor.  It’s what we are attracted to.

When scientists use complex mathematics to draw strange attractors, they look like butterflies, our symbol of transformation and emergence.   That’s the profound level of integrated meaning inherent in our cosmos.

So, back to the story of our evolution.  As we become  increasingly sensitive to every little twinge of inner conflict, our holistic integration enters a completion stage.  We are completing a cycle of individuation (that’s Uranus and the Sun at work).   We are closing the circle of merging and melding, of fear and projection, of control and manipulation.

We are approaching the place where we can make conscious responses from an integrated place as an individual.

This is profound.  That sticky, sucky, painful place of neediness is disappearing.   Our woundedness is receding.  Our capacity for conscious presence is increasing.  Our ability to hold our own unique shape and enter into the flow of the collective, and beyond to the cosmos,  is emerging.  We are completing our evolutionary cycle as tribal beings.  We are completing our evolutionary cycle as national and cultural beings.   We are moving beyond the place where we can be controlled by an external authority, because we have grounded our own inner presence beyond culture.  We are emerging as clearly differentiated unique individuals, capable of coming together at the global level.

We are about to embark upon the adventure of a lifetime, where a lifetime is about 5 billion years.   We are becoming conscious of our capacity to engage in the process of evolution itself.   We are stepping into our power to co-create.

The engine room for this shift is in the other two hot spots – the body and emotions.  In the Solar Plexus Centre we have Mercury and Chiron in the Gate of Family (37).  In the Spleen Centre we have the Moon and Earth in the Gate of Family Corruption.  Both of these positions point to a clearing of wounds at the level of family and culture.  These are the places within us that have carried the wounds of many generations.  Wounds that we have re-created at the level of culture.  Suppressed anger, fear and control, greed and neglect.  Be alert to these old patterns that are seeking to flow out of your field just now.   We hold them as a collective, we release them as individuals.

Uranus comes to us via external, or collective, events.  Things happen that push us to let go of old over-crystallised structures and look for new innovative “out of this world” solutions.  It can be scary, it can be exciting.  Uranus uses excitement as a way to open our field to the new.  Watch the news this week to see how established cultural and religious authorities topple.  I was interested to read Paul Krugman’s take on the banking crisis in Cyprus.  Krugman recommends a leap into the unknown.  In this case the devil we don’t know will be better than the devil we know.  There’s no doubt of that, it’s just a case of whether fear will rule reason.   Every bump and grind of world events seems ready to tip us over.

Honour your sensitivity, it’s an evolutionary process and your consciousness of it is a profound stage in life’s journey.

As these wounds – both personal and cultural –  shift out of our field, a new reality will be revealed as if by magic.   What was previously obscured is becoming clear and bright, bringing with it a new way of experiencing ourselves that goes beyond anything we have previously imagined.


Kim Gould is founder of and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the blog.