There’s been a huge rush around the empowerment of women in the past few years.  It’s all wonderful, we’re uplifted and excited about the possibilities.  There’s absolutely no doubt that the women of the world are staking their claim to creating a better future.  The energy of this shift has been getting more powerful in the last 3 months, can you feel it?  Where are we at with that energy right now?  It’s about changing our story about how we keep safe.  It’s about stepping past our familiar boundaries and blessing the day and each person we meet.  It’s about radically expanding our sense of fellowship to all humanity.   It’s about no longer restricting our alliances to ‘people like us’.  The feminine is relative – as in, it holds the energy of relationships on this planet.  There’s stuff to let go of as we reach out to a whole new level of relationship, there’s morphic fields to deconstruct and new lives to create.  We are birthing a new destiny for ourselves and the planet.

Let’s talk astrology for a moment.

For the past few months, Ceres and Vesta have been in the Spleen Centre, connecting in with the Pluto Uranus square energy, and the bridge between Pluto and Neptune.

You can read more about using Ceres and Vesta in Human Design here.

Ceres and Vesta are a part of our inner solar system.  Each of these ‘goddess asteroids’ adds to our capacity to develop our feminine aspects because they refine the energy beyond what is available from the only two feminine points in the standard Human Design chart – the Moon and Venus.

In her groundbreaking book Asteroid Goddesses, Demetra George explains

yin-yang-1Feminine in and of itself does not exist; it is the feminine end of the polarity.   Both women and men have feminine qualities. There are two feminine principles.   The first is the power of growth and fertilization, forces that quicken the life impulse to recreate and sustain itself.  The second principle is the power of transformation, the ability to change one thing into another.

We are experiencing a time of intense transformation.  This shift in intensity is experienced as an increase in pressure, tension and the rate of change until enough energy is generated to provoke a quantum shift in consciousness.  Emotional transformative crises are changing our psychospiritual vibrations so that we may attune our individual frequency to the spiritual core which resonates with the whole of creation.

These asteroids function as modes of personal transformation that link the personal (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars) with the collective (Jupiter, Saturn).  They are operating to shift us from the old version of Aquarius – anarchy, chaos and a headlong rush into the new without a sensible incorporation of the old, excessive emphasis on individuality which denies the connection to others – and towards a brotherhood/sisterhood that is networked both to universal consciousness and to each other. This is a fractal reality, where you are always at the centre and simultaneously a beloved part of the whole.

Activation of this feminine psychic energy within each one of us is causing the release of a vast amount of unconscious archetypal material in both men and women.  Much of this material has been trapped within societies stories of women – Juno as the jealous wife for example.  The current transits are drawing us out of the limits of these old stories and into a stage of renewal that draws us out of isolation and into participation.

The asteroid goddesses are literally vehicles of rapidly vibrating birthing energy, both agents of transformation and symbolic keys to our transformation. They represent those experiences and crises which lead to changes in functioning at all levels from biological (brain function, emotions) to spiritual and allow us to open to more collective and cosmic frequencies.

This week the North Node (pulling us through our discomfort and towards our future) moved into Gate 50 and joined Ceres.  This is a Splenic Gate with the energy to shift culture into a new era.  It  brings up all issues relating to how we care for ourselves and others, shifting ancient lineages as it goes.  It creates powerful ripples from society into the personal and from the personal out to society.  Your ability to self care can change the world, just as the shifts to a more caring society can aid you to change your life.  On a very personal level, this is a gate that holds the paradigm for our intimate relationships – to  balance the passion, romance and sexuality with a deeply caring energy towards our partners.

This combination – the North Node and Ceres – inevitably brings up all the dross and detritus of the mother/child relationship.  We can’t be living empowered lives if we’re still stuck in child/adult split, keeping busy fighting a war between the two.  It’s time to get clear about what we want to create in the world, to find people who we can relate to without projection, and to move beyond the established limits of who we are into a much larger personal and collective construct.


