With the New Moon upon us, and the solstice coming fast behind it, we are in the last days of this era.  And yet, it’s just another day!  I was talking to a friend today about her time living in London in the 50’s and early 60’s.  The feeling of imminent doom was strong as the red button of nuclear annihilation seemed about to be pressed at any moment.

What we are experiencing now is almost like a slow motion version of humanity’s capacity for destruction, which co-exists with our fixation on the God Of Constant Growth!

We are each playing a part in the largely unseen grassroots renewal. Beyond the prying eyes of the mainstream media, you and I and millions of others are shedding what is no longer required for life.  Not life as in a new SUV to park in front of the McMansion.  Life as in authenticity, love, connection.  Life as in co-creating a new reality.

new moon 13th December 2012



new moon ~ december 2012


The Sun, Moon and Earth are in what Ra Ur Hu described as the Tribal Circuitry.  This is community energy – a place where we sit and eat together, hug each other, share our homes and lives.  The Sun and Moon are in a gate that holds the riches of our culture.   Bradford Hatcher says this about Gate 26:

The lessons of our history and inheritance are as hard won treasures, stored in the mounds of our culture, kept for their timely use later.  All that we have handed down and maybe some things we’ve forgotten, all that we are heir to, the patents for the wheel and fire, the methods of agriculture and husbandry, the thoughts and deeds of our founders, all of this vast invested legacy is ours now, to carry forth or squander. 

This New Moon represents the return of the resources of culture to the healing and celebration of humanity and our place on earth.  As someone said to me recently, we are all joint custodians of this planet, we must reclaim what is ours.


return of the golden age


Creating a channel with the Sun and Moon is Saturn in Gate 44.  Saturn can be seen as a terribly negative, even punishing energy.  He can also be seen as the ruler of the Golden Age, a time of bliss when we experienced harmony, peacefulness and abundance.  This second meaning is reflected again and again in the transit charts just now.

The main feature of the Golden Age is kindness.  It’s not so much about unconditional love, but about how kind we are to each other.  The indicators that a new Golden Age of kindness is upon us:

Firstly, Dr Margaret Pearson describes Saturn’s position – Gate 44 – as representing the coming of the Royal Bride, pregnant with the heir.  We should not treat her with disrespect, but should go out to meet her and invite her into our kingdom.  The contempt for the feminine, and our failure to embrace her creative powers of change are ending.

Secondly,  Astraea, Star Goddess of the Golden Age, was exactly conjunct the Sun on the last Full Moon on 29th November and is now aligned with the Great Attractor, which inexorably draws us into a journey of exploration.  This exploration begins on a specific frequency, however, a single idea soon leads into an understanding of the vastness of what we have connected with.  We are being drawn by our curiosity into a whole new way of living, a gentler and kinder way.

The Dalai Lama has Astraea exactly conjunct his Saturn in the Gate of Family (37.5).

Thirdly, the asteroid Pandora is conjunct Venus and the North Node in the Gate of Great Possession, where we confuse our inner treasures and experiences of joy as ephemeral and of little value while spending much of our time trying to achieve outer riches.

In Greek Mythology, Pandora was the first woman.  She represents the time when the patriarchy was rewriting history, obliterating the powerful women and culture that preceded them. This from Hesiod:

From her is the race of women and female kind:
of her is the deadly race and tribe of women who
live amongst mortal men to their great trouble,
no helpmates in hateful poverty, but only in wealth.

According to Hesiod, each of the gods gave Pandora a ‘gift’, most quite unpleasant, and she was then sent out as a curse on Prometheus for stealing fire.  But in her original incarnation, Pandora was the Goddess of All Earth’s Abundance, an unlimited source of goodness shining down upon the world.   In fact, it’s likely that the word pandora means all-giving!


 “Pandora rises from the earth; she is the Earth, giver of all gifts,”   Jane Ellen Harrison

Pandora adds to our curiosity.  Just what is in that box? What will happen if we open the lid and peer inside?  We have some courage to explore in places where we had previously believed we would find only evil and shame.