Mother issues run very, very deep in our psyche.  They are one of the last taboo’s.  There is something critical to suppressing our pain around our relationship with our mother.  It’s as if we know that the pain of releasing this psychic material will destroy our very existence.   And yet, right now, at this crucial time in the evolution of consciousness, we’re being given the opportunity to open up pandora’s box and find what’s been stuffed inside it and labelled as dangerous.  It’s time to let the light shine upon our deepest darkest wounds and allow them to heal.  These wounds have kept us locked into a projected field of separation from each other, they have created the illusion of lack and struggle and aloneness.  That projected field is now disintegrating as you delete the old stories one by one from your life and move into more physical and emotional intimacy with yourself and others.


Some great books and programs on this topic are:

Will I Ever Be Good Enough by Dr Karyl McBride

CoDependent No More by Melodie Beattie

The Drama Of the Gifted Child by Alice Miller

Self Compassion by Kristen Neff

Honouring The Self by Nathaniel Branden

The Intimate Life  by Judith Blackstone PhD

Unlimited Abundance Program by Christie Marie Sheldon


Your Path Of Service Is Emerging

Vesta is also in Gate 50.  This is a double whammy!   Where Ceres represents our biology – how we give birth, how we care for ourselves and others, how we nurture ourselves – Vesta is our spiritual aspect. She represents the path of service that reveals itself in our lives once we achieve wholeness of self.  Vesta transforms confusion into personal commitment.  We cannot properly access the Vesta energy in our design until we have grounded our Ceres nature.  Understanding these two energies is fundamental to realising our true sense of purpose in life.

Vesta is letting you know what your role is as we create this more caring world.  She’s letting you know what is worth keeping and what needs shedding.  She’s bringing your attention to the people, places and things that will support you and guide you to your new sense of purpose.  She’s calling you to step into your destiny, to claim it and create it right now.


 A More Caring World

We literally can’t move forward in our lives unless we are taking exceptionally good care of ourselves.  That means being compassionate for our humanity, trusting our intuition and doing everything our body needs to love being here on this planet.

And let me be clear – this is about your BODY!  This is a physical thing, a shift in your relationship with your body, a return to the physically felt sense of resting in the goddess as Great Mother.   All the suffering, the starvation, the torture and punishment, the cruelty and hardship ….      our ancestors took it all into their DNA and other mother’s did what they could through the generations to keep us safe.  We no longer require that kind of ‘negative’ protection.

What does your new extraordinary life of self-care look like?  Are you having a massage every week?  Eating only organic food?  Will you move to the other side of the country, or would you prefer a pretty cottage nearby?  Will you have new friendships, or deepen existing friendships?  Take a moment to share in the comments what changes you could make to your life right now to more deeply nourish yourself.  Don’t let existing limits get in the way, we are transcending what’s possible, leaping beyond what passes as ‘being realistic’.  Also, don’t be afraid of asking too much or other conditioned responses to our intuitive imaginings.  Your creative powers of manifestation are reaching for a new life, and you can safely get out of the way and allow them to draw something wonderful for you.

When you go to bed at night, spend some time thinking about what you’d like to turn up in your world the next day.  What qualities would you like to embody?  How would you like people to experience you?  When you imprint these thoughts on your mind as you go to sleep your soul will work on them during the night, and that also shifts the collective consciousness and the morphic fields of memory on the planet.

Here’s something I wrote this morning.

From now on I choose to experience my own instincts and emotions, to learn to trust them, to be constantly in relationship with them and to have faith in my ability to continually create a wonderful life for myself.  I choose to be endlessly compassionate for my own humanity and to appreciate the love, beauty and prosperity in each moment of my life. 

There are some special qualities I would like to have turn up more and more each day .. one is absolute health and vitality, a strong and sexy body that is filled with the joy of living.  Another is a curiosity and engagement with change as each moment unfolds for me.

Are there qualities and experiences you would like to have more of in your life?


Img: ~ Great Mother


Over the past few days I’ve been working out my new schedule for 2014.  I was originally planning to restrict my coaching clients to 2 per month, but this week I’ve decided to increase that to 4 clients per month.  If you’re ready to upscale your life and need support and guidance, email me now so we can talk about how you can benefit from working 1:1 with me, and having personal access to my 10 years of experience in bringing the genius of Human Design into people’s lives and business.  I have some places to start immediately and 2 for a March start.  Come play in the feminine possibilities! 

Kim Gould is founder of and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the blog.