And lastly, the asteroids Magdalena (the Royal Bride) and Child are conjunct on the Aries Point, in the Gate of Innocence (25.3).  They are almost exactly opposite Makemake (46) , a dwarf planet that asks us … which story will you believe?  The victors?  Or the other version?  Is the divine made up of a male trinity?  Is there room in our cosmology for the royal bride, the divine feminine?  Can we restore her to our lives, to her true dignity?  How is only having one half of the story impoverishing us?

Astrologer Eric Francis sees the Aries Point (1 degrees Aries, Gate 25 in Human Design) as the place where the personal is political, where our inner life and the outer life of culture meet.   Here is a place within us where we can trust that we do understand, that life does make sense, when we allow our full knowing to flow through us.

If you want to read more about Magdalena and the return of the Royal Bride, have a look at the extraodinary work of Margaret Starbird, you’re in for a treat!




There’s a second strong theme in this New Moon – relationships of all descriptions.  We are clearing our ancestral relationship fractals, removing the blocks to love and to co-creation.

Psyche is conjunct Saturn in Gate 44 (remember the Royal Bride?).  This gate is about coming together in respectful relationships for the purpose of creation.  When we have not entered into the relationship correctly, the fractal is not properly initiated.  As the relationship continues, the original coming together is repeated over and over, expanding on the incorrect beginning.

We are all part of many, many generations of damaged fractal patterns in relationship.  It’s likely you’ve been clearly moved out of at least one relationships lately, and perhaps you’ve created some new ones that seem to have a very different energy.  A clearer and more creative energy.

This is no longer about rescuing each other, but about co-creating.

Psyche literally went to hell and back on the command of Venus/Aphrodite.  As a result of her true love and her trust and faith, she was granted immortality, and returned to her lover Cupid/Eros.  In the chart, Psyche represents faith in our loved ones, as well as in our own ability to meet what life sends us.  When conjunct Saturn, Psyche can show a feeling of being blocked from romantic love – it’s never going to happen to me! – or perhaps developing a more realistic view of our beloved.

Psyche represents the desire to merge into our partner, while Saturn calls us back, asks us to respect personal boundaries.  We are being invited to be kind to each other, to stop projecting the old ego based stories onto each other, to recognise the intrinsic nobility of our lovers.  Eros is still coming into view (in the Crown, in Gate 61.1, astrologically conjunct Mars today), we can sense him but he hasn’t quite arrived in the physical.  We have healing work to do on ourselves as yet!

Asteroid Juno, Goddess of Relationships, is sitting on the Galactic Centre today.  She’s exactly opposite the Great Mother, dwarf planet Ceres.  The two positions – Juno in Gate 11 and Ceres in Gate 12 – represent the polarities of Heaven and Earth.  Juno is in a place where Heaven and Earth meet, Ceres in the place where they part company and go their separate ways.

When Heaven and Earth meet we receive a huge influx of new ideas.  The old ways are literally sucked out of our brains (this is a mental gate).   This is spirit and matter mingling to create humanity.

While Ceres, who represents nourishment, is opposite Juno, we can expect our relationships may not feel as nourishing as usual.  Juno is supporting us to have a ‘re-think’.  That feeling of longing, is it really going to be met by another love affair?  Is an individual the answer to our desires?  Or is there perhaps something bigger going on here?  Something more divine that we are yearning for?

In what ways have we allowed ourselves to be overtaken by the other in order to feel safe?  How have our unmet needs for care, for parenting seduced us into giving up our true power?  Where have we believed the story of our other, or taken on their wordview in preference to our own knowing?

These are all important questions just now.  And Pelion in Gate 21 suggests that we need to take charge of our own lives in order to bridge the gap between Heaven and Earth, without the need for relationship as an intermediary.  This is not so much that old existential story from an uncaring world – that we came in alone and we will leave alone.  We’ve moved on from there. Instead we are being impulsed to discover our capacity to stand in our divine creative centre and to attract who and what we need.  This is heaven and earth working as a partnership!  This is initiating new fractal relationships from our divine core!


Kim Gould is founder of LoveYourDesign.com and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the LoveYourDesign.com blog.